what if ww2 was fought with modern weapons

History . After World War II, nuclear weapons were also developed by the Soviet Union (1949), the United Kingdom (1952), France (1960), and the People's Republic of China (1964), which contributed to the state of conflict and extreme tension that became known as the Cold War. Both the Germans and Americans produced weapons from which many of today’s modern weapons are based off of. From the ruin of Pearl Harbor, that service fought its way across the vast reaches of the Pacific Ocean to Tokyo Bay. The aircraft was the German effort to turn around the war in 1945. Canada - Canada - World War II: On September 9, 1939, eight days after Germany’s invasion of Poland, Canada’s Parliament voted to declare war on Germany, which the country did the next day. The world wars were the hideous expression of … That is an OCP, one of the more extreme ones, as there is nothing that they could do … Hitler was trying to restore Germany to its full glory by taking over other land and going to the imperialistic ways. Open a history book and you'll see what the modern world looks like without nuclear weapons. For instance No … The Axis powers would lose very quickly. According to the Modern Warrior’s Combat Load, the Automatic Rifleman of 2003 carried a load of 110.8 pounds (50.2 kilograms). For fun's sake, let's pretend it's just conventional warfare (no nukes or chemical weapons) Let's give credit where credit is due. The cause was to be found in the lethal combination of mass armies and modern weaponry. To conclude my reasoning, WW2 was not a continuation because Hitler was trying to restore Germany. Although eclipsed in recent years by more modern side-arms, upgraded variants are still widely used by in the American military. Answers Mine. The ubiquitous Colt M1911 .45-caliber pistol has seen action everywhere the U.S. military has fought for the past century — from the trenches of the Western Front to the mountains of Afghanistan. A lot of weapons have change the way battles are fought. Any talk of weapons that won World War II begins and ends with the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945. In its narrowest sense, it is merely a synonym for contemporary warfare. All in all, World War Two with modern weapons wouldn't be World War 2. This was a scale of violence unknown in any previous war. These WW1 weapons were responsible for the staggering scale of death from the Great War. A large arm of modern CAS in the US Armed Forces is Helicopter gunships. As new weapons enter the battle, the battlefield continues to expand. The Messerschmitt Me 262 was the world’s first jet-powered fighter aircraft. Modern warfare is warfare that is in notable contrast with previous military concepts, methods, and technology, emphasizing how combatants must modernize to preserve their battle worthiness. For instance, one modern sub, with a "magical" supply of ammo, could likely sink the combined WW2 fleets of the U.S., Japan & England, without ever being in the slightest danger. From 1938 until the German invasion, Greece was a constitutional monarchy under King George II, but the actual power was in the hands of her right-wing dictator-President General Metaxas. Here is a quiz about some of the more famous weapons of World War II. 20/10/2019 11:34 PM. Indeed, the war began with most armies utilizing technology that had changed little from World War I, and in some cases, had remained unchanged since the 19th century. There was also the example of the Sturmegewehr 44, a German assault rifle issued in the closing years of WW2. Messerschmitt Me 262. Eventually, it had the satisfaction of watching the Japanese surrender on board a U. S. Navy battleship in that harbor. David Miller. As such, it is an evolving subject, seen differently in different times and places. Humanity fought its earliest wars using fists, clubs, and rocks. As 21st century warfare continues to evolve, it becomes complex each day. The Greek armed forces, like most of those of the smaller nations, suffered from a shortage of modern weapons and motor transport. ISBN 9780760315606. (Its separate declaration of war was a measure of the independence granted it in the 1931 Statute of Westminster; in 1914 there had been no such independence and no separate declaration of war.) Modern aircraft & Armor would be an OCP to WW2 forces. List of secondary and special-issue World War II infantry weapons; List of prototype World War II infantry weapons; References Bibliography. The tried-and-true small arms and artillery were prominent features of the battlefield, as they had been for the last three centuries. On the other hand, the M1911 has spawned more pistols based off of its design than any other handgun. