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Wei WuXian protects him and engages in a fight alongside Lan WangJi, but his bamboo flute is destroyed. Finally, they arrive in the Burial Mound but everything had been destroyed. This series completed broadcast August 20, 2019 with the 50th episode. Due to Lan Wangji left Wei Wuxian to capture a guy who was found near the grave, Wei Wuxian is captured by Jiang Cheng. Jin GuangYao walks in with his wife, Qin Su, to officiate the three-day banquet. Lan XiChen tells him their parents' story and Lan WangJi's stubbornness towards the people he care about. Not long after, the disciples inside start to argue loudly. Wei WuXian retorts back that these were the words of Wen Mao and Wen Chao has broken one of their own rules, which carries a death penalty. The two drink wine in the inn and Lan XiChen asks about Lan WangJi's determination in practicing the scores for "Cleansing" and concerns over Wei WuXian's forbidden techniques. After a few days, Wen Chao from Qishan Wen Sect attacks Qinghe Nie Sect. Wei WuXian then asks the merchant about any strange incidents and learns the existence of a XingLu Ridge that eats souls. While Wei Wuxian and Nie Huaisang go catch some fish in the rivers. Lan QiRen hides in the Hantan Cave with the surviving disciples while Lan XiChen escapes with their ancient books. Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi sit on the roof to finally talk. But Jiang Cheng has gone to Lotus Pier and Wei WuXian chases after him once again, after making sure Jiang YanLi will go to Meishan and wait. To prevent Lan WangJi from complaining, Wei WuXian casts a talisman spell on him to get him to drink as the other two escape. Despite OuYang ZiZhen's concern for Lan SiZhui, the latter answers earnestly. Wei WuXian then exposes his real identity and Xue Yang finally removes his Xiao XingChen disguise. Seeing that danger is coming, Yu ZiYuan hands Zidian over to Jiang Cheng and forcefully sends the brothers away to seek safety. However, the he is quick-witted and asks for his money pouch back. As she fades away, both of them assure that they will do their best in protecting the Stygian Iron. Because of Wen Qing's request, Wei Wuxian goes to Lanling Jin Sect and asks Jin Zixun where he keeps Wen Ning. 16 years later, he is reincarnated into the body of Mo XuanYu through a sacrificial ritual and tasked to exact revenge on Mo XuanYu's abusive family for him. Xiao XingChen tells everyone else to leave and Wei WuXian asks Lan SiZhui to lead the disciples. Later, a Jin Sect messenger butterfly shows up with news that Jin GuangYao is in YunMeng. The resentful energy overpowers Wei WuXian and causes him to use dark abilities to attack XuanWu. As soon as he returns to his body, he and Lan WangJi hurry out to confront Jin GuangYao. Wei WuXian's creation of many spiritual devices leads many folks to dress as his disciple to sell imitation goods, especially talismans. But Lan XiChen does not allow this as an excuse. After the party, Jin GuangYao reports to Jin GuangShan about the whereabouts of the last piece of Stygian Iron. Defeated, he uses the teleportation talisman, revealing his identity as the masked man from Yi City. Wen Ning then explains that golden core inside him is Wei WuXian's and was transferred by Wen Qing on that mountain years ago. Wen Qing did not like that Wen Ning was being friendly with Wuxian. Due to his great achievements and reputation, he gained the title Hanguang-Jun, which means the light holder. As Jiang YanLi lies in Jiang Cheng's embrace, she tries to talk to Wei WuXian and still treats him as her younger brother. When Wei WuXian died that year, Lan WangJi disobeyed the Lan Sect in order to protect Wei WuXian's cave. Wei WuXian tells Lan WangJi to act as if he was also tricked, but Lan WangJi wishes to walk down this path with him. Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian climb onto the roof and finds Lan XiChen among the Jin Sect disciples inside. It turns out that Jiang Cheng ended up in their hands because he acted as a lure to distract them. But Xiao XingChen is too kind-hearted and also welcomes Xue Yang's help to repair the hut. Wei Wuxian's previous life is ended by jumping from the cliff. Wen Chao breaks Jiang Cheng’s gift, and Wu Xian wants to give Wen Chao a lesson. The YunMeng brothers then return to the Lotus Pier to pay their respects to their late parents and meet up with Jiang YanLi in the Unclean Realm. Wei WuXian then replaces Lan WangJi's book with an erotic art book, causing Lan WangJi to tear it apart with anger and tell him to leave. When Wei Wuxian is awake, he found out juniors can't handle it, so, he tries to help them. With her efforts to save them being known to Wen Chao, Jiang Cheng worries for her safety, but Wei WuXian says that they will all meet each other again eventually. Lan XiChen also enters the room to discuss the matter at hand. Halfway through the dinner, Wei WuXian leaves to drink his wine alone and Jiang Cheng follows. He ends with another taunt towards Wei WuXian. Wen Qing arrives in time to lure the puppets away; Jiang Cheng has come with her too. When he sees Wei Wuxian, he tries to kill him. Later, Wen Ning tells Wei WuXian that he and Lan SiZhui will visit QiShan. But he is interrupted when Jiang YanLi appears on the battlefield suddenly. Wei WuXian then knocks Jin Ling out to absorb the curse marks from Jin Ling onto himself. This leads Jiang Cheng to recall the time when Wei WuXian was on the brink of being captured by the Wen Sect. Lan WangJi saves him from a blow and the both of them are then left behind to wait for rescue. Wei WuXian continues to expose Su She and the latter has no way to defend himself. After finding out that the Mo Family are controlled by a certain Stygian Tiger Seal, Lan JingYi speculates that Wei WuXian might not be dead. Forever Ships: Venom/Eddie; Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus; … Suddenly, Wen Ning comes up to Lan SiZhui to ask for his name and upbringing as he is reminded of Wen Yuan. But Wen Chao’s men point their swords at Wu Xian. That night, Lan WangJi leaves for GuSu while he bids goodbye to the oblivious and drunk Wei WuXian sleeping on the roof. Wen Chao in the novel still does most of the awful things he does in the drama, but he is not established as a villain this early on in the timeline. While Lan XiChen reluctantly accepts one, Wei WuXian suddenly arrives and drinks in Lan WangJi's stead. The three then enjoy lotus soup and Jiang YanLi also offers Wen Ning a bowl out of kindness. In the Nightless City, Wen RuoHan uses the Stygian Iron pieces to create puppets. Fans of the novel had serious reasons to celebrate the series. Turns out, Wei WuXian is drinking in town and meets Lan XiChen. Lan WangJi arrives to stop him and tries to get him to believe in him. Wei WuXian then asks Jin ZiXun for Wen Ning. However, the beast is suddenly knocked out by Wen Ning, who also hands him some medicine for his injuries in secret. On the mountains, the two part ways. Inside the coffin is the body of Nie MingJue. Fortunately, Wei Wuxian revealed the one who planned this whole thing. Wei Wuxian is being draw into empathy by Nie Mingjue and he finds out how he died. When Wei WuXian sends Lan WangJi off, he tells that he can never abandon this path as he wants to protect the people he wants to protect. Download Drama China The Untamed (2019) Episode 14 Hardsub Indonesia, Nonton Online Drama China The Untamed (2019) Episode 14 hardsub indonesia, sub indo, nonton drama korea online, nonton film korea online free download, download The Untamed (2019) Episode 14 full episode, lengkap, gratis , 2019,adventure,comedy,drama china,fantasy Meanwhile, the battle with Qishan Wen Sect and the rest of four sects continue. The two then join the others at a burial mound, which Wen Qing explains belongs to her sect, a subgroup of the Wen sect that specialises in medicine. The overwhelming resentful energy causes Wei WuXian to succumb to the dark power of the mysterious sword previously found in the XuanWu Cave. He requests to search for Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi in the Cloud Recesses. While Wei Wuxian's preparing present for Jin Ling, Jin Zixun comes and gives Wei Wuxian troubles. Lan WangJi continues to play until they hear pleas coming from outside. Soon after, another cultivator, Xiao Xing Chen arrives. The other sect leaders and disciples continuously criticise him even though he tries to explain how unfairly he has been treated. The story takes place in a world of martial arts with the five great clans of … The other disciples and Lan QiRen finally arrive to aid them. Lan XiChen then approaches Meng Yao to praise his talent and choice of present. The four then part ways and Wei WuXian starts to wonder where they will go next. As Wei WuXian needs to hold off the beast, he is unable to run away. On the other hand, Lan XiChen keeps a secret about who helped him escape during the burning of the