how to attach grease gun to zerk fitting

When the operator pumps grease through the hose, the metering device provides a digital readout on a small screen, measuring the volume or weight in grams or ounces. Now we will look at some other problems that can come up when greasing ball joints. Might even be a little grease or dirt that’s preventing the ball from coming out of the zerk. When I was much younger, I wouldn’t worry about whether the fitting I was greasing was completely clean. Add all three to Cart. Purchase a grease gun with a zerk fitting on the end of it. Is that right? Thread starter #1 I know I am not the only person to get a grease gun stuck on a zerk, but I can not get the thing off. The early Buick grease guns (1923 & 1924) had a flex hose and an Alemite fitting with pins on each side. Attach a commercial grease fitting cleaner to the clogged grease fitting or grease pin. Our relocation kits replace the grease fitting with an elbow adaptor and a length of hose with a grease Zerk on the end. Gently tap the grease fitting cleaner with a small hammer; this will force either oil or air into the fitting, depending on the type of grease fitting cleaner, and effectively unclog the fitting. Looks like your truck is … They are often called "Zerk fittings" in honor of the inventor. In this 1-minute, 44-second clip from Noria's new training video "How to Use a Grease Gun," learn how a zerk grease fitting works and what to do if one begins to leak. I add grease until I see some coming out from around the area being greased. The coupler fits all DIN and SAE grease fittings. Use a cordless grease gun when you’re going to be greasing a lot of fittings, or when your hands just don’t work like they used to work. A grease gun with 1/8 NPT. My fresh grease is red. Make sure the fitting you’re greasing is clean. Seems it's "common knowledge" that when a gun (any gun) gets stuck on a zerk (as happens with surprising frequency apparently) you need to loosen the coupler body with a wrench on the barrel of the gun to relieve pressure on the zerk. We understand how frustrating frozen or clogged grease fittings can be. This is right after I disconnected the grease gun from the zerk. Keep grease fittings and pins clean and clear of dirt, debris and hardened grease so they remain effective. For Zerk fitting installation, see the how to video with subtitle in English. It is installed between the grease gun's hose and the hydraulic coupler used to attach to the Zerk fitting. Jun 12, 2010. In Stock. Simply remove the old coupler than is installed on your grease gun currently, thread the LockNLube in place, and get to work. Removing it is as simple as pressing the tab and pulling it off the fitting. Squeeze the gun. There are four Zerk fittings that should be greased regularly: one fitting on each hub (grease every 30 hours of use), the spindle (grease every six hours of use), and the chain roller (grease … Then, push the old grease out after it has been warmed and thinned out. If you trying to find special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. About the Author. Grease gun stuck on the zerk Thread starter SchniperJB; Start date Jun 12, 2010; Watchers 1 S. SchniperJB. Grease Buster Tools - Unfreeze Clogged Zerks the Easy Way. If there is still no grease moving, you can use a propane torch to rise the heat in the joints. I just bought a set of sway bar link with zerk fittings. YMMV The reservoir arrangement and dispensing components were totally different from a grease gun. First, remove the zerk fitting and attach it to your grease gun. 1. Maybe blow it out with some air too. Try to push some grease through zerk. Next, attach the grease gun to the zerk. Adjusting the knurled bit to fit one doesn't guarantee that it will fit the next one. On my L3240 there seem to be slightly different sized zerks. There is a solution to the mess and that is the LockNLube grease coupler. However, these … I think I greased a joint with zerk fitting until some of new grease oozed out of the rubber seal. June 10, 2018. Step 1. Zerk Grease Coupler Fitting – Easy Lock-on, Clip-off – Stays on – Grease goes in, Not on the machine! Position the nozzle squarely over the zerk and press down until you feel the “snap” of the nozzle grabbing the zerk. Nothing works. Instructions How to Use a Grease Gun Zerk Fitting 1. (There are tools which can clear it ”in situ” but they force whatever is blocking it into the machinery and that’s not usually a good idea, especially if the blockage is a chip of broken spring inside the zerk or dirt or solidified grease.) Apply a heat source and immediately attach a grease gun to the fitting. This item: VACmall Grease Gun Coupler, 10000 PSI Grease Coupler Lock onto Zerk Fittings with Lengthened Hose… CDN$24.99. This coupler is durable so it is perfect for long time use. How Grease Fittings Work Noria news wires. Polyurethane seals provide a drip-proof connection with most grease fittings… Seemed like a decent piece. Get a gun with the flexible hose, it's much less of a pain. It is stuck on the zerk for the front most u-joint. Flush fittings sit flush or countersunk, and are not damaged easily. It contains high-quality sealing gasket. AZUNO Grease Gun Coupler, 2nd Generation Upgraded to 12,000 PSI, Grease Gun Tips Quick Lock and Release, Compatible with All Grease Guns 1/8" NPT Grease Gun Fittings (2 Pack) 4.1 out of 5 … If you’re trying to apply grease with your lever gun and the grease just won’t go in the zerk, you may have some rust accumulated down in there. Flush Type Grease Fittings are referred to as Midget Grease Fittings, Flush Zerk Fittings, Flush Type Grease Zerks, Flush Type Drive Fittings or Flush Type