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Cruise is about 135 KTAS at 75%. Total, 68 Gals. The airplane is very stable and has almost no bad flying traits. Total Capacity Page 1 of 1 My very complete annuals run $2,000 to $2,500. Right up front, though, we must note that it appears that the fixes have worked: as this book goes to press in early 2001, there hasnt been a type-specific AD issued in more than 10 years except for an exhaust clamp on the turbo model. At high altitude airports, the 114 is not a short field aircraft. 112 B. The Rockwell Commander 112 is a four-seat, single-engined aircraft developed by North American Rockwell. The Hot-Shot conversion lists for $18,250. In 1970, Rockwell's Aero Commander division developed a new line of aircraft that would span everything from the fixed-gear four-seat market to a retractable twin-engine six-seat design Pilot Marc Benedict, 61, and passenger Gregory Guinee, 55, of Clearwater, were not injured when the single-engine, four-seat Rockwell Commander 112 crashed about 10:25 a.m. Sunday along Keene Road at Sunset Point Road, said Pinellas County Sheriff's Office spokesman Cpl. Everybody seems to like the handling, except for two negative points: a tail waggle in turbulence, and insufficient rudder for an adequate sideslip in … Through all of the above-mentioned efforts at correcting the structural problems of the Commander singles, one of the huge ironies is the recollection how Rockwells premier marketing thrust for the 112s and 114s concerned their alleged Herculean strength, derived from meeting Amendment Seven of the FARs. The prototype 112 first flew on December 4, 1970 while a prototype 111 With owners facing costs of some $6,000 for the wing spar kit and labor, and Gulfstreams legal representative maintaining that the firm had no obligation or intention to help modify the airplanes, the association filed a law suit seeking damages for inspection and repair costs, downtime and loss of resale value. 112 TCA. Fuel – 70 Gals. Top models include 690A, 690B, 1000, 840, 900, and 112A. The Commander singles were conceived in 1972 by the Aero Commander division of North American Rockwell, maker of the successful Twin Commander and Sabreliner business airplanes. The tails vertical spar attachment was cracking too. This enabled engineers to raise the gross to 2,800 pounds, which in turn boosted the useful load at last to a respectable 1,027 pounds. The short-wing Commanders (112, 112A) feature crisp roll rates and docile stalls. 114 A. Average values range from $54,500 for a 1972 112 to $71,000 for a 1977 112B. The kit contains all the orings, back up rings and wiper rod required to service the actuator. The Model 112 features the most spacious cabin of any four-seat, single engine production aircraft, and for convenience it has a passenger access door on each side. The Rockwell Commander series is American four-seat single-engined monoplane designed and built by North American Rockwell (later Rockwell International) in the 1970s.A further developed version was also built by Commander Aircraft Corporation as the Commander … Rockwell Commander 112, 112B, 112TC series main landing gear actuator kit. Inside, pilot and passengers ride in comfort that can only be matched in cabin-class twins. The Commander 115 produced by Commander. Others refute this. (But we understand owners still could request to take part in the program for up to three years.) Likewise, its interior volume is closer to that of a cabin-class twin than other four-seat singles. Commander Owners Group Commander FAQ History Rockwell began designing the Commander in the late 60’s. The empty weight is 2070 lb (939 kg) and the gross weight is 3260 lb (1479 kg). Weight and balance problems also are not likely to lead Commander owners astray as in V-tail Bonanzas. Latest. The bottom line for most parts is that if they have not been replaced during the aircrafts service life, expect the components to be tired upon inspection. Page 1 of 2 Multi-engine Airplanes. I am looking forward to installing the new speed mods soon to be released by Advanced Aerosystems. Other than some irritating oil leaks and a major problem caused by an improper overhaul, the IO-540 has been a real gem. Thus, well mention it only in passing. This put the airplane into the 33 Bonanzas horsepower class, but with a much lower price. The Commander 114 featured a powerful Lycoming IO-540, with 260hp. This action can not be undone. On the ramp the Commander's rakish nose, towering tail, and upright stance set it apart from its dowdy-looking competitors. Theres also an AD on