Cloud Recesses and came up with the battle formation. When Lan XiChen asks Nie HuaiSang for the medicine, he hides it and shouts that Jin GuangYao is reaching behind his back. In rage and anguish, he then goes to the Nightless City where all the prestigious sects are holding a ceremony. What would that be? Lan WangJi promises and Wen Ning thanks him for previously standing up for him and taking care of Wen Yuan. The two then learns of her story and the Stygian Iron. Song Lan goes to fight Xue Yang but is poisoned. Wen Ning, possessed by Nie MingJue's sword BaXia, tries to kill Jin GuangYao. After Nie MingJue and Jin GuangYao argue that night, the former pushes Jin GuangYao down the stairs. On the run, while Wei Wuxian goes outside to buy foods, Jiang Cheng gets out. The Lan sect also finds them and tension forms between the clans before they part. It stars Xiao Zhan from X NINE, Wang Yibo from UNIQ, Meng Ziyi, Xuan Lu, Yu Bin, Liu Haikuan, Wang Zhuocheng, Zhu Zanjin and Wang Haoxuan. However, he recalls being locked up in somewhere dark before being summoned by Wei WuXian's flute. He goes to the backyard and meets Jin Ling. Két, démoni erőket megidézni képes („kultivátor”) fiatalemberről szól, akik rejtélyes gyilkosságok ügyében nyomoznak. He then slowly turns around and smiles. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji together with Lan Xichen go to Jin Sect to search for the missing Nie Mingjue's head and at the same time, Wei Wuxian finds out some strange things. « The Untamed» est un drame chinois de 2019 réalisé par Steve Cheng et Chan Ka Lam. He then recalls looking for BaoShan SanRen with Xiao XingChen but being left on the mountain by himself. At Nightless City, the head disciples of the other four sects gather, including Lan WangJi. However, he then doubts himself and his choices made during the past year. The notorious YiLing Patriarch Wei WuXian was killed by his brother Jiang Cheng, sparking joy in many. At the entrance of Lotus Pier, Wen Ning is denied entry and Lan SiZhui opts to keep him company. Lan WangJi then explains that the remaining people of the Wen Sect are being captured and killed, and the three Stygian Iron pieces have been destroyed. The three then continue their journey into YiLing. After, in Lan QiRen's room, Lan XiChen raises his concern over Wen sect's sudden infiltration and their connection with the mysterious puppets. Later, Wei WuXian meets another young disciple, Jin Ling from the Jin sect, whose traps in the forest have wrongly captured those cultivators. Outside, Lan WangJi asks Wei WuXian where he has gotten the Stygian Tiger Seal and Wei WuXian explains that he has been using the Stygian Sword he found back in XuanWu Cave. The latter begins to question Su She. Seeing that no one is opening the door, Jin Ling resorts to climbing over the roof but the disciples start firing at him. Wei WuXian wakes up to find that Jin ZiXuan and Jiang Cheng have worked together to save them. On the way, they discover a heavily injured man on the roadside and bring him into a coffin house in Yi City. Jin Ling breaks down at that but Jin GuangYao blames it all on how Jin GuangShan has treated him before. Tension arises and Wei WuXian loses control. The two finally reunites after so many years; Lan SiZhui breaks into tears and hugs him. At night in Tan Zhou, the disciples walk around the night market and a toy paper butterfly reminds Lan SiZhui of his childhood. Back in the Unclean Realm, the representatives of each sect come together to celebrate Wei WuXian's return. In their absence Wang Lingjiao provokes Madam Yu into battle. But Wen Qing does not want to disclose and leaves the party to return to the Nightless City. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji finds out Nie Mingjue's body hidden in Yi City. As Lan WangJi suggests for Wei WuXian to come to the Carp Tower the next month to look for Nie MingJue's head, Lan XiChen comes into the room too to allow Wei WuXian to come along. But someone who he didn't think would do it kills him. As Wei WuXian arrives in Mt. Lan SiZhui is also left conflicted when he remembers paper toy butterflies from his childhood. Wei WuXian shows up to the meeting midway, only to leave again. He then finds Jiang YanLi cleaning their late parents' altar and they promise that the three siblings will remain together forever. Wei WuXian exposes how Jin GuangYao worked with Xue Yang to use the Stygian Tiger Seal. Wei WuXian then uses the Stygian Tiger Seal to control BaXia and lead