atmospheric pressure and denture retention

Factors affecting Retention , stability and support in complete denture. denture retention include Adhesion, Cohesion, Interfacial surface tension, Atmospheric pressure, Capillary attraction and Gravity. Factors affecting retention - Biological factors - i). The atmospheric pressure is considered to have some role in complete denture retention. Retention in CD is an old topic about which very few people show interest to learn but keeping in mind the views of a patient, it is an OPTIMUS PRIME aspect. Here, the idea is to vary the pressure over the denture seat (which is a single unit) depending on the displace ability of the supporting tissues and hence transferring the load over to the selected areas of the seat. Occasionally it is not possible to achieve optimal denture retention and stability because of other Cohesion, adhesion, friction, gravity, surface roughness, and atmospheric pressure are regarded as playing a lesser to no role in retention. Principles of Support, Retention and Stability of Complete Dentures •Primary retention Physical forces Cohesion Adhesion Interfacial surface tension Capillarity Atmospheric pressure Gravity •Adhesion Force of attraction between two unlike molecules Denture-saliva-mucosa Theories of impression making have evolved through trial of variety of materials and methods. [7, 8] A retentive pressure within the liquid-filled space develops and facilitates denture retention. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. atmospheric pressure, viscosity and volume of saliva, gravity, muscle posturing and occlusion on denture retention has been documented 2. Atmospheric pressure is the only factor dependent upon this tissue contact that does not work entirely between the denture base and the tissues. Retention derived from adhesion and cohesion can resist only dislodging forces acting perpendicular to the denture and fail to resist dislodgement of denture by horizontal forces and lateral torques. Denture retention - physical agent • Cohesion • Adhesion • Surface tension • Capillary attraction • Atmospheric pressure 5/8/ ... Blahova Zora et al: Physical factors in ... 18:90-7.CrossRefGoogle Scholar ... Effect of reduced atmospheric pressure upon retention of dentures. A potential space which is enclosed by a salivary meniscus exists between a denture base and the oral mucosa. The difference in air pressure from the outside of a denture and the intaglio surface presses the denture against the denture-bearing ridge, similar to the pressure differential that creates lift on the inferior surface of an airplane wing. He advocated that the denture flanges should be kept short and thin, enough to prevent lateral skidding of the denture. c. Equal distribution of pressure. Succinctly stated, denture retention depends upon tissue contact. Abstract— Denture retention by atmospheric pressure is discussed. pressure. Adhesion, cohesion, and atmospheric pressure had nothing to do with denture retention. The atmospheric pressure is considered to have some role in complete denture retention.It is only workable when there is lower pressure under the denture and presence of vaccum.The vaccum is created by applying pull which increase the volume between denture base and underlying tissue to maintain seal around some area for lower pressure to be constant.Thus the retention is produced … A potential space which is enclosed by a salivary meniscus exists between a denture base and the oral mucosa. Denture bases should be designed and fabricated so that they will contribute as much retention to the partial denture as possible. Maximum extension of denture bearing area. However, it is questionable whether atmospheric pressure plays as important a role in retention of removable partial dentures because a border seal cannot be obtained as readily as it can be with complete dentures. Atmospheric Pressure. 3. The surface-tension model is only one of many potential retentive forces, as it alone cannot account for retention from sheer-related displacements. Obtaining optimum physical retention The aspects of complete dentures that influence the amount of physical retention are: border seal area of impression surface accuracy of fit. It is only workable when there is lower pressure under the denture and occurrence of vaccum. weight of the atmosphere help to resist dislodging forces and is directly proportional to the surface area covered by the denture. 1,10-12 Presence of intact border seal is ... of this dynamic region greatly enhances border seal and increases maxillary complete denture retention. Stability must resist displacement by rocking when a force is applied to teeth over a limited area. The vaccum is created by applying pull which boost the volume level between denture foundation and underlying tissues to keep seal around some area for lower pressure to be constant. He considered that the only active force in denture retention was interfacial surface tension. Start studying Retention and stability of complete dentures. Physical forces influencing denture retention are believed to include adhesion, cohesion, capillary attraction, surface tension, fluid viscosity, atmospheric pressure, and external forces imparted to the prostheses by oral-facial musculature. Theories of denture retention have suffered from confusion of model, algebraic errors, and misapprehension of the physics of capillarity, adhesion and cohesion, as well as the role of atmospheric pressure. of atmospheric pressure. Definition and importance of Retention , stability and support in complete denture. RETENTION. Atmospheric pressure is one of the important physical factors in retention of complete denture. ... -relief for comfort and denture retention/stabilty. I hope most of the headings have been covered in this presentation except for details of There are basically two types of direct retainers: 1. These factors have a significant influence on conventional complete denture treatment. Adecrease in pressure to less than atmospheric pressure is not necessary to explain this adhesion; the thin-

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