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The Bad Lands exhibit a vegetation typical of semi-arid regions. Two races of the American bison have been distinguished - the typical prairie form, and the woodland race, B. In Europe the group is represented by the long-known and typical genus Lophiodon with three premolars in each jaw, of which the upper are simpler than the molars. He's a typical workaholic.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” Suddenly, she felt guilty for using the emerops depots for herself like a typical member of the elite. The typical genus is the well-known hydroid Podocoryne, budding the medusa known as Dysmorphosa; Thamnostylus, Cytaeis, &c., are other medusae with unknown hydroids. He conciliated his subjects by his deference to the observances of Judaism, and - the case is probably typical of his policy - he joined in protesting, when Pilate set up a votive shield in the palace of Herod within the sacred city. Instead of these are cats with more or less abbreviated tails, showing in greater or less degree a decided kink or bend near the tip. 180. The typical genus is represented by the degu (Octodon degus) and several nearly related species; other genera being Ctenomys, Octodontomys (Neoctodon), Aconaemys, Spalacopus and Abrocoma; the latter taking its name from its unusually soft fur. It is precisely the reverse of the typical action of strychnine. BEAR, properly the name of the European brown bear (Ursus arctus), but extended to include all the members of the Ursidae, the typical family of Arctoid carnivora, distinguished by their massive bodies, short limbs, and almost rudimentary tails. The character of Charlemagne himself undergoes a change; in the Chanson de Roland he is a venerable figure, mild and dignified, while later he appears as a cruel and typical tyrant (as is also the case with Ermanaric). Examples of Atypical in a sentence. Typical animals are holozoic, that is, they obtain their food by eating the tissues of other animals and plants: they take their food substances in the organized forms of proteids, fats and carbohydrates. About the time (1843) of the ao-Kutani revival, a potter called lida Hachiroemon introduced a style of decoration which subsequently came to be regarded as typical of all Kaga procelains. 240. The most important fact about them is that they disappear, and are in no way connected with the typical nephridium of the adult. Thus also the " woman " at the wedding and beneath the cross stands primarily for the faithful Old Testament community, corresponding to the beloved disciple, the typical New Testament follower of her Son, the Messiah: in each case the devotional accommodation to His earthly mother is equally ancient and legitimate. Accordingly, the typical form for such a complex number is x+yi, and then with this notation the above-mentioned definition of multiplication is invariably adopted. The Dow Jones industrial average ended up 19.52 points. The typical insectan ovipositor with its three pairs of processes, one pair belonging to the eighth and two pairs to the ninth abdominal segment, can be distinguished in the female. Bulls of the typical bantin of Java and Borneo are, when fully adult, completely black except for the white rump and legs, but the cows and young are rufous. - Passing westward by rail from the forest-covered Archean with its rugged granite hills, the flat prairie of Manitoba with its rich grasses and multitude of flowers comes as a very striking contrast, introducing the Interior Continental plain in its most typical development. Sometimes students use a pronoun as a duplicate subject. The flora of North Dakota is typical of a semi-arid country. It was typical of a U. - Upper the typical characters of the group, the of Mus (A) and Crice- incisors being narrow and smooth, the tus (B). ALUM, in chemistry, a term given to the crystallized double sulphates of the typical formula M 2 SO 4 � MP' �(S04) 324H20, where M. SCHOLASTICISM, the name usually employed to denote the most typical products of medieval thought. In the dry and more typical state it is most frequently white or whitish, and almost as often greyish or greyish glaucous. Alkmaar is a typical North Holland town, with tree-lined canals and brightly coloured 17th-century houses. Spamster 1 1534071 Tom is average looking. He uses rather " the Son of God," in a peculiar Adoptianist sense, which, as taken for granted in a work by the bishop's own brother, must be held typical of the Roman Church of his day. CK 1 301150 He has a high batting average. Congeneric with the typical ibis are two or three other species, the I. In generalized biting insects, such as cockroaches and locusts (Orthoptera), the parts of a typical maxilla can be easily recognized in the labium. Such names are typical of long series of visitors who paid homage to Olympia. The typical obsidians exhibit the chemical peculiarities of the acid igneous rocks (viz. The typical torque is a circlet with twisted rope-like strands, the ends not joined together; the torque was usually worn with the opening in the front as seen in a figure of a Gaul in a sculptured sarcophagus in the Capitoline Museum at Rome. These salts of magnesium may be regarded as the typical saline purgatives. The division of churches into chancel and nave, the outcome of the sacramental and sacerdotal spirit of the Catholic Church,' may be taken as generally typical of church construction in the medieval West, though there were exceptions, e.g. the largest and most typical family of the Adephaga (figs. 65. Those cases which appear to be most typical - i.e. The rest gave a typical and more or less wide-spread coagulation. 