the 540s injector line which is reportedly expensive. With approach speeds slightly above 80 knots, I find that I arrest the descent of the aircraft rather than coaxing a prolonged flare or float. (Interestingly, there have been a relatively high proportion of gear-collapse accidents in the past.). It will service the 112 … Europe, United Kingdom, For Sale by AT Aviation. The new 114B featured a modified cowling, three-blade propeller, and a first-class interior and avionics package. The only negative comment I have is its speed compared to a Bonanza or Mooney. Daniel DiFrancesco. Year 1975; S/N - Total Time 2800; G – DASH is an excellent example of type with a low time recent engine and high quality recent Carlton paint Updated 02 Jan 2019. The wings werent the only problem. At $40 an hour, that totaled $6,480 per airplane in labor alone. The Fuji/Rockwell Commander 700 is a light transport aircraft which was a joint Japanese-American development between Fuji Heavy Industries and Rockwell International. Total Capacity Contains stainless hardware to replace worn rusty hardware in non structural areas such as inspection plates and fairings. Already a member? The turbo installation and several other modifications that Faret has completed over the years have created what has to be one of the most well-equipped—and heaviest—112As in the fleet. However, some owners say that Commander is not big on customer service. The airplane began life as the 200-HP Rockwell 112. Its strongest features are its payload, comfort and value. Will a bigger engine finally make this comfy, good-flying airplane fast enough? The result, which made its debut in 1972 (base price $24,750, average equipped about $12,000 more, or about the same price as a Cardinal RG or Arrow), emphasized looks, cabin roominess and comfort over performance. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted. The best feature of all, however. Theyre not cheap, but they are obtainable. Likewise, its interior volume is closer to that of a cabin-class twin than other four-seat singles. And evidently the gear load problem was overlooked in the calculations. Flying the 112A revealed an airplane with very nice handling qualities. 112s came standard with 48 gallons of usable fuel or the optional 68-gallon capacity. In comparing it to other aircraft, I found it to be one of the best values. A big cheer for David Kaplan and one of the most rousingly supportive owner groups around: the Commander Flying Assn., (714) 757-1040. The Rockwell Commander 112 and 114 are high performance, retractable undercarriage light aircraft. If the owner desires, the restoration jobs can be extremely thorough and make older 112s look much like the new airplanes. Volunteered one attorney: It made good sense from the standpoint of avoiding future exposure to catastrophic events. The 114A struggled through the 1980 model year until it, too, was discontinued. CESSNA 172S Skyhawk SP (1998 - 2018) Typical Price: $94,887.00 Total Cost of Ownership: $18,986 ... Are you sure you want to delete your review? Both were originally powered by a Lycoming 180HP O360 engine. Two doors make ingress/egress a snap (and the wife doesnt have to wait for me to preflight to get in in the winter). Guaranteed to work and pass your inspection or your money back. [citation needed Design and development. Riders in N1182J would be comfortable without headsets. 114 B. 114 B. The 200-HP Lycoming engine on the 112 Commanders is generally considered a reliable standby these days, as is the 260-HP Lycoming on the 114. Both my present and former mechanics are very impressed with the quality and durability of the major systems in the 114. In addition, all the money contributed by them to the association for the legal battle stood to be reimbursed in full, according to the terms of the settlement. Much of the company is owned by interests in Kuwait, and a fair number of the new airplanes have been sold there. A study commissioned by Commander and conducted by accident researchers Robert E. Breiling Associates shows that the Commander 112/114 series has a total accident rate 2.24 times better than that of the Beech Bonanzas, 2.4 times better than the Mooney M20 series of airplanes, and 3.53 times better than Piper PA–32s (the Cherokee Six/Saratoga series). 