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Elite/Classic, Sport, PowerBlock). From the pictures, it shows that you’ve definitely used those IronMaster’s “well” over the years. I’ve been trying to find more info on the kettlebell handle and am having trouble. @ 50 lbs = 12 3/8″ It includes the pair of handles plus the weight blocks to make each dumbbell go from 5-50 lbs per dumbbell in 2.5 lb increments. Yes. Correct, it gets wider as it gets heavier. Be the first to review this product. PowerBlock Pro 5-50 EXP Urethane Set, Stage 1 Base Kit. And the feature has since been adopted all other new models/series since then, including the PowerBlock Series and, of course, the Pro Series dumbbells. They have slightly different dimensions. $668.00. That said, I’m sure the column stand is more stable, since it’s overbuilt. I found that this was because the empty handle is actually heavier than the stated 5 lbs. Having the knurl will give you even more grip. Alternatively, you can buy one of the lighter stage sets now, and then upgrade to a heavier stage in the future, if you want. It just takes a little bit of time before you get accustomed to the feel. There’s a big negative with these commercial sets, unfortunately: They’re expensive. Also a very convenient solution for your home gym to save up space. That said, I have the Pro EXP and the pin is plenty sturdy. Ultimately the ear that connects the plate to the rail is all urethane which is how it flexes in the event of a drop or really aggressive use, this feature is key as to why we’re in top level commercial environments. PowerBlock EXP Review. At what weight would you say that it becomes too wide to use for kb swings for the average person. Greetings! They can go up to 120 lbs with the 75-120 lb add-on kit, which you can actually increase to 135 lbs with their new heavy handle plate kit (or you can even go to 165 lb with their custom 165 lb add-on kit, which you have to custom order). It’s ideal Strength Workout Solution for Home to Save Space – A Pair of PowerBlock Exp Dumbbells PowerBlock Pro EXP 90 Set, 5-90 lb. If that’s the case, just look at my overview in the table below: Dumbbell. The only question for you is your budget. The handle weighs 5 lbs and plate weighs 10 lbs (the stage 1 set has 4 plates; the stage 2 set has 6 plates; the stage 3 has 8 plates). They’re excellent! I also know that the commercial pro lacks the 2.5 adjustment bars and they instead have a pair of 10 lb and 5 lb handles, which limits the adjustments to 5 lb increments. Expand my PowerBlock. The longest plate (grey) is heaviest, with each shorter one getting slightly lighter. Have you used or do you have any thoughts on the powerblock bench and the extensions – dips and pull up ? The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are a melding of the old adjustable dumbbells with the new. That’s so awesome to hear, Randy! I have Urethane U90 Stage 1 and looking for Stage 2 expansion however it isn’t available anymore… Pro Exp Stage 2 kit looks almost same as U90 Stage 2 (even colors match!). Is it worth the extra $600+? Very smart design! That’s way more than the typical fixed straight bar sets you’ll find at commercial gyms, which usually top out at around 110 lbs. Because it enables significantly more range of motion for the wrist to move the forearm back or forward (or for the dumbbell to tip forward/back, moving itself closer to the forearm). Your knuckles might grind against the adder weight tubes on The Auto-Lock mechanism isn’t unique to the Pro EXP dumbbells. @ 30 lbs = 10 1/4″ The Commercial Pro 90 handle is knurled, made of steel and is straight in shape. But I’d personally go for the Pro EXP. I’m really struggling in making the choice. Image source: n1 qualified man. PowerBlock Pro EXP, 九龍. And drops from a height of 12” or higher will void the warranty if you damage them. It’s closer to 7.5 lbs. Have you used the curl bar with the dumbbells and if you are, do you think that the shape of the dumbbells is unbalancing the curl bar. 21.82 lbs / 20 lbs / +9.1% Before I list the steps for adjusting, you should first understand the color-coded weight setting graphic that’s printed on top of each handle -- it’s pretty straight forward: The important things to understand are as follows: Keeping the above in mind, here’s the step-by-step adjustment process: The above is my admittedly long-winded description of the adjustment process -- It may look like a long process based on the amount of text I used. The only other bench I might consider looking into that also has these attachments is the Ironmaster bench — You can read my. As a result you don’t have If you close the rod is connected by plastic as confirmed as my set broke over several years. You can slide it in at more of an angle. Is the build quality different? The rigidity of the all steel design can be a negative in some cases if they’re dropped since the plates will be permanently bent, we don’t recommend customers try to repair on their own incase they don’t line things up correctly. Whereas, with any non-wedge PowerBlock model, your forearms bump into the edges much more frequently. Required fields are marked *. Powerblock Pro Exp: Advertised 10lb block = 12.4lb block (24% delta) Advertised 70lb block = 70.4lb block (.6% delta) The delta in weight is useless, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. It’s not something I notice or think about during my workouts. I’m a calisthenics athlete and 90 lbs is plenty of weight for me so I won’t looking at the 125 lb model (even though it could later be expanded to 175 lbs) as I simply won’t be lifting that much. They're by far the best overall non-commercial PowerBlock model you can buy, in my opinion. I’m not sure if the handle is more in the middle of the pro exp model compared to the exp model. Assuming you have the Pro EXP Stage 3 set, you can go all the way up to a maximum weight of 195 lbs! you can see the ends of the pin coming out the back side of the dumbbell, just slightly beyond the rear side rail -- as seen in the image below: To prevent the selector pin from getting lost. The handle is made to fit right inside the Pro EXP weight stack. Especially the PowerBlock PRO Exp sets; they’re the toughest of all the models. For e.g. Hi Alex, However, looking at the accuracy of the plates by themselves doesn’t give you the full picture of the accuracy. It’s still all steel. If so what would be the reasons. See the photo below for the right and the wrong way: Slide the pin all the way through the handle. Good luck ever curling that much. PowerBlock Sport 24 Review – Fabulously Compact, Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Kettlebell – 6 in 1. Still, if you absolutely must have knurled steel handles on your PowerBlock dumbbells, there is one option.

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