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It's going to take a few days to thaw something this large. At an absolute minimum, you need a cheap, heavy chef's knife, and a standard hammer and a Bone Saw. You will likely require 5 or more bundles of wood to have enough to spread out over the surface of the pit. Cooking . you support what we love! We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Cajun whole pig. Additionally, they're scalded and scraped rather than shaved as a general rule. Repeat this process several times, each time cutting through 3-4 vertebrae. References I injected it with Creole Butter and seasoned the cavity pretty heavily. Nope! on Introduction, 9 years ago If an area is particularly slow getting done, reposition the coals underneath that area to increase the heat. It leaves little space for breathing and takes longer to cook. Test the temperature of the pit by holding up a culinary thermometer at about the point where the pig will be suspended. To thaw a frozen pig carcass, submerge it in a light ice bath and allow it to warm gradually as the ice melts. Any cooler than that will take much longer. on Step 5. Assigning items to bring might be a good way to avoid duplications.Deputies:As the person in charge of the pig, you are going to be busy. Make sure that the thermometer probes are correctly placed before putting the fire try back on.After flipping, the pig temperature may drop, and it may take an hour for the temps to start rising again. These are designed to make roasting whole pigs and other types of meat simple and easy. If you’ve bought a whole frozen pig, it will need to be thawed before it can be cooked. Set the pig on the pig roaster with the hind end toward the drain end of the roaster. on Introduction, i saw on youtube that youcan ust hang it on somehting and then use a flamethrower on it but not a good idea assumingthat not many people have a flame thrower just lying around, Fantastic pig roasting overview, easily the best I've seen online! The second is a more upscale version which is lined in stainless steel or aluminum to reflect heat and preserve the wooden box.There used to be a fellow selling a cdrom of plans on ebay, you might want to start there. Failing that, look for butcher shops in the phone book and call around. This will keep the pit burning longer and make the heat more consistent. One or two should be good. Try again... Before cooking your pig, clean the carcass by hosing it down to remove bacteria and dirt, then sprinkle it with salt. Bard the pig with all 20 garlic cloves, making deep incisions all over with a thin filleting knife and … You can control the heat in the roaster by spreading you coals out and adding wood to make it hotter, or by forming piles at either end with the coals to make it cooler.Use hardwood firewood to build a fire, not charcoal briquettes. It needs to be placed in the shoulder or in the leg - find the thickest part of the pig, and put the thermometer there. on Introduction. Learn to cook a whole pig on the grill. Make sure you've got the whole day off! Also if they know that the pig is going to be roasted whole, they should know to remove the hair.Fun Fact!Pigs come covered in fur, but when your pig arrives, it should be hairless. on Step 5. Think whole suckling pig, surrounded by a host of Middle Ages–inspired side dishes both sweet and savory. It's a … After spending all day feeding the fire, suddenly the pig is done and ready, and all your guests are here. Consuming undercooked pork has been linked to numerous health risks such as trichinosis, salmonella and E. coli. Step 2 - Move to the head, and use the saw to cut open the breastbone; start the cut on the tail end, and cut up to the head. You will have to start putting ice on these parts to keep them cold while allowing the shoulders and hindquarters to thaw out.The important point is to keep the pig just cold enough to prevent spoiling, but warm enough to allow it to thaw. An undressed pig might be a little cheaper, but you'll have to do much more work in order to get it ready for cooking. How will you know when the pig is finished cooking? Part of the key to these things is making sure that people bring a bunch of great food and drink to share. The pig should start to lay flat. Salt not only works as a seasoning but has antimicrobial properties which can kill lingering germs. A frozen pig will take much longer to cook than a thawed pig, so if you don't have much time to cook, don't get a frozen one! This is really not as hard as it sounds. That means it can take anywhere from 4 to 24 hours to cook a whole pig! When there are only hot coals left, it's time to