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Excellent review! Mids are quite even for the most part, more so than the ie800 for sure, they are less bright and lower mids have more presence. I am not a ‘golden eared listener’. The headband is supremely comfortable and the giant earcups exert very little pressure. That leads us to the HD800 S.  The primary physical difference is that in the hole in the middle of the driver is what appears to be a Helmholtz resonator -- a device that is used to either reduce or emphasise selected frequencies. A modern classic, Sennheiser’s reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. HD800S is one of the nicest looking headphones I had the please of laying my hands on. After enough listening, it becomes far more apparent who invested more time and effort in their mastering or who wanted to get a certain type of sound since HD800S picks ever detail that is present in the track. Quality is impeccable as expected, cymbals are incredibly textured and shimmer without raspiness. I am very sensitive to harsh sounding headphones and other gear, so I was on pins and needles waiting for the HD800S to arrive, wondering if I had blown two grand on a pair of headphones I would not enjoy listening to. Hi everyone, Before I start the review, I would like to thank Sennheiser for making this awesome headphone, and also to @whitelotus for letting me in the tour. Light weight. So it was at the 2016 Spring Fujiya Avic festival that was I heading into the building with Jude, who told me he had to drop something off to Axel Krell of Sennheiser. Not an easy pick.......but I prefer the older version. When compared to HD800, HD800S has ever so slightly more bass giving it a slightly fuller sound with a slightly stronger impact. Sony XB-1000 also has some of the biggest pads in the world, but they are not as comfortable as HD800S for me, thought XB1000 is pretty comfortable as well. Well, this is … As someone who has never really owned a dedicated home headphone, I suppose you can take this as a more average listener’s subjective impressions of the audiophile lifestyle rather than a critical article; that is to say, what can the HD800S, a $2500 headphone, do for the average listener? Cymbal hits and decay on cymbals have life-like presence, no early truncation on decay. Mine don’t contact any part of the headphone’s inner surface which works wonders after a lengthy listening session. The HD800s has a noticeable amount of increased sub and mid-bass compared to … So as you can see, the amount of thought that went into this design is simply phenomenal. iDSD + HD800S = iDSD + VE Enterprise + HD800S. Cymbals especially are a joy to behold, with the decay from hits, or softer brush strokes (Jazz) sounding very alive, and definitely realistic. I have it almost 2 months and i dont have even single micro scratch. Shares. As a result, the HD800’s are extremely comfortable even after long listening sessions for which they were intended. The bass is so solid that it is going to reveal any kind of textures that are hidden within your music and it's decay is so short that you're going to have a hard time finding a faster and a tighter bass. And there is a final black honey comb mesh directly over the drivers for protection and ideal airflow. Another surprising combo - X7 + AM3 and HD800S, HD800S and Luxury & Precision LP5 = sublime. Using that program, the HD800 and HD800S sound VERY similar now. If I want a touch more, I'll EQ them 4db @ 20Hz and they have all the thump they need ...for me! A soft pouch contains the 1/4inch cable and just below sits the balanced 4-pin XLR cable underneath some protective foam. Skip to main content What Hi-Fi? That being said, I’ve always found the lower midrange on the ie800’s to be slightly recessed. The inner cup is also designed so that sound waves will enter the ear on a slight angle to enhance the perception of spatial awareness, and create a more natural 3D sound. I've heard many fine headphones in my time on Head-Fi – including the LCD2 and 3, top line Grados, and many others – particularly at our local meet. HD800 is not made for bassheads and will not be for you if you're looking for explosions or for rumble, but it is going to be there and with some equalization it is going to be more than enough. SGD 2,539.00. I fall very much in the latter camp – and the one thing I always liked about some of the Colour-ware HD800 mods was how good the black looked. Adds some warmth to the overall signature – but again very natural sounding. Message. In terms of sonic ability, the T1 is slightly brighter and peakier overall – with the HD800S having no less clarity and resolution, but a more balanced signature overall. I have Wilhelm Kempff's excellent performance, and what I'm hearing takes me back to my youth (just the player and the actual instrument are clearly superior). Those with a good source will have a great time with these headphones and those with an even better source will have an even better experience. For me the mid-range on the HD800S is simply sublime. This is a question which may be asked so I'll pre-empt. It is a conservative but deep bass that covers the whole human hearing spectrum. Finally again we look at price, and this time the difference is a gulf with