16 examples: This aria opens in typical fashion, with a tutti ritornello, and concludes with… Sexual reproduction typical but with sometimes inequality of the fusing gametes (gametangia ? It's difficult to see average in a sentence . Between fifty and sixty so-called families of land birds alone are found within its limits, and of them at least nine are peculiar; the typical genera of which are Buphaga, Euryceros, Philepitta, Musophaga, Irrisor, Leptosoma, Colius, Serpentarius, Struthio, Aepyornis. CARP, the typical fish of a large family (Cyprinidae) of Ostariophysi, as they have been called by M. It often happens that analyses of brown iron ores reveal a larger proportion of water than required by the typical formula of limonite, and hence new species have been recognized. On still other parts of the coast a recent small elevatory movement has exposed part of the former sea bottom in a narrow coastal plain, of which some typical harbourless examples are found in Oregon. For it is a remarkable fact that, of the 230 northern species which are most typical of the far north, 182 are found also in the Altai (taking this as a collective name for the mountains that form the southern boundary of Siberia). Hubrecht in 1881 of a typical molluscan radula and odontophore in a new genus Proneomenia, allied to Neomenia, showed that the whole group belonged to the Mollusca. A succinct account of typical frauds of spiritualism is contained in D. Hawthorne called him a "fat-brained, good-hearted, sensible old man"; and in politics he was a typical Virginian of the old school, a state's rights Democrat, upholding slavery and hating abolitionism. The milk of the cow, which may be taken as typical of all others, and is indeed by far the most important and valuable of all, is, when newly drawn, an opaque white fluid, with a yellowish tinge, soft, bland and sweetish to the taste, and possessed of a faintly animal odour. aquaticus) of the southern United States form the group Limnotragus, characterized by the harsher fur, the shorter ears, tail and hind-feet, and the complete fusion of the post-orbital process (which is so distinct in the typical hares) with the adjacent parts of the skull, so that neither notches nor perforations are developed in this region. Nothing is known with certainty as to the origin of the vast majority of breeds of dogs, and it is an unfortunate fact that the progressive changes which have been made within comparatively recent times by fanciers have not been accurately recorded by the preservation, in museums or collections, of the actual specimens considered typical at different dates. Still larger are the elands, of which the typical Taurotragus oryx of the Cape is uniformly sandycoloured, although stripes appear in the more northern T. In size and several structural features it approximates to the more typical Cervicaprinae, as represented by the reedbuck (Cervicapra), and the waterbucks and kobs (Cobus or Kobus), all of which are likewise African. The chemical composition of typical obsidians is shown by the following analyses Obsidian, when broken, shows a conchoidal fracture, like that of glass, and yields sharp-edged fragments, which have been used in many localities as arrow-points, spear-heads, knives and razors. The climate of Ulyasutai (J400 ft.) may be taken as typical, its average temperatures being: year 31.6°, January-12°, July 66°. The tenth abdominal segment carries a pair of jointed cerci which are often elongate, and the feelers are always long, while the jaws are usually feeble and membranous, though the typical parts of a mandibulate mouth are present - mandibles, maxillae with inner and outer lobes and palps, and second maxillae (labium) whose lacinae are not fused to form a ligula. He was in fact a typical representative of the unscrupulous selfseeking Polish magnates of the 17th century who were always ready to sacrifice everything, their country included, to their own private ambition. LILY,' Lilium, the typical genus of the botanical order Liliaceae, embracing nearly eighty species, all confined to the northern hemisphere, and widely distributed throughout the north temperate zone. The surface is the typical glacial topography, with a few low, rocky hills, less than loo ft. Estheria (RUppell, 1837) was instituted for the species dahalacensis, which Sars includes in his genus Leptestheria (1898); but Estheria was already appropriated, and of its synonyms Cyzicus (Audouin, 1837) is lost for vagueness, while Isaura (Joly, 5842) is also appropriated, so that Leptestheria becomes the name of the typical genus, and determines the name of the family. Nephin