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From shop WoWBouquetS. Livraison et service à la clientèle dans le monde entier. Our Infinity Arrangements consist of real, everlasting Ecuadorian and Colombian roses that are available in a wide colour palette. The Infinity roses are treated in a special process and last at least 1.5 to 3 years. long-stem infinity roses Informacje o produkcie: Uskrzydleni przez kwiatową porę roku, w której natura ukazuje się w pełnej krasie, chcielibyśmy Wam też przedstawić nasze róże Infinity w ich całej okazałości – All our Infinity Flowerboxes are handmade in Germany by a master florist. Timelessly beautiful, elegant and exclusive. var $cr=jQuery.noConflict();var old_src;$cr(document).ready(function(){$cr(".cr_form").submit(function(){$cr(this).find('.clever_form_error').removeClass('clever_form_error');$cr(this).find('.clever_form_note').remove();$cr(this).find(".musthave").find('input, textarea').each(function(){if(jQuery.trim($cr(this).val())==""||($cr(this).is(':checkbox'))||($cr(this).is(':radio'))){if($cr(this).is(':checkbox')||($cr(this).is(':radio'))){if(!$cr(this).parent().find(":checked").is(":checked")){$cr(this).parent().addClass('clever_form_error')}}else{$cr(this).addClass('clever_form_error')}}});if($cr(this).attr("action").search(document.domain)>0&&$cr(".cr_form").attr("action").search("wcs")>0){var cr_email=$cr(this).find('input[name=email]');var unsub=false;if($cr("input['name=cr_subunsubscribe'][value='false']").length){if($cr("input['name=cr_subunsubscribe'][value='false']").is(":checked")){unsub=true}}if(cr_email.val()&&!unsub){$cr.ajax({type:"GET",url:$cr(".cr_form").attr("action").replace("wcs","check_email")+$cr(this).find('input[name=email]').val(),success:function(data){if(data){cr_email.addClass('clever_form_error').before("

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