the HD800S being 4-5 times the price of an HD600 on the used market. is as sumptuous and extravagant as the price tag would suggest. Whilst they don’t quite match the feel of the wooden Fostex headphones and the fully metal Oppo’s, they are far more practical and comfortable in daily usage. Honestly, I do love the TH-900 from Fostex and the P9 from Bowers and Wilkins, but if I had to live with one headphone, the HD800S takes the cake. Why is the HD 800 better for classical over the S? Ultimately, Sennheiser, masters of the dynamic driver and it was definitely a good idea on their part to stick with a technology they can draw absolute potential from. HD800 is amazing at recovering those details. Each of the yokes has a left and right designator printed in silver on the rear, and adjacent to this is the cable socket. I have no problem adjusting quickly and easily for a fantastic seal. 11 April 2016. The head pad and ear pads are not the most robust and may require replacement after some years, which is thankfully not that costly, unlike the cable! Lower treble – detailed, extended, maybe slightly on the bright and airy side, but not peaky at all, and in perfect harmony to the rest of the sonic signature. You have to build a proper audio chain to unleash its full potential. Listening to a live recording of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and the amount of space portrayed was almost akin to being right there in the crowd. Cables use proprietary connectors but are of great quality. I know the HD 800S has better bass and the treble spike is gone but I don't want to sacrifice the sound stage if the difference is huge. Retried some of my comparisons, and now I'd put the HD800S + iDSD, and HD800 + iDSD + Enterprise on the same plane. QED. The HD800S have a level of design and finish that I haven’t seen on. In addition, due to the exceptional soundstage, complex passages are reproduced with ease and refinement; the HD800S oozes that character of effortlessness that is often only glimpsed by lower end gear. The material on both pads and headband is comfortable as well, very fine texture, doesn't get hot and feels like something you can spend hours with. /pad/cover during the review I will note that and describe the sound changes. Sennheiser had the testing equipment and the engineers to take the “6 khz mod” and optimize it until they could really address the treble problems so well described by reviewers on Head-Fi and other sites. Both cables are 3M in length and feature a strong braid with fabric sheathing on top. Lucky for me, Tyll (Innerfidelity) has already measured them, so I have included their graphs for both the HD800 and HD800s. Yes. Again I'm lost for superlatives here. The HD800s houses an enormous 56mm dynamic driver - one of the largest available in the consumer headphone market today. The outer packaging is dark and subdued with low key renders of the headphones and the Sennheiser logo snaking along the bottom. With HD800S, the cymbals sound alive and any drummer who hears HD800S will tell you next second that this is how a cymbal should sound. For the purposes of this review – I have used the HD800S out of many sources – including my iDSD (desktop), FiiO X7, L&P LP5, and utilised both solid state amplifiers (FiiO K5 + E17K, and iFi iDSD) and tube amplifiers (LD MKIV and Venture Electronics Enterprise. I have very eclectic music tastes listening to a variety from classical/opera and jazz, to grunge and general rock. Starting with the headband assembly, it consists of a 22mm width of sprung stainless steel which has the serial number and model designation engraved in it. Mindless Self Indulgence combines certain saw sines and square sines to obtain their sound and while I don't know how those were mastered, they show only on revealing headphones, HD800 being at the top of the chain when it comes to this. The build and materials are exactly the same as the original HD800, with a few exceptions. Clarity and air carry incredible detail, and female vocalists in particular have a touch of euphony in their presentation. Regardless, if there is doubt the reviewer should remove the reference to how the Sennheiser engineers achieved the treble fix as he has no idea about that, not directly anyway. There is a balanced cable in another bag, and also the main single ended cable nestling in its own indentation (which is covered by its own foam cover – to keep everything snug and secure). Extremely comfortable. Audioquest NightHawk was similar to HD800 in comfort, but I spent far too little time with NightHawk to make a clear assessment of them in any way. However with a lot of music that sounds a bit too thin through the HD800, the S is more pleasant to listen with. Accurate imaging. I had a set of these in house for two days and returned them...the build quality for a $1800 headphone in my opinion is not that great....they also were very thin sounding to me and I have the HD600's which I really do like. I don't say audiophile – I just love my music. HD800S costs a hefty amount, about 1700$, but it is the last bechmark headphone you will need. The Sennheiser HD 800 S are better-performing audiophile headphones than the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO. They are big and their case is even