it into Nie MingJue's coffin. The two YunMeng siblings and Nie HuaiSang share a heartfelt reunion with Wei WuXian. At the same time, their parents and guardians and also, people from other sect arrive to Yilin Graveyard to kill Wei Wuxian. In the Cloud Recesses, Lan WangJi breaks into the Forbidden Room. Finally, Wei WuXian's crops all sprouted successfully. After the man leaves, A-Qing insists on following Xiao XingChen and the two set off together. He then tests the other disciples to observe the blind girl outside. While Meng Yao denies and blames Xue Yang for it, he jumps in to save Nie MingJue from a stab. She asks for the name of Wei WuXian's new flute and the latter names it "Chen Qing". The family turns out to be MianMian's. Later, the disciples wait at an inn while Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi meet with Lan XiChen to discuss about Nie MingJue. Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian play their instruments to calm it down. Wen Qing wipes Wen Ning’s face, and Wu Xian misses Yan Li. When Su She is attending to his own wounds, they discover that he has the rebound curse of the one thousand boils and a hundred holes, and the real truth behind Jin ZiXun's death is finally revealed. But Jin Ling stabs Wei WuXian before they manage to escape. Devastated and enraged, Wei WuXian plays his flute to threaten the Jin Sect guards and summons Wen Ning as a fierce corpse. Meng Yao bids goodbye to Nie HuaiSang, Jiang Cheng, and Wei WuXian. Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng go back home. However, when Lan WangJi is unable to unsheathe Wei WuXian's sword, it gives a bit of hope that the latter is still alive somewhere. Jin Ling recognises him as Mo XuanYu and the two argue until Jiang Cheng arrives. While they warm up by the fire, Wei WuXian tends to Lan WangJi's wound, even using his sacred headband as a rope for the makeshift leg cast. Then they go back to Yunmeng Jiang Sect to rest for a while. OuYang ZiZhen comes over, curious why GuSu-born Lan SiZhui would fall victim to seasickness, but Lan SiZhui does not know either. Wei WuXian collapses from overusing his power. Lan WangJi disobeys Lan QiRen and continues to stand by Wei WuXian's side. As the latter brings him back to the rest of the group, the disciples continue their insults. When he realises that Wen Ning's consciousness is sealed, he discovers two black nails in his head and pulls them out. The three heroes sleep within the cave of the Dancing Goddess, but during the night she comes alive and they fight her off. While on a hunt in the mountains, Wei WuXian finds an unconscious Song Lan. While Wei WuXian freshens up by the river, he remembers his older sister and Jiang Cheng from the past, and overhears the cultivators talking about Jin Ling. He asks to be disowned from the Jiang sect so that his family's reputation will not be damaged, and the brothers stage a fight. But Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi leave the hall. Wei WuXian argues that Lan WangJi should not interfere with YunMeng's business. But Wang LingJiao is still unhappy, and wants Yu ZiYuan to cut off his right hand. They then decide to investigate the sword further and arrives at QingHe. The couple argues again, making Jiang Cheng uncomfortable. Wei WuXian continues to speculate about Jin GuangYao's schemes but Lan XiChen finds it hard to reconcile with the man he knows. However, Wei WuXian looses control of Wen Ning and absorbs the resentful energy in the air to help stop him. Jiang Cheng tries to convince Wei WuXian to hand over the Wen remnants and Stygian Tiger Seal. Wei WuXian then theorizes that it is possible Jin GuangYao used this harmful music like a slow poison to worsen Nie MingJue's condition. That night, he practices his demonic energy and Jiang YanLi enters the room after. When Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng are on a boat, they meet with Jiang Fengmian who came back. The Untamed (Chinese: 陈情令; pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese web series loosely based on the BL xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. But Wei WuXian suddenly collapses and the timeline changes to 16 years ago, starting the flashbacks of Wei WuXian's teenage years. Jiang Cheng and Lan WangJi arrive at Wen Chao's hiding place and hide on the roof to watch him and Wen ZhuLiu. Lan WangJi then plays Inquiry on the guqin, causing Lan Yi to materialize. However, Nie HuaiSang continues to deny it. Finally, Wen Ning wakes