Beg, Nephin and Croagh Patrick are typical quartzite summits, the last named belonging possibly to a Silurian horizon but rising from a metamorphosed area on the south side of Clew Bay. They are called from the places in France where the most typical finds of palaeolithic remains have been made - Chellian from Chelles, a few miles east of Paris; Mousterian from the cave of Moustier on the river V ezere, Dordogne; Solutrian from the cave at Solutre near Macon; and Madelenian from the rocky shelter of La Madeleine, Dordogne. The European porcupine (Hystrix cristata) is the typical representative of a family of Old World rodents, the Hystricidae, all the members of which have the same protective covering. It was a typical charter. The great order of Ungulata is represented by various forms of sheep, as many as ten or twelve wild species of Ovis being met with in the mountain chains of Asia; and more sparingly by several peculiar forms of antelope, such as the saiga (Saiga tatarica), and the Gazella gutturosa, or yellow sheep. You use typical to describe someone or something that shows the most usual characteristics of a particular type of person or thing, and is therefore a good example of that type. Remember that … Today, most life sentences are normally given for murder. The general release of prisoners, with which he celebrated his impending recall, is typical of his policy. The full typical series of 44 teeth was developed in each, but whereas in the Periptychidae the upper molars were bunodont and tritubercular, in the Pantolambdidae they have assumed a selenodont structure. All Rights Reserved. famelicus), whose range extends apparently from Egypt and Somaliland through Palestine and Persia into Afghanistan, seems to form a connecting link between the more typical foxes and the small African species properly known as fennecs. This is the typical case in most trees where the primary bundles are close together. b : conforming to a type a specimen typical of the species. Three-fourths of the country lies north of these hills and is typical veld; the valley of the Caledon, sheltered eastward by the Maluti Mountains in Basutoland, is well watered and extremely fertile. The first or typical palm-squirrel, Funambulus palmarum, inhabits Madras, has but three light stripes on the back, and shows a rufous band on the under-side of the base of the tail. 327-360 (1902), and T. Along similar lines Loofs selects phrases as typical of creeds which go back to a date preceding the Nicene Council. Of these Lop Nor and the Helmund hamuns are typical. Writing guru Ann Wylie describes research showing that when average sentence length is 14 words, readers understand more than 90% of what they’re reading. average inventory in a sentence - Use "average inventory" in a sentence 1. Sentence Examples. Other than a healthy concern for his safety, Aaron fit her idea of a typical client. Cicero frequently reproduces his expressions, applies passages in his plays to his own circumstances, and refers to his personages as typical representations of character.'. The life of Martineau was so essentially the life of the thinker, and was so typical of the century in which he lived and the society within which he moved, that he can be better understood through his spoken mind than through his outward history. On this account either the typical form or the tropical M. The arrangements are typical of a Cistercian house (see Abbey). Typical in a sentence 1 It was typical of her to forget. It was typical of the. So far as this view, however, is the outcome of the general Catholic movement of the 19th century, it can hardly be taken as typical of Anglican tradition in this matter. But the typical "germania" is a mixture of slang and of the gipsy language. The landscape in this division of the province is the most typical of Holland; green meadows stretching as far as the eye can see,. Representatives of their race are also found scattered among the Malayan villages throughout the country, and also along the coast, but these have intermixed so much with the Malays, and have acquired so many customs, &c., from their more civilized neighbours, that they can no longer be regarded as typical of the race to which they belong. The otocysts of Cyclas are peculiarly favourable for study on account of the transparency of the small foot in which they lie, and may be taken as typical of those of Lamellibranchs generally. The Report of the five bishops divides them into three schools: (1) the moralizing school, the oldest, by which - as in the case of St Jerome's treatment of the Jewish vestments - the vestments are explained as typical of the virtues proper to those who wear them; (2) the Christological school, i.e. Thus the scenery of a limestone country depends on the solubility and permeability of the rocks, leading to the typical Karst-formations of caverns, swallowholes and underground stream courses, with the contingent phenomena of dry valleys and natural bridges. Statistics. Other points in the modification of the typical ctenidium must be noted in order to understand the ctenidium of Anodonta.

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