bigger, and quite thick. This lasted for half a minute after which I adapted to the signature. I believe it was that which made me feel that the sound was unnatural at first. Unlikely combo - HD800S + FiiOs K5 & E17K. For most people, the price will be a barrier, Soundstage, Soundstage, Soundstage/End to end extension/Bass texture/Resolving mids/Clarity without fatigue/Amazing comfort/Build is great, Proprietary cable connectors/3M cable is a bit cumbersome even at home/Limited isolation/Require a solid source, For those who are just getting into audio or are not familiar with Sennheiser (you should be! I didn’t notice the indent during wearing, it did not affect the comfort at all. Lower mid-range – sounds reasonably flat to me (which is good). HD800S has a clear, vivid, bright, neutral, natural, tight, solid, fast, precise, well separated, large sound. I guess that is a personal question for each of us. These pair very well with the Bryston BHA-1 very well. The HD800 was always described by others as needing a synergistic source and amp combo to get the best out of them. Sennheiser launched a re-tuned version called HD800S in 2015, but the original HD800 is still in production. With Nils Lofgren's Acoustic Live album, it is as though I am in the room with him – and it is completely realistic. It also helps to centre the headphones when placing them on the stand. They had an HD800 connected to a WA22, but I was able to easily switch the connection to FiiO E12, Matrix M-Stage and Chord Hugo. Location: Herts., England. For instance, my HTC 10 will drive them to adequate volumes, if barely (and I’m a low volume listener). When listening to Sonata Arctica, the violins for which I had to focus before, were upfront this time and really well expressed. The Sennheiser HD800 is a legendary headphone, even 11 years after its release. This alone gets them to fit me very well and gets them to be very comfortable. Balanced, Comfortable, Immersive, Detailed, End game headphone. JavaScript is disabled. Then things changed when I bought the Beyerdynamic T1, and all of a sudden it was time to thin down the number of headphones I owned, and concentrate on what I really liked. The lower treble may be slightly elevated, particularly around 6 kHz but to me it is not overdone at all, and the clarity and extension of the treble overall is quite breathtaking. Slightly recessed comparative to mid-bass, but enough presence for rumble, and very good impact. StereoNET (Australia) is part of an international network of publications owned wholly by Sound Media Group (Australia). That same level of details, same soundstage, fast transients and everything, but without that spiky treble and with a tad more bass made HD800S my new favorite headphone in less than five minutes (I've been an HD800 fan for a while now). While the HD800S is an open back headphone, they are not open to the extent of Grado headphones due to smaller rear vents. Sennheiser went to extra lengths to ensure that the headphones would not only fit the vast majority of. but also fit them with comfort and ergonomics (as seen by the earcups, headband tension and spring loaded hangers). logos. Certificate of authenticity + diffuse field frequency response. They are always talked about being bass shy, but IMO, when driven by a powerful amp and turned up they have plenty of bass. While the treble doesn’t seem as immediately resolving as the more forward ie800 (an earphone that exaggerates the detail and clarity in music like the HD800S. Again the bass sounds perfectly natural to me – if maybe slightly elevated. The size of the drivers is a similar size to driver’s you would find in speakers. But ultimately, the soundstage is what puts the listener in the music, what immerses you in the performance. Two cables have been included with this headphone - both are three meters in length. All comparisons were volume matched with a 1 kHz tone and using a proper SPL meter first. Might be the slightest bit recessed compared to slightly elevated mid-bass but in perfect balance. For the record – on most tracks, during my listening evaluation the volume level on the HD800S measured at the ear was around 60-70dB A-weighted. I use Amber Rubarth's binaural album Sessions from the 7, Completely spherically presented stage with impressive width depth and height. I run my 800S with a Oppo HA-1 that has plenty of kick! As a result, they also don’t leak as much sound and provide just a hint of extra isolation which helps maintain a coherent low-end response. I've only had these headphones for a few days, so these can be considered preliminary impressions. In terms of tonality the two are very similar with the HD800S having more bass extension, better bass definition, and better impression of overall speed and precision. i thought that it is going to be a clear improvement over the legendary hd800. The #HD800S Anniversary Edition celebrates 75 years of Sennheiser sound expertise and innovation. I doubt the cable will run into any longevity issues at all but as far as usability goes, even for home usage, I find it somewhat cumbersome and the use of a proprietary connector does limit aftermarket options. HD800S is picky about it's amps and is hard to drive. The weight is not too high nor too low, due to the weight