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO. Losses on all fronts for the year 1914 topped five million, with a million men killed. It was manufactured by Germany during the Second World War. Operational fleets tended to be organized as type commands of similar ships and aircraft for administrative and training purposes and task forces, task groups, and task units organized for actual operations. In 2012, the U.S. Marines ordered 12,000 brand-new pistols … Here is a list of the 10 deadliest weapons of World War II: 10. As modern wars are fought by the resources of a whole country, they argue, it doesn't make sense to distinguish the citizens who contribute directly to the war effort from those who don't. Hopefully you will learn some new things about the weapons soldiers fought with in places like Stalingrad, Normandy, the Ardennes, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Average score for this quiz is 7 / … Japan’s military is almost nonexistent and heavily dependent on America to supply protection. What lasting weapon design from WW2 have the Russians, British, French, Italians, or Japanese produced? It led to the development of the atomic bomb which was the catalyst in ending the war. (2003). 1 Answers. Read another story from us: When WW2 Ended Where Did all the 100’s of Millions of Weapons Go? fought in the lines of trenches, WWII was fought in a broader scale using modern weapons. Germany’s modern military is rather lackluster and heavily dependent on NATO members to prop it up. World War One had been amongst the most hazardous clashes in military history. The naval forces of World War II had two essential components: operational fleets of ships and aircraft, such as the Imperial Japanese Combined Fleet, and shore establishments. The STG44 was the first assault rifle (and probably deserved a place … Albert Einstein This is Yamato: Next to the America’s Iowa she is probably one of, if not the most, powerful WW2 battleships to have existed. A series of photographs was published on the internet around 2000 showing an obsolete arms dump in modern Vietnam. Keep in mind that this gigantic wall of text is needed to even touch the surface of the changes just in MBTs, never mind the more prominent parts of arms development, such as aircraft. note, the German Atomic Weapons program was years behind Britain's, let alone the US. It is horrible beyond description. Which two of the following ideas related to international relations and security did the Allies support and promote during World War II? "The illustrated directory of 20th-century guns". Abso-frickin-loutely. Kind’a presumes there will be mankind around after WWIII, and that there will even be a WWIII and if it will include nuclear obliteration of life on the planet. World War II saw rapid technological innovation in response to the needs of the various combatants. So depending on what kind of battle is being fought and where the stomp can go either way especially with the way the current US military is much more German influenced than WW2 US given their doctrine regarding squad level weaponry (LMGs) and combined support. During the 31 years leading up to the first atomic bomb, the world without nuclear weapons engaged in two global wars resulting in the deaths of an estimated 78 million to 95 million people, uniformed and civilian. James H. Willbanks. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Zenith Imprint. (2004). It was a military collector’s dream, with piles of weapons from every nation imaginable and dating from WW1 to 1975. Wars must be fought without the use of modern weapons or technology. I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Many different weapons systems evolved as a result. Military weapons technology experienced rapid advances during World War II, and over six years there was a disorientating rate of change in combat in everything from aircraft to small arms. Well, the German program was more like a decade behind England's, but the reason why England's was so far behind is because they basically gave every Atomic Scientist, research document, and equipment they had to the US (who had the funding for it) and agreed to "share" the results later. She had broadsides that had enough mass and explosive to turn ships of the time into scrap in short order. If the tank was parked in Carthage, it could have prevented the Romans from ever sacking the city of Carthage, however the … Nations must cooperate to bring about and maintain world peace. At some unknown point in time, a forward-thinking adversary learned to propel rocks towards the enemy through the use of a sling. During World War One a variety of weapons were used. Note: This list does not consist of all weapons used by all countries in World War II. The Punic wars between Carthage and Rome was heavily fought at sea, so there might be a pretty ready instance where one side having a tank might not have a huge advantage. Search. World War II in the Pacific was the great epic of the U. S. Navy. Later improvements in military efficiency included edged weapons, and the use of spears, flung with the force of a strong arm.

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