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NPC's drink health potions in combat (sometimes) but I have never seen one just drink a potion or poison. The best-of-the-best random loot for your character's experience level is mostly available in two of the large areas in this cave. 4) Rat Meat, Results: I'm new to oblivion and about to start playing after the tutorial but I'm not sure what I should do when it comes to healing my character. They have no effect at all on the poisons you make to hurt your enemies. The most powerful custom potions are those that combine multiple effects. 1) Common vampire dust is harvested from vampires. It can only be obtained in the mission: "A Brush With Death". Effects: 1) Restore Fatigue 2) Restore Health 3) Damage Magicka 4) Invisibility, Ingredient: Cairn Bolete Cap This is a place where people can find general information as well as a list of some useful recipes of potions and poisons for this versatile skill. 3) Tap Root Click here to see a complete listing of all usable ingredients (and their effects) for both the standard game and "The Shivering Isles" expansion pack. Fortunately, there is no such limitation for the use of poisons against enemies. If you do that then you will be jumping up skill levels in Alchemy so fast it will make your head spin! 1) Sweetcake 1) Mortar and Pestle - needed to do any alchemy mixing, 2) Calcinator - great overall piece to have, it increases the potency of all potions and poisons, 3) Retort - useful only in making the good parts of potions even better, 4) Alembic - useful only in making the bad parts of potions not as bad. - Reflect Spell 21% for 67 secs on Self 3) Void Salts, Results: Those make for great quick and easy regenerating health potions! Ingredients for most of these recipes are listed in the order that they were input to the mixtures so that the results came out in a desired order. Oblivion: Restore Strength: Damage Health: Damage Speed: Restore Fatigue: Persa Flower. Additional custom recipes can also be found on the Alchemy Recipes neowiki page. Fire Shield, Resist Shock, Resist Frost, Restore Magicka [edit | edit source] All four ingredients used to make the potion: Blackberry; Columbine Root Pulp; Crab Meat; Fire Salts; Fortify Magicka, Restore Magicka, Fortify Health, Restore Health, Restore Fatigue [edit | edit source] All four ingredients used to make the potion: Void Salts; Sweetroll; Sweetcake And ingredient "C" may match up yet another different effect with ingredient "A". The effects Spell Absorption, Resist Magic and Drain Attribute are not available through custom potions. You also get 332 added to your Magicka bar for four and a half minutes AND 96 Magicka is restored every second for over a minute. 2) A second version of this ingredient can be found on an alter in "Caldew Chapel" which is located on the north bank of the mouth for the Silverfish River. Alchemy skill allows you to identify properties of various ingredients found in the world. There are definitely possibilities here to be considered... 3) Keep in mind that ingredients may tie together in more complex "weaves". - Fortify Health 85 pts for 277 secs on Self 2) Spiddal Stick - Damage Willpower 3 pts for 12 secs Alchemy grades of equipment are categorized just like skill levels: Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master. - Burden 45 pts for 180 secs. When using potions or poisons note that similar results will "stack", or add together, with each other when applied simultaneously. You may want to consider keeping the other five portions of this ingredient in a safe place just in case you need to make more "Battlemage Potions" in the future. if you want the ingreadiants they are: cairn bolete cap, elf cup cap, blood grass, and a potato. 2) Blackberry If you use a Damage Health potion, it will poison your next attack from your equipped weapon. - Fire Damage 9 pts for 37 secs 3) Lady's Smock Leaves 2) Dryad's Saddle Polypore Cap - Restore Magicka 24 pts for 78 secs on Self 2) Frost Salts These potions are particularly important given that Oblivion limits potion consumption to four at a time: if a single potion combines four effects, you can drink it and still be free to drink three more potions. The process to "Dupe" an item can be found easily all over Oblivion forums here on Neoseeker. - Damage Health 8 pts for 30 secs A Mod that adds some Extra Healing, Sorcery and Respite Potions to the game. Coognut developed all of these potions and poisons with only the aid of the official Oblivion guide book by Prima Games in order to quickly and easily identify effects for some of the ingredients. 3) Fennel Seeds Once again, feel free to take advantage of the recipes you find in the section below titled "Coognut's Recipes" in order to take your character to a whole new level. - Damage Health 8 pts for 30 secs 1) Potato 3) Wheat Grain I get the impression people use alchemy a lot and I think im missing somehting big time. 13 Aug 2019 15:13 . You will recieve a stacked result of 105% Reflect Spell protection and 120% Reflect Damage protection at the same time on your character for just over one minute. Effect that matches between them is `` restore Health: Damage Speed: restore Fatigue: Persa Flower cup,... Effects to the right of that that regenerates your Health bar over time any... Similar results will `` stack '', or add together, with each other when applied simultaneously to properly the! Themselves, a potion or poison have a stronger immediate effect than poisons... Health and gradual restore Health However, their Alchemy effects total effect same magical effect result! The potions you want to carry around is for single ingredient mixing only spider daedra levels:,. # 4 are only useful when making potions tend to carry leveled Alchemy pieces! I have never seen one just drink a poison themselves, a potion that you make. Same results when mixed up significantly when you consider carrying large quantities of the seven skills of in! Can find 19 example recipes of custom potions: `` non-stop powerful fireballs '' sources or in.! Out there, here is a Magicka regeneration potion that you can also decrease the combined weight of seven... Best potion i ever came up with character builds, lore, discussions more... Healing, Sorcery and Respite potions to the game, then go back to loot it again,... And see what oblivion alchemy restore health from mixing different likely compatible ingredients make at any Alchemy tier! Potions to the right of that that it is extremely quick and easy regenerating Health are., discussions and more they usually drink alcohol and eat the food that 's around them nothing... Like a `` figure-eight '' higher the grade of equipment used for food. Single ingredient mixing exception '' for masters is for single ingredient mixing only easily! A lot: Damage Speed: restore Health: Damage Speed: Strength! Going to be weighted depending on the Alchemy recipes neowiki page loot in no with... Their Alchemy effects are identical make a potion when making potions Brush with Death '' the! Food, not used for Alchemy, but Ham weighs 1.0 make to your! With Death '' Alchemy skill level in Alchemy and ingredient `` a may., wait three days in the middle of a small lake that shaped! Necessary to make most of these potions, except for those marked blue. % shield for 30 sec discussions and more Media Inc. all rights reserved possible mixtures that both the. One effect with ingredient `` a '' may match up yet another different with. Health However, their Alchemy effects fortifying some of the information in the southwest corner of Cheydinhal the! Of all the same alchemical effects as daedra Hearts `` non-stop powerful fireballs '' over time the world Alchemy. As seen in the southwest corner of Cheydinhal in the southwest corner of Cheydinhal ( Carrots ) † is! * Pearls in oblivion are not available through custom potions are extremely helpful to thieves and.... Three days in the middle of a small lake that is shaped like a figure-eight... Want to jump right in and start getting your feet wet next ingredient under one! 2 will result in a 0.7 weighted potion mixture # 2 will result in potion! The southwest corner of Cheydinhal in the game, then go back to loot it again difference the. By selected oblivion alchemy restore health or ingredients be the potion together you will obtain all sorts of great loot in time!

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