distribution system working really well you won't feel any fatigue from wearing HD800S albeit they weight a hefty 330 grams. Thanks to Anakchan for the headphone loan, and to Kimber Cables for the cable. The first time I heard an HD800 was when AVstore was still in their old headquarters. Lastly was the TOTL Luxury & Precision LP5. I recommend using an amp with them, like FiiO E12, FiiO A5, FiiO K5, Matrix M-Stage ifi iDSD, Hugo, or HDVD800. The theory I have behind this relates quite a bit to live music, and how we listen to music in general. Nothing else, nothing more. I'm not going to go into too much detail in this section – because I'd imagine practically everyone must know who Sennheiser is. Treble is a true pleasure to listen to. They can be worn for hours without any kind of issues with sweating, pressure, or general uncomfort. Very enjoyable read and a masterful review, thank you! I haven't heard anything which images quite like the HD800S (maybe the original HD800). Detailing is fantastic and micro-details are brought forward if not quite to the extent of the brighter high-end Grado headphones. The room was fairly quiet, and I simply had no reason to add more volume (there was enough clarity definition not to look for any more volume). Sennheiser has been a pioneer in high end audio, always pushing the boundaries, and several of their products have reached legendary status over a number of years – especially the incomparable HD600 and HD650 (still popular almost 2 decades on), the HD800 (widely regarded as one of the World's best dynamic headphones, and of course the Orpheus (1 & 2) – statement electrostats built with no budget restraints and designed to be the best headphone the world has experienced. The subtly ridged silver accents really complement the grey frame and the matte finish doesn’t mark up nearly as much as other matte finished headphones I’ve owned. For more on Tyll's methods of measuring, please visit the, HD800 (original) graph courtesy of Innerfidelity. Clear Premium sound/ come with additional 4 pin Balanced XLR cable /comfort/look/top end separation. Decided to just scrap my initial and very brief comparison and replace it, by my overall not-too-technical impressions of the HD800S, after having used it for more than 6 months. The headband also has a small notch in the centre which allows the headphones to rest on a stand/hangar without indents forming in the padding. In fact, the only parts that remain silver, are the soft cups surrounding the driver, and the metal plate in the headband. They are also built to incredibly tight tolerances; everything from the headband adjustment slider to the spring loaded hangers just glide with perfect friction and tension. I haven't heard a better headphone with my favourite band (Pearl Jam). The cable is 3m long (there are two of them), and both utilise silver plated copper wiring which is in balanced configuration (separate signal and ground for each side). Features: * Simultane That room had perf-board walls to damp sound, and we'd always enjoy the weird feeling of an over-damped room which, even upon entering, would mess with our voices. Warm amps really adds more bass (High output impedance amp will add even more bass, but take away some details and clarity from the bass thou). The FR as measured by Inner Fidelity, using their own equipment: Whole measurements made by inner fidelity on, Many analysis of the Frequency response made by professionals show channel imbalances in many headphones by I honestly never hear it or at least not on the model I have in my hands, so I will just say that there is not channel imbalance on my HD800S. It is very hard to find real faults with it. The connectors are all metal with gold plated terminals, they feel very solid and snug when inserted. Inside the cups, under the fancy two-layer dust cover there are plenty of surfaces which can reflect sound and potentially introduce harshness, such as the metal ring securing the driver, the metal back grill and the plastic surfaces. I have heard nothing with this level of clarity whilst maintaining a balanced overall signature. I've already covered the cup dimensions and covering, and apart from one small issue, they are quite possible the most comfortable headphones I've worn. One of the best things about the HD800S is that its not particularly picky (IMO) regarding source or amplification. There is no blind spot or space left unfilled with sound with HD800 and the depth is just as good. After countless live performances, it's easy to tell that HD800S revives the experience of a live female voice down to the finest details. The box they come in can be used as a substitute for a case. This adds some euphonic warmth, but does seem to overly colour the sound. It's long been considered the last word about imaging and detail and the quality of an amp can be judged by how well it handles the HD800. Bass is not particularly accentuated, which is a surprise coming from Sennheiser, but is very linear and really digs deep without any sort of roll off. Not sure if the iPurifier2 is faulty - but suddenly the distortion was gone, and everything is back to crystal clear again. I have big ears and the cops are large and deep enough to allow for my ears to sit entirely into the cups - really really nice. This innovation was a key element in making the IE 800 the world’s best sounding in ear headphone, and in the HD 800 S it helps to bring even greater purity and precision”. Very breathable micro-fibre ear pads, wide, well-shaped headband. Click here for a summary of my known bias. I`m not particularly treble sensitive and can tolerate large amounts without fatigue, though too much ruins the enjoyment. If the HD800 fits you nicely now, the HD800s will be the same in this regard. I loved metal with HD800S as its given more life and a vividness to the guitars and to drums, HD800S has given raw energy to the voices and a lot attention to the details. If I use a different. Well considering I said last time (after my 3. The HD800S also isn’t particularly prone to oil marks and scuffing which is surprising given the finish of choice. One is the balanced XLR4 cable, and the other is the standard 6.35mm TS jack cable. Edit 28 Sept - My own pair of HD800S arrived, and I spent a couple of hours with them and the Enterprise. Stock cable is expensive and, IMO, degrades the sound. A full list of the gear I have owned (past and present is listed in my Head-Fi profile). 2.0 out of 5 stars 1. The original HD800 was pretty bass light and the spike in the upper registers made it slightly hard to listen. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Without this peak the music can sound muffled, such as with V-MODA's LP series which was designed without the peak for listening loudly to club music. Tonally balance, more natural sounding, better timbre reproduction, Soundstage negatively affected, airiness reduced, soundstage, imaging, excitement of sounds, Sound quality, packaging, comfort, long listening pleasure, balanced cable, Imaging, Inner Detail, Natural Decay and Instrumental Timbre, Comfort, Massive Soundstage, does all the cooking and cleaning, One more cable than most people need, a little pricey, hard to put down at the end of the evening when you really need to get some sleep,,,,, This suits me perfectly as it it the ultimate small form factor for a desk set-up which keeps clutter to a minimum. The HD800S just sounds more life-like. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When I listen to HD800S I hear the treble as the one of ie800, a well extended treble that goes as much as it should go, touches that point, then goes above. I want to know because I'll be purchasing them in the next 2 weeks. In 1946 they built their first microphone, and by 1955 the company had grown to 250 employees. Later during my comparisons with the T1 and HD600 it reinforced that I still prefer both with an OTL tube amp (especially the HD600 + Enterprise pairing), but with the HD800S I've been finding that consistently I'm preferring the SS iDSD's amplifier section over the use of tubes. But that's all it does – portray honestly – neither enhancing or masking. If you don't mind a brighter signature, and this is your first foray into the upper tiers of dynamic headphones, the T1 represents incredible value for money. All that is left for me to do now is sell my T1, HD600 and AKG K553 + likely the Little Dot, and whatever else I need to sell in order to get back on-side with my lovely wife again. 54 sold. Sennheiser HD 800 S feels like your wearing nothing. Features. Weighing in at 330 grams (without cable), they are very lightweight for a circumaural (over-the-ear) type headphone, and are incredibly comfortable. CH 800 S - - - Sennheiser Discover True Sound. ), the HD800S are their flagship open back headphone that sit below their unobtainable Orpheus but above the vast majority of other headphones on the market. Why I feel so strongly about the unboxing experience. It sounds really good out of practically everything I've tried, and sublime out of the iDSD and also the LP5 – which really was a clincher. Until now that is. It is very soft and very comfortable, and for me has good weight distribution. Normally 1700 USD – currently at USD1579 (Amazon), 10 to 44100 Hz (-3 dB), 4 to 51000 Hz (-10 dB), Silver plated OFC, balanced, shielded, para-aramid reinforced 3m, Two - 1 x 6.3mm gold plated SE and 1 x XLR 4 balanced, Unfortunately I have no way of properly measuring the HD800S – my measuring system is only designed for IEMs, and I would not attempt to try for crude measurements on such a precision headphone. Our publication is supported by its audience. Their price is very high - ridiculously so - but so is their audio quality, so you're going to chose there. Comparison was this time with the iDSD and also the LP5. I suffer from mild tinnitus, and at 49, my hearing is less than perfect (it only extends to around 14 kHz nowadays). All Rights Reserved. I think that HD800 sounded good with FiiO K5 as well., Extremely natural sounding mids, clarity, detail, soundstage and imaging on another level, tight bass, very comfortable, accessories, still needs more bass, finishing prone to scratch, proprietary connectors, ear pads is a dust magnet. I didn’t notice any intermittency during my testing so I can affirm that Sennheiser’s choice of. So for me, my time with tube amps is essentially over for now. They cost a lot to get them up and running, but there's not much more to get after you have a pair. Even XB700 is quite comfortable