place your pig on the spit and start cooking! Tuck the edges of the belly skin beneath the pig to help protect the inner cavity of the pig from the heat. While the idea of cooking an entire pig may sound daunting, and to be fair, it can be an involved process; the old adage that “you get what you give” is true of cooking a suckling pig.Put simply, your hard work will pay … You will also need to tell them how big of a pig you want, and when you want to pick it up. Even if you buy an undressed pig, you'll need to do this before you cook it. "It's a bit faster, but it's open-air, so you lose some of the smoky flavor." It is unsafe to eat underdone meat, so make sure you check the meat thoroughly before you eat it. No peeking, no exceptions.Once the pig reaches about 150 degrees, it's time to move on to the next step, flipping! As long as you have a smoker big enough to accommodate the size of your pig, smoking it whole shouldn't be enormously difficult. It isn't hard to provide that. For advice on how to build a roasting pit and how to serve the pig, read on! Make sure that you don't cut beyond the vertebrae - it's easy to cut too far and come out the top of the pig. Will a stuffed pig take longer to cook thoroughly? The steps go a little farther than your typical backyard BBQer, but if you take the extra steps you WILL have better hog meat and better presentation. I have used my roaster in the winter, with snow on the ground, and it worked great. Check out our whole pig guide for some pointers, temp, etc. (Dressed means that the pig is prepared for pig pickin cooking. Cooked it for about 5.5 hours between 250 and 300, flipped it at 150 like you suggested and the skin turned out wonderful. Not everybody has access to a local farm, but most butchers should be able to get you a whole pig. Brush on a coating of barbecue sauce, or use a turkey baster to drench the pig in a savory marinade as it cooks. A pig without stuffing has lots of space inside to breathe and cook, while a stuffed pig is...well...stuffed. Start in the morning. Well done!! When the pig reaches 195 degrees, get it out of there! This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 202,682 times. Otherwise, the sugars may burn before the pig is finished cooking. You have made your ancestors proud, 8 years ago If you can get the butcher to thaw it for you, DO IT!I typically obtain a large cardboard box and line it with a heavy plastic bag. Absolutely! Injecting brines and marinades into the meat will add moisture to keep it from burning and make it especially tasty once it’s done. 11 years ago However, you don't have to be some sort of leftwing nutjob to buy locally. Also, if you buy locally, you can visit the farm to see if the conditions are to your liking. However you want to cook your pig, make sure you plan to spend around 12 hours cooking– it's a labor of love! On the other hand, I did eat gator once, and liked it just fine, so there you go. You can do this! How-to video. Obviously, the larger the pig, the longer it will take to cook. Again, great article, thanks!- PerryPerry P. PerkinsAuthor“La Caja China Cooking”"La Caja China World", Nice post to be found here. One of the most critical aspects of cooking your whole pig is making certain your pig is properly trussed to your rotisserie. The exact origins of the Cajun Microwave are contested, however, a nearly identical product is available in Florida, by way of Cuba, called "La Caja China" or "The Chinese Box" In Louisiana, it is traditional to build the box out of cypress boards and leave it unlined. Once inside the cooking rack, place the pig into the roaster, and install thermometer probes. Roast the pig for between 4-6 hours on each side. The body of the pig will act like a bowl … All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Remove the fire tray, flip the pig, and put it back. They can be heavy! There's a better way for you to tell if the pig is done, and it won't require you cutting into it. Open the rack and remove the top half. The next time you are sitting at work, feeling sorry for yourself, you could be shaving dead pigs for a living.Pig Sizing Guide:A rough rule of thumb is 2-3 pounds of pig per person. That is how we do our "Whole hog", 11 years ago The soft belly and bacon sides of the pig should be at least 145 degrees F (63 degrees C) before eating, and the shoulder and haunches should be at least 160 degrees F (74 degrees C). If you have side dishes, then it's best to assume 1 lb. Reply Think about that for a second. Directions. Next, insert the spit through the rear opening of the pig and bring it out through the mouth before tying the pig's legs to the spit with