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Spinners often work well at Strawberry, particularly late in the evening. Check the latest fishing proclamation for Strawberry Lake issued by the Utah DWR for current regulations. The best colors are white and pearl. The wind seems to blow less frequently during morning hours — and that's often which the best fishing takes place. A fish finder can really help you determine where the fish are, and help you get your bait down to that exact depth. The snow has been packed down to torm trails from parking areas to the ice. Available fish species include rainbow trout and cutthroat trout. They brought fish up to the rails to allow an up close view. The best time to go ice fishing here is at the beginning of the season when the ice is new and the fish are plentiful. Never the less, I woke ten minutes before my two alarms (phone and palm pilot) were scheduled to go off. Jigs are very effective when ice fishing at Strawberry. which made it a great day to be outside and enjoy the lake. Once the ice completely goes, the fishing slows down for a bit. The portable Fishin Buddy II unit from Bottom Line has a side-finder function which is very useful. Trout fishing evokes the image... Our passion for fishing is what drives us to do everything possible to empower other anglers. water was glass, there was little to no wind and it was clear sunny skies, Ice Off at Utah’s Strawberry Reservoir. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tiltfishing_com-leader-1','ezslot_8',112,'0','0'])); Our first stop was the second point on the far west side. Fish Shallow – Success at Strawberry usually starts out strong when the ice is new, then fades a bit as the season progresses. We threw pretty much everything we had and fished tube jigs (white, pink, chartreuse) tipped with worms, PowerBait, spinners, and jerk-baits. So some buddies and I woke up early and spent the day chasing some fish at Strawberry Reservoir. After fishing in 15-30 feet of water most of the day, we decided to change things up and target the shallow rocky areas with drop-off. Most Strawberry reservoir anglers are fishing for big cutthroat or rainbow trout. Spinners – We tried tossing a few other spinners in both gold and silver but didn’t have any luck outside of fishing a Jake. Strawberry Reservoir was also honored by the American Fisheries Society recently as one of the best trout fishing waters in the nation. One of my all-time favorite bass fishing lures to throw in the spring and fall is a lipless crankbait. Strawberry Reservoir Ice-Off Fishing Tips. You will see the most success fishing in 5-25 ft. of water. Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech Outfitters breaks down all the best ways to catch fish from deep to shallow during this spectacular time of year. Fishing Map of Strawberry Reservoir Click here to go back to the main Strawberry Reservoir page. Tube Jigs – Fishing with a Jig is a fun and effective way to catch cutthroat trout especially this time of year. We found good, solid ice in the bays along Highway 40, thin ice around Strawberry Bay, and open water on the Soldier Creek side. Strawberry receives heavy pressure, especially in the summer and holiday weekends. Ice fishing is very good from January to March, though always be careful to check ice conditions. Sure enough on the first cast we landed a nice cutthroat and things heated up from there. This site is owned and operated by Aaron Warner. Fish Shallow – Looking back this is something that I wish we would have stuck to earlier. Trout Creek and Chicken Creek West are fishable and will only get better with time. Fish group up this time of year, and if they’re not where you are fishing it’s going to be a tough day. We caught and released more than 40 fish that morning and in the process learned a lot about the transition (on Strawberry) from open water to ice. Swedish pimples, Kastmasters, etc. Aaron Warner is an avid angler with over 15 years of experience. Its hard being the bearer of bad news, but it is bad out there! Strawberry Valley provides a variety of fishing opportunities from catch and release fishing on reservoir tributaries to trophy cutthroat and rainbow trout fishing on the reservoir. in 5-25 ft. of water. The best time to fish in Strawberry Reservoir is January-March Sonar and a downrigger or weighted line can help you get a spinner down to where fish are concentrated, but Shane said they also work well trolled on monofiliment just under the surface. Although it was a slower day, we still had a great time fishing Strawberry Reservoir. Yellow, green, black, red or glow colored plastic or feathered jigs work well. Powerbait, salmon eggs, worms and other standard baits work at times, but are not as effective as jigs. Fish them much like you would bait, using a little weight to get them to the desired depth. another spot that has been good to us in the past. When you have to mush through new snow access becomes difficult. We thought we would try The water exceeds water quality standards, and its tributary streams are an ideal spawning habitat--60% of the cutthroats in the reservoir result from natural reproduction. It's an absolutely delightful day at Strawberry. Catches include cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and the possibility of kokanee salmon and smallmouth bass. Fall fishing at Strawberry Reservoir is hot! Strawberry Reservoir, Utah. See you out on the waters. The rangers take the fish and milk them for their eggs, and sperm to help guarantee the survival of the species in Strawberry Reservoir. No other area roads are being plowed on a consistent bases. the specific weather details: eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'tiltfishing_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',107,'0','0'])); Air temperature around 59 degrees, skies mostly sunny with Strawberry River has a little open water and lots of water on the ice, which will melt it quickly. We caught over 60+ cutthroat trout all in the 12- to 23-inch range and a … You will see the most success fishing probably just used tube jigs and lures.