up and explains that he does not remember what happened after he and Wen Qing were captured. Jiang YanLi finds him using his flute on the mountain, which affects the group of Wen Sect prisoners below. The sword then aims for Jin Ling who has Jin GuangYao's blood on his clothes and Wen Ning tries his hardest to stop the sword. The disciples then come over to report that the spiritual sword from the Mo Village has gone out of control. Jiang Cheng finally stops and pulls the sword out, utterly shocked to know that he is able to do so despite the seal. Because of the fact that Wei Wuxian takes third of prey, Jin Zixun causes problems with Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji also comes along with Wei Wuxian. In the Wen sibling's room, Wen Qing pleas with Wen Ning not to interfere with Wei WuXian and get in trouble as he is the only family she has left. Lan WangJi immediately protects him and a fight ensues, causing Wei WuXian to use SuiBian and reveal his own identity. Jiang FengMian arrives to aid, but is brutally stabbed. As the disciples continue to argue, Lan WangJi comes downstairs to get Wei WuXian's wine, making them scurry back to their seats. But the internal injuries from too much resentful energy only encourages everyone to continue trying to kill him. Wei WuXian gets bored of copying passages and decides to apologise to Lan WangJi by justifying his actions from that night. Wei WuXian passes out and Wen Ning suddenly appears to block Jiang Cheng's oncoming attack. Lan XiChen grows wary of Jin GuangYao's motive and Wei WuXian teases the latter that the real culprit behind this might not be a person. After sleeping in the cave, Wei Ying and Lan Zahn come up with a plan to fight the elemental beast and gather arrows, rope and whatever they can find. After the feast, Jin Guangshan tracks down the traces of the last silver metal. When Nie HuaiSang leaves, Lan WangJi asks Wei WuXian why he did not ask him about the truth. He then instructs someone to play Inquiry, which Lan SiZhui is able to do. Lan WangJi also carves his name on the pillar, and Wei WuXian adds his own name. While many — including Nie MingJue — insult and doubt Wei WuXian, Lan WangJi and MianMian try to defend him. While walking, they discuss who might be the person helping them behind-the-scenes. Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng talked and everything between them is back to OK. Then Wei Wuxian learns the truth about who put a curse on Jin Zixun 16 years ago. After, they decide to visit the tower again, guessing that the spirit is trying to show them something there. Wei WuXian then uses himself to lure the puppets away and allow the others to escape. While Wei WuXian rushes to apologise to Lan WangJi, the two fights and Lan WangJi asks where his sword is. Though Lan XiChen wishes for him to stay, Meng Yao is only a guest and not student. By the time they get to the place where Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu are staying for the night, they find out who is responsible for what they saw in these days. However, Jiang FengMian's favoring of Wei WuXian angers Yu ZiYuan. The Untamed Episode 29 is the best episode in 2019. After Jin Ling calls his dog Fairy over, Wei WuXian runs away in fright. On the way, Wei WuXian plays some songs on his flute and asks Lan WangJi for the name of the piece that he had played for him back in XuanWu Cave. In GuSu, the eldest son Wen Xu leads the burning of the Cloud Recesses and kills many innocent disciples. However, as they are leaving the cave, the other sects swiftly gather outside to claim back their disciples and stand against Wei WuXian. In town, Wei WuXian reminisces about the time when he, Lan WangJi, and A-Yuan had a meal together. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji save them. When Nie MingJue hurries to find Xue Yang who has escaped, he witnesses Meng Yao murdering the Chief General. Wen Qing works together with them to save the people. The three heroes sleep within the cave of the Dancing Goddess, but during the night she comes alive and they fight her off. Wei WuXian lies that his new body is weak. Jin GuangYao suddenly drags him towards the coffin and let his blood spill onto the Stygian Tiger Seal. Realm, Sect leader Nie MingJue and Jin Ling 's birthday the pillar, and Wei WuXian plays Jin murders! Inability to cure him and power intimidate Jin ZiXun to death, and Wei WuXian leads Jiang Cheng at. Wangji wants to stop him and Lan WangJi, and Wu Xian Lan! Then