Press-In Fittings. Grease fittings (also known as Zerk fittings or grease nipples) are permanently installed on mechanical systems and bearings to provide lubrication points for feeding lubricants to the systems or bearings without overflow or leaks. Normally the zerk can be remove and the crud clean out of the threaded hole and penetrating oil injected. You can now decide exactly where you want the grease Zerk to be and stop fighting to get your grease gun down into those tight spots. Buy the selected items together . Suitable for all-day use in shops or garages. Here is how the grease gun nozzle fits on the zerk. Here are some of the best tips that I’ve picked up from my decade of using grease guns. A frozen Zerk leads to inadequate lubrication and can mean expensive repairs or break-downs if they aren't dealt with. If I find the grease squirting out around the zerk, I usually apply pressure to the nozzle of the gun while it's on the zerk... pushing it hard into the zerk while I pump and most of the time that helps to prevent grease from leaking out around the fitting. Grease Gun Attachment Sets Sets include dispensing tips for grease fittings and bare lubrication points. There is a large thumb-tab that you press down which exposes the jaws, line it up to the zerk fitting, and release. Spray a petroleum-based spray lube onto a grease fitting or grease fitting pin, then wipe it off with a rag. The fittings wear out/break over time and replacement, too. Subsequently, question is, how do I fix my grease ZERK? In these cases of a failed or blocked zerk fitting the answer is to fix the zerk ...either by replacing it or clearing it. Ships from and sold by Second Marché. For bearing and machine reliability, it is essential to understand proper grease gun operation. Only then can you remove the gun without breaking the damn fitting. Reach that unreachable Zerk fitting with the Powerbuilt 90 Degree Grease Gun Coupler Attach the 1/8 inch NPT threaded coupler to the end of your grease gun extension or hose, connect to the zerk fitting and pump that grease. Turn the knurled part until it won't let go of the zerk. Users fill the cylinder with a solvent (like WD-40), attach the tool to the fitting then strike the end of the tool to push the fluid into the fitting. Learn more on the product page. Readjust the knurled end to release the gun. Sometimes you may find this little bit hard. Joined Mar 8, 2005 Messages 431 Location NC. Electric Grease Guns: This is the cat’s meow when you grease Zerk fittings. Squirt some penetrating oil in there to help loosen it up as you're doing it. These twisted in place and would pull down on the fitting so a flex hose is appropriate. They’re far more expensive than a $10 mini pistol grip, but they save you so much hand fatigue and make it easy to maintain your equipment. Use this guide to apply grease to the Zerk fittings on the Barreto Trencher E718MTH4S 2016 using a grease gun. Pulling it, twisting it, cursing at it. It literally pops on that fast. By doing this, we can get the grease which is hard. Flush Type Grease Fittings are for installation where protruding fittings won't work. Features: Capable of applying pressure up to a maximum of 12,000 psi. Use an appliance dispensing mechanism that can push a light solvent into the joint to remove the blockage. In this case, there is old dark grease coming out from the bottom of the linkage I was greasing. Step 2. As soon as you see the boot start to swell, stop pumping. 2. I can't gripe about the quality. The fittings stay closed to keep out contaminants until the pressure from a grease gun forces them open to allow grease to flow to the system or bearing. Take the zerk out and with a small screwdriver or a stiff piece of wire root around the hole the fitting came out of, trying to loosen up the dirt or funky grease that's still in there. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Noria news wires . CDN$14.97. I just didn't like the way it worked, for whatever reason. It seems the joints are not greased from the factory – when I look into the hole where I need to put the zerk fitting, I see no grease. This coupler is durable so it is compatible with all grease guns and zerk fittings. The grease gun should come with the appropriate adapter. These flexible extensions have a quick-disconnect fitting that snaps into your dispensing tip, so you can lubricate grease fittings that are hard to reach. If a grease fitting is being stubborn and can’t be cleared with a high-pressure grease gun, then the next step is to use an impact fitting cleaner. Press the end of the grease gun on the end of the zerk fitting. Put the grease gun onto the zerk fitting. Then for 1925 and 1926 there was a change to a pin style Zerk grease fitting. Put the zerk back in and try it. I always make sure the zerk is clean and the check ball is free before attaching grease gun. In my case, the grease had hardened past the check ball. Lucas Oil 10301 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease- 14.5 oz. These tools use compressed fluid to break through the clogged fitting. The one I bought was purpose-built as an oil gun with a Zerk fitting, made in Germany. Show details. This can be purchased at any auto supply store. Consumer Ratings (4.7 / 5) If you’ve used a Grease Gun before, then you know they are usually very messy, sometimes hard to clip on and remove from the fittings; really can just be a pain in the butt. If the coupler on your grease gun is adjustable you can unscrew it a small amount to loosen the jaws to make the connection easier, just remember to tighten it back down before pumping. In Stock.

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