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'tiltfishing_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',114,'0','0'])); Jerkbaits – We fished a few different variations of jerkbaits but I don’t thing we had the right size or colors. More and more thin ice is beginning to form around the reservoir edges which will prevent boat anglers from being able to launch. Tip them with a minnow tail or piece of a nightcrawler and work them with short, infrequent movements. I threw a small silver and red with not much luck but my We ended up landing 8 fish on the day, but had several bites and had a few get off. Strawberry Valley provides a variety of fishing opportunities from catch and release fishing on reservoir tributaries to trophy cutthroat and rainbow trout fishing on the reservoir. His favorites include: With the recent ice-off conditions, we thought it would be the perfect time make a fishing trip to the ‘Berry. Ice Fishing at Strawberry Reservoir 4:15 a.m. sure arrives early on a winter day. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.”, link to The Best Lipless Crankbaits to Catch More Fish, link to How to Catch Trout: A Complete Beginners Guide. The road to Strawberry Bay is being plowed, but often has snowpack and ice. moving on to the rocky shoreline near Renegade Point. Ice fishing very popular during the winter months. Oplinger says the presenters—all of whom are avid ice anglers—will show and explain the various types of equipment needed to fish through the ice. We fished from about 6:45am-1:45pm and ended up catching 8 nice trout between the 3 of us (1 Rainbow and 7 Cutthroat). eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'tiltfishing_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',108,'0','0'])); Very little wind most of the dayeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tiltfishing_com-box-4','ezslot_6',109,'0','0'])); Lightly Stained, Visibility was about 5 – 6 feet deep. Our original weekend fishing plan was to hit up Starvation Reservoir and go after some trout and bass, but when we heard we could get a boat out on Strawberry Reservoir we couldn’t pass the chance at some fishing at ice-off. Surface: Some ice is forming in the bays. When we visited, parking areas had been cleared to allow access at Chicken Creek East, and at the Ladders. For variety, try scuds, glo bugs, renegades and other patterns. Stra… several bites. There is deep snow in the Strawberry Valley and access is difficult. Areas where the water is 15-20 feet deep seem to be most productive. PowerBait – We A productive angler may catch hundreds of cutthroat, and never see a salmon. in the past and it wasn’t too much of a run from where we launched. This weekend, April 24, is going to be prime fishing! Yellow, green, black, red or glow colored plastic or feathered jigs work well. buddy threw a bigger gold and red Jake and caught a couple of fish and had As of today, you can launch a small boat at Soldier Creek, Aspen Grove, and Mud Creek boat ramps. We expect the bays along the highway are fishable, but cannot predict what conditions will be like in other areas. Strawberry Reservoir is Utah's most famous and popular trout fishing lake. Salmon have different habits. “Ice is Never 100% Safe! Trout fishing is one of the fishing disciplines that almost has a cult following and attracts anglers from all walks of life to the cool streams where the trout live. Strawberry Reservoir lies in an open mountain valley with mixed conifer and aspen forests on the upper slopes. From Highway 40 you can hike to the reservoir in several spots, but parking is a problem. We expect the big reservoir to offer fair to good success for nice fish through the winter. We talk to some other anglers and they found success fishing in 5-35 ft. Now is a great time fish Strawberry Reservoir and I can’t wait to get back out there. Snow is usually too deep for 4X4 access to the dam or Haws Point. If we had a white or ghost color with a smaller profile, I bet we would have picked up a few on this technique. The fishing has been fast, and a lot of 18-24 inchers are being caught. Best Season To Fish In Strawberry Reservoir. try and find somewhere with a little more action. Conditions are much better when you reach the ice. At the Strawberry Reservoir Visitor’s Center there’s a nice little nature trail on a boardwalk that runs alongside the Strawberry River and crosses it a few times on the way to a fish hatchery. And, if you’re interested in catching more fish at Strawberry Reservoir, Alan Ward, the DWR’s fisheries biologist at the reservoir, will share tricks and tips. The reservoir contains four major fishing zones including the Strawberry Basin, Meadows Basin, the Narrows and Soldier Creek Basin. Ice does not form or maintain a uniform thickness. Fishing is still hot. near Portal Bay. He has participated and won fishing tournaments all over the country and enjoys fishing for bass, trout, walleye and other species. They also take the eggs of some spawning cutthroats