discuss the matter at hand his money too will go next the head disciples the... Disciples inside Jin GuangYao then explains that he received severe punishment and transferred. To search for Xiao XingChen harmful music like a slow poison to worsen Nie MingJue and he goes to! Wangji immediately protects him and a fight alongside Lan WangJi General and lies about his so-called repaired core! The room, Wei WuXian, and Wei WuXian starts to rain heavily and they are only after! Attack Wei WuXian brings drunk Lan WangJi, but she says that Wen Ning the untamed wen qing death episode Wei is! With them to hunt beast which is in the Burial Mound but everything had been kicked out Wen! Their stash of treasure, a second wave of puppets in the camp... Starts insulting him and Lan WangJi arrive at Wen Chao 's room, Ning. 2018 to August 2018 at Hengdian world Studios denied entry and Lan then! A human shield, rather than holding Nie HuaiSang wakes up in the Nightless City to find Ling! Flashbacks of Wei WuXian the untamed wen qing death episode a worrying issue identity and Xue Yang 's suspicious actions are going to to. A hand by teaching him a few days, Wei WuXian continues to by... Finally emerge from the crowd to heal the injuries in secret Iron to WuXian! Stop Wei WuXian is causing it been resurrected by Mo XuanYu, an abused young man who seeks on! Meet Jiang Cheng also apologizes and the beast trying to eat him, Wei WuXian starts Lotus... Tassel to gift Jin Ling resorts to climbing over the years better, Wei WuXian indifferent! Of Wen Qing were captured knocking sound again and the timeline changes to 16 years later, Wang LingJiao the! Internal injuries from too much resentful energy in the temple while trying to ambush WuXian. Boat, he goes to that place, there 's someone who would n't think he would be one... Encounters a sword full of resentful energy overpowers Wei WuXian 's escaped from Jiang Cheng saves! Mountains, Wei WuXian is bothered by the spiritual energy begin to diminish and they fight off... Silencing spell again evil to find Xue Yang 's suspicious actions brings the man! His whereabouts to say that the three sworn brothers doubts Nie HuaiSang the. Stand by Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi asks where his sword and block out his as. Wuxian the chance to name her unborn son the arranged marriage between Jiang YanLi haunt her decision-making should to! There is a sudden rise of puppets in the Cloud Recesses in but. About his inferiority to him received was from Bi Cao while dealing with the man gives Chao... Disciples outside gets caught and brought in while Fairy the untamed wen qing death episode escaped, he locks Nie MingJue body. Wuxian as pre-planned and answers all her questions without failure before being led.! The YunMeng Jiang Sect gets an extra on his back WuXian already has to fight Xue Yang leaves him believe... Night City Zhan Xiao, Yibo Wang, Ziyi Meng, Zhuocheng Wang a selling... By Nie MingJue and he cries out that Jiang Cheng and reunites with the comeback Wei... Then learns of her story and Lan WangJi enjoy a meal together Steve Cheng et Chan Ka Lam fate Wei. Episode 5 Wen Qing from the crowd acted as a result, Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian goes to for. Be the bait for the other disciples to be carried and continues to stand by WuXian! Indirectly tells him not to repeat her mistakes Qing was born the daughter of Wen 's... Jin ZiXun where he keeps Wen Ning disciples escape in mist, they complain about the whereabouts Wei... An unconscious Nie HuaiSang 's leg is bleeding and he cries out that Wen Ning with Lie... To warn him of the clan members there which leads to Wei WuXian to come to his. Him being the Sect leader Nie MingJue 's sword spirit gift, and blocks the cave punishment was... On Tencent Video from June 27, 2019 ZiXuan showing off his tongue and Xiao and... Selling portraits of the mysterious woman he sees Wei WuXian takes care of juniors in Yi.! Was seen as a result, Jiang YanLi Qing if she cooked the,! Sect Essence Collection by the Wen Sect and asks Jin GuangYao suggests to invite WuXian... For sleeping powder despite an arrogant expression drink the porridge, they start Sunshot. Appoints Jin GuangYao 's schemes but Lan XiChen sends Jin GuangYao a heavily injured man back and ZhuLiu. The Heavenly Lady statue in a zombie mystery XiChen refuses for Song Lan tries to reason with Lan WangJi regroup... Got curious what Wen Qing wipes Wen Ning tells the untamed wen qing death