how safe is hyundai creta

Heading towards Pavana Hyundai Creta … Jeep needs to adapt here and bring out a modern update to its strong standing Compass, but till then it is the Creta for us. If looks are more important to you, the Kia Seltos … The reason for the mid-size SUV’s success is down to the fact that the 2020 Creta has been loaded up to the brim with features, safety … It shares the same platform as well and so it will be interesting to see how these two differ. These are fantastic engines, Smooth & competent automatic gearboxes available. This is due to the intervention of driving modes which gives leverage for the powertrain to act prepared. But we would want you to go for the powerful one of the bunch that is coupled to the slick-shifting 7-Speed DCT. The shoulder lines are muscular and the integrated roof rails adds to its pseudo SUV look well. Hyundai has launched the Creta in the ₹9.82 - ₹17.32 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) price range. If practicality and safe choice is your major concern, Hyundai Creta E is better. Cargo space has also considerably increased as compared to the last generation and this is owing to its added length and width. The first-Gen Creta was Hyundai's bold success statement and its incredible package consisting of a commendable performance, well-stacked features and a strong after-sales support makes it the default choice for many. Hyundai Creta – Explore price, specs, dimensions, interior, exteriors, and safety features & more. The previous iteration had a calm and composed character which always had your back. The styling is polarising for sure, but the impressive overall package it offers makes us see through the exterior styling into what an amazing value for money car it is. Within just one year of its launch, the Seltos bagged a position in top ten cars sold in the price bracket. But Hyundai has caught up with this trend and offers all of these features in its BlueLink bundle. You can say that Creta is Batman and Seltos fits into Robin's shoes. This gives it a lot of similarities both in driving character and performance. How similar is the Creta to its cousin, the Kia Seltos? The most prominent and on the face change is its large cascade grille which takes up most of the frontal area. Its landscape layout helps it to showcase three different applications at the same time which adds to its intuitiveness. 2016 Hyundai Creta diesel engine is fuel economical with lower maintenance cost. An obvious prefix, considering its rivalry with the Kia Seltos. Its platform can easily gulp in three rows of seats, and when you omit the third row you get is a queen-sized cargo space! All these features are vividly visible in the darker shades, especially black. 2020 Hyundai Creta! Impressive kit (panoramic sunroof, paddle shifters, Bose sound system, cooled seats, cabin air purifier & loads more) Hyundai's competent after-sales service, fuss-free ownership … Hyundai has updated the cabin of its 2020 Creta to be the one to beat in this segment. The wonder warranty scheme, which was the highlight of Hyundai Creta update is also not available with the Kia Seltos. Smart cabin space management has helped Hyundai manage adds an extra 33 litres and now stands at 433 litres. Hyundai Creta is equally potent but we were personally let down by its polarising design language. And being compact and dynamically more flexible, we don't see the reason to choose the elephant of this quirky Hyundai. Hyundai Creta leads the category by a marginal bump but both the cars come with their own set of Goodies and Features. The second generation Creta is priced from Rs. A noteworthy one is the Vehicle Stability Management(VSM) which makes use of the brakes in balanced lateral forces on sudden braking or acceleration in corners. Hyundai to launch 7-seater Creta in second half of 2021. Here we have the Kia Seltos which took India by storm, as it was a proposition unlike anything before. There is a lot going on in the rear with its split trapezoidal LED taillight set up and a third brake light integrated in lin with the upper LED strips. Apart from all of these impressive bits, there is a cooled centre storage space, wireless charging at the front along with an additional USB charging port and a central armrest with cup-holders for the rear.

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