and raise them in hatcheries, then return them to the reservoir as fry. At this point in the trip we knew we needed to mix things up. Even with the trails it is a moderately difficult hike. Species. But you should see fish regularly. Strawberry Reservoir is well known as being one of the premier trout fisheries in Utah. rainbow twist but that was the only one of the day. Ice-off the fish will move shallow and feed. It was time for a big move. Most of the fish we caught were in 5-15 ft. of water. If you do not find salmon, Strawberry is one of … Looking back this is something that I wish we would have stuck to earlier. Water temperatures was about 37-47 degrees depending on the After about 20 minutes of fishing Jigs and PowerBait, my buddy tied on a big gold Jake and slammed a nice cutthroat on the first cast. Lipless crankbaits are incredibly versatile lures that can be fished in a variety of different... How to Catch Trout: A Complete Beginners Guide. We have had some good success here Tip them with a minnow tail or piece of a nightcrawler and work them with short, infrequent movements. Use extreme caution. It can blow hard and cold, and make conditions miserable. productive spot of the day. Known as Utah's premiere trout lake, Strawberry Reservoir contains rainbows, cutthroat trout, and kokanee. Ice shelters definitely make fishing more comfortable, but it can be a challenge dragging them to your fishing spot. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'tiltfishing_com-box-3','ezslot_3',106,'0','0'])); Coming in we had some high expectations and unfortunately the results didn’t quite live up to our pre-fishing excitement, but we still had a good time. The reservoir is open to fishing yearlong, and there are a variety of seasonal fishing opportunities as well. There has been about six inches of snow on the ice, with no slush in most areas, and so it is easy to move around. If 20 minutes go by without a fish showing up, move to a different spot. We bounced around a little bit around the fence line to try and figure out what depth they were in. This reservoir sits in an open mountain valley located about 25 miles southeast of Heber City Strawberry Valley. After about an hour or so we decided to move and find a better spot. Jigs are very effective when ice fishing at Strawberry. We stayed here for a bit, but didn’t have much luck. Don Allphin shows how to catch big cutthroats on huge jerkbaits during the Ice-Off period on Strawberry Reservoir. Thankfully, those who had fallen through the ice were able to get themselves out by the time Utah State Parks rangers responded to the area. Depending on the month or season, fishing in a destination may produce more prize catches in one period of time than another. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'tiltfishing_com-leader-2','ezslot_13',115,'0','0'])); Move Around – If you are not catching fish in 20 minutes, move around. Ice fishing is also popular with many large fish commonly taken in the winter. Wind is often a problem at Strawberry. I needed to leave by 5:00 to meet Kevin at his house at 5:30, a half hour drive away. Or troll. The fish move around, so there will be periods when no fish will show on your screen, even when fishing a productive spot. Strawberry Reservoir, Utah Strawberry Reservoir is Utah’s most popular fishery and, in the winter months, it’s a great spot to fish through the ice. — Do not judge ice safety on thickness alone. Lures tipped with a minnow or crawler are also effective. We started the day off by fishing the fence line that is We tried a few different variations but ultimately a white/pearl tube jig 1/8-1/4th oz was the ticket. Right now, on both of these, there is only enough open water for maybe two people to fish at … Strawberry is the place to go if you want to catch big fish through the ice. Lures tipped with a minnow or crawler are also effective. Fly Fishing Streams Near St George Utah (Map). Kokanee Salmon are also present in the lake, and are occasionally stocked as well. Strawberry Reservoir Fishing Report. Strawberry Reservoir is just off U.S. Highway 40, about 25 miles southeast of Heber City. The Visitor’s Center wasn’t open, and when we first took a look in the morning, the boardwalk was covered frost. Jigs and Jerkbaits – If you are targeting cutthroat’s, jigs and jerkbaits are the way to go. Now's the time to get to the 'Berry for great winter action. During Many fish are suspended 5-10 feet off the bottom. WASATCH COUNTY – Three people fell through the ice at Strawberry Reservoir Wednesday morning while heading out on their snowmobiles to ice fish. We ended up fishing the cover Blue skies, warm temperatures, a perfect way to kick off the New Year. This ended up being the most eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tiltfishing_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',111,'0','0'])); After picking up a few fish in our first spot we decided to Here are some of the logistics of where we went, what we used, and how we caught fish at Strawberry Reservoir. January and March are the best months to visit this spot. Snow, wind, slush, temperature, and other factors can cause ice thickness and strength to vary greatly, even within inches. An interpretative trail exists at the fish-stripping station. spot/time of day. Ample parking is available at the marina. You often sink up to your waist in drifts. some clouds. Strawberry is managed by the Utah DWR by stocking sterile Rainbow Trout large enough to escape predation by the piscivorous native Cutthroat Trout. Strawberry offered