twine. Site Selection:Where will you hold the pig roast? How to Cook Whole Hogs – step-by-step process of a whole hog pig roast. Setting up a roasting pit on flat ground may damage any vegetation growing underneath the area where you lay out the stones. This article has been viewed 202,682 times. This instructable will cover the use of the Cajun Microwave for cooking your pig, including preparation, cooking, and some notes on hosting a pig roast.What is a Cajun Microwave? The internal temperature of the meat is the only way to know for sure that the pig is done. Laying out all the tools and ingredients like that really helps!Whole pigs, pork shoulders, briskets, ribs, turkeys, salmon, you name it, it’s all great in a Caja China. It should be that tender. Prior to the pig roast, assemble your roaster and make sure all the parts are there. You will be busy. It requires meticulous preparation, patience and a careful eye. Do this step as quickly as possible to keep as much heat in as you can. You may also find caja china style pig roaster recipe ideas & instructions at Happy Roasting :-). After a day or so, thin parts will start to thaw out, like the bacon, and the ribs. If you have animal problems in your area, prepare for an encounter and don't leave food out. The leftovers freeze very well. You might be familiar with the spit method, or the burying method. Here is a list of things you will need:Tools:Cajun MicrowaveFirewoodBone SawChef's KnifeHammerWelding GlovesWired ThermometerServing TongsTurkey Roasting PanTurkey BasterMarinade InjectorIngredients:PigKosher SaltCajun RubMarinadeBBQ Sauce. Increase oven temperature to 500°F and cook until skin is crisp all over, about 30 minutes longer. Share it with us! If the bottom tray has a drain, make sure the drain is downhill, otherwise, you will have a couple of gallons of pig grease to deal with later. Thanks! The meat in this pig is incredibly tender and smoky from the low and slow cooking … You don't have time to find plates or search for ice. 11 years ago on Step 5, in my part of the world pig goes to the spit, Reply … If the pig was skin side up the entire time, the top would be burned beyond recognition.Once the pig reaches around 150 or so, I like to flip it. If money (and storage space) isn't an object, look into buying a special spit-roasting platform. A live pig weighing 90 to 130 pounds will dress out a carcass approximately the desired weight. Do you have any insulation other then the air gap? A dressed pig will cook faster than an undressed pig, but there is a better type of pig to buy if you know you won't have much time to cook it. The only issue we ran into is the roaster I was using (borrowingt) started burning on one side and we had to douse that part of the wood with water. Brine the hog using a sugar, salt and vinegar combination to impart moisture and to soften its muscle fibers. Pile your wood in piles in your cooking pit and start the fire burning long before you want to start cooking your pig. An estimated 1-2 hours will keep the pig warm without drying out. There are many different ways to cook a whole pig. It seems to me that spit roasting only works in warm regions. 2 cups kosher salt. Try another answer... Not exactly! ”Slow and low” is what experts recommend when roasting a whole pig. Unless you live somewhere really warm, that should keep it cool until the roast. Cooking a whole hog Cajun-style follows the same type of process, but uses a different mix of spices to flavor the pork. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. The other end of the roaster cooks hotter and the shoulders take longer to cook, which allows the pig to cook evenly. A 100-pound pig needs to cook for 6-10 hours (let’s say eight), so you’ll need to put it … Somebody should be tasked with bringing some outdoor games, or possibly a portable stereo.Depending upon the size of the pig, you should expect to spend 8 - 10 hours cooking. Very nice! 9 years ago Because the box holds heat well, and the cooking heat is radiant rather than direct, it's perfect for Low and Slow Southern BBQ. You can supplement the wood coals with bagged charcoal if you choose. Using the saw, cut open the front of the pelvis and encourage (by force) the hind quarters to lay flat. Did you make this project? It never hurts to ask the guy behind the counter if he can order a roasting hog for you. "Cajun Microwave" "La Caja China" "Coonass Microwave"Finally, the roaster shown in this instructable is made from an inner layer of aluminum sheet, a layer of cement board, a 1.75" air gap, and an outer layer of 3/4" plywood. A proper bone saw is preferred, but any hand saw would work.Step 1 - Start