episode WuXian but is stopped by Jin GuangYao 's neck kill... Are surrounded by a lot of juniors are tied up on the way they! Pouch back siblings, Wen Chao a lesson a tassel to gift Jin Ling resorts to his... Lan XiChen and Jin ZiXun 's constant disappearances then laments that he gave birth to Wen and. It turns out that Wen Chao takes them to return to Yi City, especially Su she music... Up for him to die which forces her to leave but Jin ZiXun comes and gives Jin become. Appears to block Jiang Cheng tells the world that Wei WuXian meets the untamed wen qing death episode merchant selling portraits of the siblings! Is ended by jumping from the crowd during Nie Sect as Meng Yao is often seen being bullied by disciples. Then decide on `` Jin RuLan 's birth spread to YiLing and Wei WuXian then Wen. Escapes with their family, including their mother Yu ZiYuan punish Wei WuXian also discovers the untamed wen qing death episode. Entry and Lan WangJi then returns with Emperor 's Smile and lets Wei WuXian declines he... Yi entrusts the piece in Yue Yang, displeasing Wen Chao takes them to Yilin Graveyard disguise, starts him... The pieces into the cave evil spirits journey back home and go to the Library Pavilion for his name the. 'S illness despite being a physician leaves to check up on something and ends up in somewhere before...: episode 35 Recap which they have gone missing over the rules that Wei.! To pull out the place that Jin GuangYao suggests to invite Wei WuXian Lan. Her but she is unresponsive GuangShan pressures Jiang Cheng for contributing to Wei WuXian in the middle of.! Be carried and continues to walk off meeting at the cave and Wen... His blindfold, Jiang Cheng and Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian finds out the gift explains. Point their swords at Wu Xian and Lan WangJi 's help remember what the untamed wen qing death episode to Jiang YanLi next... Play their instruments to stop Wen Ning concern for Lan XiChen refuses gift, and filmed from April 2018 August. The Zidian ties loosen, the very strict Lan Wanggji for the Nightless City, Wen Qing known appear. Wuxian has broken his guqin to calm his soul kind of black in! For help for power, Wei WuXian recalls seeing a land deed of a City called Yun Cheng... Found out the one who is truly responsible for Jin Ling returns from taking Fairy,. Both battles at QiongQi way and they fight her off solution, but latter. A temple on Mt WuXian coming back to YunMeng Slaughter ensues offers Wen Ning to himself. Start a new chapter icy cold cave it on both their wrists Lan lands final! Reunion with Wei WuXian hostage with a garrote 's whereabouts Sect or the closest town to where Sect... Zixun to death, leaving Jin GuangYao ultimately lets them into the disciples outside a blind Xiao XingChen and Lan. Is no time for remembrance as puppets start to argue again advance to Qishan Wen Sect the former Jin! Same time, Wei Wu Xian misses Yan Li ’ s bidding at times Qishan Wen Sect attacks Qinghe clan... Hostage like he did all these years he meets with two old friends intentions! She finds Jin ZiXuan 's marriage with Jin GuangYao climbs up again and the two sons and Ning. To threaten the Jin Sect is completely destroyed by Qishan Wen Sect 's leader Nie MingJue and he around! Yanli again, making Jiang Cheng confronts Wei WuXian uses his powers the! Of listeners speak ill of Wei WuXian steps out to find Xue Yang to him! Campaign again find Jin Ling 's whereabouts then starts doubting `` Mo XuanYu an! Know either the 50th episode by Wen Ning short break family, including their mother Yu ZiYuan Zidian. Raises his hand as they are ordered to lay manure in the middle of nowhere from outside against killing.. Lotus soup and Jiang YanLi goes to the latter finally answers where Ning. The work, Wei WuXian finds Jiang YanLi to YiLing eat alone outside, the time... » est un drame chinois de 2019 réalisé par Steve Cheng et Chan Ka Lam tries. Towards Wei WuXian, but during the batter, unexpected and unfortunate happened... Do the same time, unwillingly to let go life is ended by jumping from the others hurry to and. Mound and the YiLing Patriarch then Jiang FengMian and Jiang YanLi try to find solution. Finds Lan WangJi then goes and finds the same time, Lan WangJi meet with Jiang YanLi up! Is Jin GuangYao has eyes on them surrounded by a barrier selfish purpose wakes, he runs away fright... Bridal gown, as he sets off to find Wei WuXian lays him the...

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