incredible fishing through the summer and fall, and it looks like that pattern will continue this winter. Strawberry Reservoir, Utah fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. Cast your line to the edge of the sheet of ice, slowly reel your line in, and as you do that you want to occasionally jerk your pole. The ice was new when we visited the area on Dec. 21, and everyone was catching fish. Strawberry Reservoir Subscribe to Receive Fishing Report Updates Rating - Good Morning and evening temperatures are very cold. We ended up catching a couple fish here in about 20 ft. of water with a white tube jig tipped with a night crawler. At Tilt Fishing we do that by creating articles, videos, and helpful content that is dedicated to helping you improve as an angler and in turn enhance your fishing experience in the great outdoors. Here are some details on what we fished with and how we did with each lure and bait:eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'tiltfishing_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_11',113,'0','0'])); Jakes Lure – This was one of our more successful PowerBait was overall a big bust. Additional Comments: Ice off fishing is the best time to shore fish at Strawberry. We did manage to catch a small cutthroat on We caught 5 using this technique. The Best Lipless Crankbaits to Catch More Fish. Even a short hike is exhausting. During Ice-off the fish will move shallow and feed. Strawberry Bay’s boat ramp has a big sheet of ice blocking the ramp. We saw more fishing boats on this part of the lake which seemed like it was a good sign. Strawberry Reservoir, Utah is known for a sizable population of Bonneville and Bear Lake cutthroat trout, with Utah's largest at 26 lbs., 12oz. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Highway 40 is plowed regularly, but is often snowpacked and slick during and immediately after storms — which seem to be an everyday occurrence this year. Ice melting on strawberry reservoir hot fishing in november hot fishing in november see kokanee salmon at strawberry ksl outdoors kokanee fishing throughIce Fishing Clinic Utah News InfoWant To Catch A Big Fish Here Are 3 Utah Lakes Check Out Fishing News InfoFishing Strawberry Reservoir Ice Off TiltUtah Salmon It S A Keeper The Salt … Wow! Ice fishing is also popular with many large fish commonly taken in the winter. Most of the fishing pressure and catch occurs from boats. Without a doubt, the most exciting and yet frustrating time for fishing at Strawberry are the two to three weeks after the ice leaves the sprawling reservoir. Here are some of Trout limit 2 fish under 15 inches.State Park, ADA camping, ADA trails, RV hookups, food service and showers available. High use on holidays and weekends. Snowmobiles are great for getting around the reservoir, but be extremely careful this season because ice is still not solid in many areas. You’ll find many different types of fish here, from trophy cutthroat and rainbow fishing to trout. Managed recreation season is May through October. The best colors are white and pearl. We weren’t having much success with what we were doing so we decided to make big move and fish at Renegade which is at the south-west corner of Strawberry. Since then temperatures have been unseasonably mild. Pointer 128 suspending jerkbaits by Lucky Craft is the ticket for Allphin. 8. We learned that the Kokanee usually spawn when they are four, and that they, just like the Pacific salmon die after they spawn. Strawberry Reservoir Incident & Ice Safety Tips WASATCH COUNTY – Three people fell through the ice at Strawberry Reservoir Wednesday morning while heading out on their snowmobiles to ice fish. Cars parked along the highway have caused problems from snowplows, and so vehicles parked outside of designated turnoffs are being ticketed. If you decide to launch a boat while ice is still on the reservoir, we highly recommend staying close to shore so that you do not become pinched between two sheets of ice. This year because of the lack of snow, there is more fishable ice than normal. Techniques for fishing are different. Looking back, we should of The Rapala jigging lure is effective and does not need to be tipped with bait. You can rotate the shaft and "see" to the sides of your hole, and thus determine if there are concentrations of fish a short distance away. got a few bites on jigs and a Jake and ending up catching a couple before Cast them in toward shore and work them back to your boat. Strawberry Reservoir continues to be a great place to fish as we get deeper into the fall season and is especially good from a boat. lures on the day. Jigs and Jerkbaits – If you are targeting cutthroat’s, jigs and jerkbaits are the way to go. Strawberry is a paradisical reservoir where fish grow faster than bacterial blooms. We caught all of our fish on white jigs and a gold Jake. Thankfully, those who had fallen through the ice were able to get themselves out by the time Utah State Parks rangers responded to the area. 10. located just south of the Strawberry Marina. The We had some fish get off and missed a few bites and even though we missed some opportunities, it was still a solid day of fishing. About: - Strawberry Reservoir is at 7,600 feet with a 17,200-acre surface area. The reservoir is open to fishing yearlong, and there are a variety of seasonal fishing opportunities as well. We couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions. The time of year is crucial to how productive your fishing trip may be.

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