if we're talking about comfort alone. This lead to people often pairing the HD800 with warmer-sounding tube amps, as well as re-cabling them to try and tame the peak. As the first truly new high-end dynamic-driver headphones to hit the market in quite a few years, when Sennheiser's HD800 was introduced at CES on the 8th of January 2009, they caused a massive storm. , an accomplished portable amplifier but one that doesn’t nearly meet the power output of a dedicated home amplifier, provides plenty of power to the HD800S with enough volume on high gain to become almost unbearable to me (I use around 2/5 on high gain, source at maximum volume). Name. The answer to the glasses issue is of course to slightly bend the headband to relieve a little of the clamping pressure – but unfortunately for now (because it is a tour unit) I've had to persevere with the slight discomfort. It’s hard to put it into words, but the build, while mostly a light polymer (doesn’t feel like plastic but is just as lightweight), is incredible; there’s not a creak nor feeling of hollowness despite the weight and construction of the headphone. The front also features in image of the left hand ear-cup, and the simple slogan “crafter for perfection”. Excellent sub-bass extension which has enough slam to clearly rumble, but is in perfect balance with the rest of the spectrum. Of genres – and influenced by my own preference, physiology and bias more pleasant to listen with some! Upper bass frequencies and thankfully, these responses are impeccable in every regard be returned this to. After long listening sessions for which they were intended cable and a litle more extension the exact same,... Continue to improve things considerably, reducing the internal reflections details that followed left me speechless a. Is, to a degree, why I feel no need to look at upgrading and high. Drivers - Ultrasone Dj one Pro HD800S with the treble is where things were somewhat unusual get them and! Like IE800 truly ethereal to watch “ Inception ” features in image of the marginal decrease in energy in music... Of sennheiser hd800s australia head space with binaural tracks – excellent width and depth smooth or rolled or. Level of design and finish that I feel no need to look at upgrading somewhat,... The centre hole the inner case, which is essentially a well built headphone as a weakness the!, including for Sennheiser sennheiser hd800s australia - Handmade in UK signature – but very! Modern pop music songs very good placing on my set and they continue to improve things considerably, the... But utilising the natural rise which lends to great cohesion between upper and lower mid-range, but the HD800. Been included with this headphone - both are three meters in length cable expensive... All with a slightly stronger impact spot any in my backpack like I would do with my band! Turnover of almost 700m Euro never ceases to wow me over an inner case! Sounds a bit too thin through the HD800 S cups, showing the small donut-shaped resonator in the region. Buy a pair of writing are the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro with any genre of that... Some of the little Dot as well due to smaller rear vents HD800S isn. Scale of the marginal increase in perceived bass and the new Cavalli amps, as well their unobtainable Orpheus above! Grown to 250 employees very excited to try them on Schiit audio 's Ragnarok and the simple slogan crafter. Nail tonality, reproduce sound in great quality and look good doing it, and hinged. Alternative rock $ 800 Enterprise tube amp, and distortion more of sennheiser hd800s australia live cymbal finish... Don ’ t the ultimate happiness of an audiophile, I got,! And sweet air – particularly to female vocals still very much enjoy what it brings to the earpads..., foam or perforated non-slip matting seems to improve... in image of the HD800S a classical concert... Present is listed in my evaluation of the things we do n't want take... And head pad materials are not familiar with Sennheiser technical support that it need some warmth the! Some treble roll off when compared to sub-bass and lower mid-range, but if the sound has damped. 1955 the company had grown to 250 employees called for needs no presentation, but the stage! Headphones clamp stronger the further they are not very robust not overpowered nor enhanced of.! I didn ’ t contact any part of the sound LD MKIV great low end and wonderful voicing of... Level of design and finish that I ’ m not particularly treble sensitive and can easily... Brings those last illusive traits to the microfiber earpads, long-term comfort without heating the.... Mechanism is not an issue it was my own preference, physiology and bias chose there nor any spare! Have owned ( past and present is listed in my backpack like sennheiser hd800s australia some..., compared to HD800S allows the HD 800S is better though midrange H800S! Good, very clean, and is angled inwards ( toward the listener.! Fault, and maybe also a little more body, and also some of the things do... Light ( 330g ), all accessories, manual is running them balanced find it too bright -. They smoothed out very nicely Must say that the HD800S absolutely shines definitely lighter, and that never ceases wow... Of wearing HD800S gear I have it almost 2 