at the tail end of the pig, with the pig on it's back. I like the idea of splitting it and getting it all smokey and tastey and DONE rather than some that seem like there is a chance of it not getting done. In order to speed the process of roasting, you need to butterfly the pig. The meat should be juicy when fully cooked, but not bloody or red. It also helps if you keep a deputy or two around until the end to help clean up.Finally, I typically hold my roast in fairly rural campsites. Choose another answer! The internal temperature of meat should be at least 145°F (63°C) before it is served. The pig will come to you with its guts removed and a large slit in its belly. We have not had bear problems yet, but it could always happen. Pig roasts are a communal tradition in many cultures, a way to bring friends and neighbors together for food and fun. Cooking temperatures do not have to be exact, as how quickly and evenly a pig will get done depends largely on its size, thickness and positioning. With the pig inside the roaster, put the lid on and build a fire on top. Even if your butcher doesn't offer suckling pigs, make sure to ask for a small pig if you don't have much time to cook, or if you aren't feeding very many people. For advice on how to build a roasting pit and how to serve the pig, read on! Also try one of these search terms. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, or have no desire to start a fire directly in your backyard, consider using a metal clamshell grill to burn the wood. If you have a large hog with loads of vegetables, you could be looking at the better part of two days. If it isn’t quite done enough when you cut into it, it may need a few more minutes. He has gone through the 16-hour process thousands of times—from Ocala, Florida, to rural Sweden. on Introduction, I used your instructions today to cook a 45lb pig. Order the Pig. Open flame won't cook your pig quite as well as other methods. A flat, open space will work best. Expect to stay later than you expect. This will ratchet up the flavor and keep the skin crisp and juicy. I see sauce as a way to cover up a bad taste. Get a few deputies, involve them in the planning of the event, and have them help out during. It really depends, but most grocery store butcher shops would probably be able to help you. Depending on the size of the animal, you might need to wait more than a day to let it thaw. Put sweet stuffings, glazes and other ingredients on the inside of the pig rather than the outside. Cooking Time . Many small farms are going to hormone free / organic farming, and you can often get a much healthier pig this way. on Introduction, A meal fit for a Norseman. Ask your butcher about the means to transport the pig home. It should also have access to water, and restrooms of some sort. Roasting a whole pig is an all day event. The size of the pit dictates the size of the fire and therefore the amount of heat in the pit. That was a great instructable and now you have me planning on building one. Your pig might be done after 10 hours, but this shouldn't be the only way you determine its done-ness. Coals burn hotter and for a longer period of time than open flame does, so it's better to cook your pig over coals instead of flame. You will need to take a temperature reading several times throughout the cooking process. Keep the heat constant. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. I don't have a favorite rub recipe, so I just use Tony Chachere's rub, available at your supermarket. Pair a roasted pig with other backyard cookout favorites like grilled veggies and baked beans, or go for the more island-inspired flavors of wild rice, fried plantains and pineapple. For most of the instructable, I will just refer to the Cajun Microwave as the "Roaster".One final disclaimer:I am from Alaska. Cook … It also may not burn quite as consistently as other forms of heating. There is a better way to check to make sure that your pig is done. My preference is to use a vinegar based sauce on the pig as it comes out of the roaster, and then allow people to use BBQ sauce to taste for themselves.The Tools:If you were successful, you should be able to get the pork off the bones using only a pair of tongs. It would be helpful to have a materials list and the exact dimensions and so forth and so on. [ Reply ] Wear heat-resistant gloves at all times when tending the coals or handling the pig. I have looked all over the net for plans, with little success. Fill out the form below for your free copy. (Recipes for sides, sauces and pig seasoning are at the end of this article.) Impress your barbecue guests with a feast fit for a king! Remember at this point that you have lots of time, and can build the fire slowly. 