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A negative social environment isolates individual employees and creates incentives to avoid or leave the job. Behaviours Definition: Behaviour is defined as the way one acts towards themselves and others around them.To link the two we could say that due to the attitude a person has towards spiders, he/she may behave differently. Publications she’s written for include Southwest Exchange and InBusiness Las Vegas. Employee performance is the summation of commitment and involvement towards their organization and its value. It is very much important to keep a good relation between an employee and his/her boss as well as his/her sub-ordinates and co-workers. Findings and implications are discussed. A company may have a positive organizational culture, marked by open communication and trust in organizational leadership, or it may have a negative culture in which workers have little trust in their leaders. How employees act has a lasting impact on your company. These positive attitudes are usually manifested in a person's behavior; people with a good attitude are active and productive and do what they can to improve the moodof those around them. The way the reporting relationships are structured defines who makes the decisions. In Study 1, the empirical results are based on data for 284 employees from 12 different organizations, and in Study 2, the results are based on data for 286 employees from 15 different organizations. Working Americans who reported recent or current change were almost three times more likely to say they don't trust their employer (34% vs. 12%) and more than thre… that these attitudes become shared within units and that they are related to unit-level organizational citizenship behaviors and customer satisfaction. model (SEM) is operationalized to analyze the data. It demoralises your colleagues. II. behavior is through the use of the Attraction- Selection- Attrition (ASA) framework. Decreased trust and goodwill toward co-workers harms collaboration, decreasing productivity. A third reason for the popularity of trait theories in the study of organizational behavior is that the traits that are identified are measurable and tend to remain relatively stable over time. It asks about things such as attitudes towards management, job satisfaction, and camaraderie within the organization. Having a reputation for unprofessional behavior puts a company at a distinct disadvantage. Any behavior of an employee can be analyzed on the basis of its occurrence and its effect on the organisation. Changing Attitudes Employees’ attitudes can be changed and sometimes it is in the best interests of managements to try to do so. Findings and implications are discussed. Importance of Employee Behavior in an Organization. Employee performance is the summation of commitment and involvement towards their organization and its value. Some of the areas of attitudes that a person in the world of work is concerned with are superior, subordinates, peers, supervision, pay, benefits, promotions or anything that leads to trigger positive or negative reactions. Whereas employees are seen as bottom dwellers and they are unimportant in their working environment, this however gives the management more stress and has an impact on the training and motivation for the rest of the employees. Based on their attitudes toward work, employees feel more or less committed to the job. The … If we can remember that attitude then we can form the habit / behavior that should be used with ease. Keywords . For a business to perform well, it must be comprised of qualified, well-trained professionals who have the ability to work in a collaborative team environment toward shared common goals.

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