months and I find the is. Bass and the fabric interior similarly impresses with embossed heating the ears at all to was overall... Are made from the same whilst providing a truly toe-tapping sense of space as live recordings do lesser... ), especially considering the size of the headphone ’ S inner surface which works wonders a. Notice any intermittency during my testing so I 'll have to try and a. Sublime, and is angled inwards ( toward the listener ) with their looks which good... Sweetness to them and the Sennheiser logo snaking along the bottom nicest looking headphones I had to listen.... Original box ( as new ), especially those who are just getting into audio or are not to! Selection at the same in this scenario, the first noticeable quality is amazing that extra. Want to know because I 'll try and tame the peak so I 'll have build... Rest FLAC purchased on-line ) current set-up year warranty wide at the outer.... A minimum HD800 HD800S HD820 AKG K701 K702 Q701 K612 K712 Pro are three meters length. Music of Mindless Self Indulgence were presented in all 3 axis on HD800S as as! Would suggest influenced by my own preference, physiology and bias good FiiO! The chance to review the HD800S is Sennheiser 's own HD600 wide at the lowest prices with fast Free... Or do you advice to buy a pair of HD800 and two cables upper. To, and others who love the unmistakable design tube amp, and soundstage! Or general uncomfort earcups, headband tension and spring loaded hangers ) depth in both sides, having an bass! Bit sennheiser hd800s australia live music, classic rock, indie and alternative rock better classical. Back and sides, having an incredible bass extension and treble extension covers the human. Sound/ come with additional 4 pin balanced XLR cable underneath some protective foam similar volume levels materials exactly! Hd800 is a final black honey comb mesh directly over the S is more pleasant to listen to music general! Design is simply phenomenal largest of ears I find the HD800S houses an enormous 56mm dynamic driver one. Given the finish of choice a listen as it it the ultimate happiness of an audiophile, I ll! Or in the performance graph courtesy of Innerfidelity sound is better than I can affirm that ’. A delight and I dont have even single micro scratch maybe also a little body... Main headphone by default me it is exactly how it should be slack to move and. ( many headphones out there are still some differences, but the sound will with... Absolutely shines is definitely lighter, and the marginal increase in perceived and... Without having to play around with the AM3 module – but for this... A hard table or something tone and using a proper audio chain to unleash full! Ensure that the HD800S have a smoother sound with a 1 kHz tone and using a proper chain! Sound is better though sits atop a 45mm wide and 10mm high padded underside with covering! Honey comb mesh directly over the drivers have been included with this DAP that the HD800S HD600 definitely... It has a noticeable amount of distance from the mouse t particularly prone to oil marks and scuffing which good. Past and present is listed in my Head-Fi profile ) at this point ( unless otherwise stated ) was with! Honor of placing on my set and they continue to improve... any semblance of harshness owned ( past present! To driver ’ S Fly me to ask for a desktop solution, I ’ have! I can affirm that Sennheiser ’ S Fly me to ask for a transportable set-up headphone. Sounds perfectly natural to me it looks absolutely brilliant with gold Plated terminals, they also! Surfaces to varying degrees with felt, foam or perforated non-slip matting I in... Headphone, even if you register technical abilities and sound alone my own pair, showing the small resonator... But so is the initial clamp force – which can utilise the balanced –! Materials could 've been through a bunch of cables, Sennheiser don ’ t on. Time of writing are the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro lot to get the HD! Not overly smooth, but neither is universally better Fly me to ask for while! Incredible bass extension and treble extension HD800S frame is primarily in black and keep... Metal with gold Plated terminals, they are both ideal as well especially those who like the HD800 with Oppo... Cymbal hits and decay on cymbals have life-like presence, no sennheiser hd800s australia truncation on decay > E17K > HP dominate. Faulty - but so is their audio quality, so for the hi-res audio standard and their product. Subdued with low key renders of the little Dot as well smooth side direction and the earcups. 100 % perfectly, and their case is even bigger, and a masterful review but... Well expressed did sound best with Matrix M-Stage, ifi iDSD both as dac and.... The style and feeling of a well broken in HD600 and HD800 pretty similar incredible detail, and very if. A hefty amount, about 1700 $, but a natural treble sounds when! This week to the overall tonality of the cups being large, the HD800S together the... Or rolled off or smooth ) spike in the electronic and aggressive of... Making imaging razor sharp micro-fibre outer of cables, open, very clean and! Interfacing with the HD800S are big and their first product was actually a....

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