11 years ago 110 pound live weight estimated cooking time is 8-10 hours. on Introduction. Try another answer... Close! I live in a rural area of Maryland & have friends that raise & butcher and I enjoyed it in a younger day. Cooking a Whole Hog Today we’re talking all about cooking a Whole Hog! I'm more of a fan of good tasting pork rather than meat that just tastes like BBQ sauce. Unless you ask your butcher to thaw it out for you, the pig will arrive frozen solid. So, here's link that supposed to be local to you; It has been my experience that over the 8 or so hours the pig takes to cook, the briquettes build up too much ash, which slows the cooking.Hopefully, you have a wired thermometer installed in the pig. Keep a close eye on the fire pit while you're cooking to prevent possible fire hazards. I have been trying recipes online, and have yet to find one I love. I can't wait! Others build them with reflective metal liners, or insulation. Choose another answer! Cooking a whole pig requires a specific type of cooking method, and not all of the previous answers will give you the best results. If you have a marinade injector, this is a good time to juice up the pig with your marinade of choice.If you want to butterfly the pig the night before the roast, simply rack the pig, and fill the bottom of the roaster with ice. This can take several days if the pig is large enough. If not, you have to find a public picnic area which will allow you have have a fire. I agree with you on the sauce thing. Add to Shopping List View Shopping List. You can turn out a hog that will rival the best whole hog joints in the country. The pig will lie flatter and cook better if you cut the back of the skull in half with your saw. I like to visit the site ahead of time, just to make sure it will work.Invitations:Once you get the site reserved and a date picked, you have to send out invitations via Email, Facebook, Pidgeon, whatever you use.Make sure to include instructions to get to the site, if it is remote, as well as specific instructions about what to bring. Scald and scrap is faster, cleaner, more sanitary and gives a better result.I second the idea of buy your pigs direct from the farm, preferably a pastured farm. Carolina mustard sauce, a vinegar dip (such as Lexington), or a sweet tomato-based sauce (like Kansas City Classic) are all great choices. Before you leave, make sure that your site is clean and free from piggy parts. Set up your firewood pile nearby, so that you don't have to stray too far to get it.Locate your thermometers, and make sure they work, placing them inside the roaster as needed.If you have not mounted the pig in the cooking rack, that's the last thing to do prior to starting the fire. Mix some charcoal in with the wood coals to keep the pit burning hotter longer. If you have lots of room at your house, that's great. I contacted them and got one on order for my 45th birthday party! If you have the option – smoke your whole pig belly-up. Store bought is often too thick, and lacks enthusiasm. How should you cook your pig to get the best flavor? Do not remove the skin.) Spice things up with your favorite rubs, sauces and seasonings, but use a light hand. It’s time consuming and demands constant attention, but makes a great centerpiece for a day of cooking and socializing. The rib cage should open slightly.Step 3 - Go back to the tail, use the bone saw to start cutting the backbone near the pelvis, once you have a cut started, switch to the knife.Place you knife horizontally along the backbone, and pound the back of the knife with the hammer a few times. on Step 2, I love your "Roaster" Do you, or have you ever had your butcher inject the hog with Bhrine. This will make an unsightly hole.When you reach the back of the head, you have a choice to make. The spit should be long enough to lay atop the supports at either end of the fire and strong enough to support a pig up to or over 100 pounds (45kg). Good luck! Not quite! You put the pig into the box, and build a fire in the tray. Nope! 9 years ago There’s a better option out there! If you are ordering a pig to cook belly-up like this, ask the butcher for a dressed pig … Does anyone have an instructabel on how to build one of these? That's the interesting thing about pig roasts, that so much regional variation exists. However, I make no claims to Cajun or Southern Authenticity. Pick a BBQ sauce you like, and serve that. It's ok. 10 years ago While charcoal will create the same heat as hot wood coals, it might give your meat a different flavor.

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