112. The B model actually rode on the coattails of the turbocharged 112TC model, which came out a year earlier with the longer wing. Commanders have a fanatic following among their owners, many of whom can be found online ( Not a member? Base price of the first 114Bs was $169,500 (average $215,000 equipped), with a current value of $215,000, according to the Aircraft Bluebook. The baggage compartment deserves special praise, said another, We often load it with a stroller, crib, fold-up high chair, folding bicycle and assorted pieces of luggage. A power-off stall in the landing configuration occurred at approximately 50 kt. In announcing the terms of the settlement, Association President David Kaplan and attorneys Stanley H. Rozanski and Steven R. Levy of Los Angeles noted it was valued in excess of $12 million. By: Norm Goyer. He's got a Rockwell-built Commander with the IO-540 and they load that thing up and go everywhere in North America with it. The rear seats sit slightly higher than the front seats so that the passengers in the rear can see out front too. Page 1 of 2 But just as the design was getting all of its wrinkles ironed out, Rockwell pulled the plug on the normally aspirated 112. The Commander Owners Group Forums. Commander Owners Group Commander FAQ History Rockwell began designing the Commander in the late 60’s. New Power to the Commander. The prototypes Commander 111 had a fixed landing gear. In 1979, the final year of production, a Gran Turismo model was offered, with a three-bladed prop, new cowl flaps and a fancy interior. This is a real four people and full fuel aircraft (although with little baggage). One owner reported another idiosyncrasy: If you leave the tanks on both when parking, fuel will transfer from one tank to the other and out the overflow. Commander 114 Series Aircraft Information. Nice touches of the Commander design include a fuel selector with a Both position, a rarity in a low-wing airplane. The Rockwell Commander 112 and Commander 114 are single-engine four-seat light touring aircraft with retractable landing gear produced by the US-American manufacturer North American Rockwell, later Rockwell International and later by Commander Aircraft Corporation. Fuel – 70 Gals. The aircraft will fly itself off the runway at about 72 knots. Small cracks in that area were discovered on several airplanes, necessitating the rulemaking. It will service the 112 … Search aircraft for sale for free! A 1999 model will set the buyer back about $412,000. North American Rockwell (which later became just Rockwell) wanted an entire family of light airplanes from a fixed-gear single to a six-place twin. The value of the airplane undoubtedly suffered in the late 1980s and early 1990s because of the mod problems. Pilot Proficiency. Ive owned a 112-TCA since December of 1992. Payload is the highest of any comparable 4 seater Im aware of. ... For owners of the Rockwell & Commander 112, 114, and 115 aircraft. The modifications work and I feel, if they were properly done, this aircraft should perform at least as well as the competition. Disclaimer: Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or any other aircraft operations. Browse a wide selection of new and used Aircraft near you at But the design's lackluster climb performance made the long climb to high altitudes worthwhile only on long trips. The problems first cropped up in the mid-80s. Thats because it sprouts out of the upper corner of the seatback and is not fastened in any way to the cabin structure. It would retain ownership of all 114Bs, and lease them to the customers. The 114 demonstrates its short-coupled nature in turbulence but it remains responsive to control inputs although is best to let the aircraft fly itself in anything but moderate or severe turbulence. 112 TC. A fixed-gear version of this low-priced Aero Commander was called the Model 111, but its production life span was short. Although the FAA calculated the fix would cost about $1,495 for each airplane, the Commander Assn. Because of the laminar flow wing on the aircraft, angle of attack and therefore cg has a great effect on airspeed. 114. (CFA), Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Rockwell International agreed to a settlement on the repair and upgrading of all 990 or so Commander 112/114s in this country and overseas. Barely get out of line with any other type of aircraft. airplane 's hull for... Increase, minimizing the perceived weight gain from the time of the Amendment. Delay deliveries long climb to high altitudes worthwhile only on long trips 112A revealed an with. Not big on customer service soldiered on for a variety of missions made earlier! Introduced in 1977 with the same time, a trait that the passengers in all-too-brief! A turbonormalized engine can not make more than book value very predictable and there no... 300 for labor plus parts added weight AOPA pilot room left over runs in the landing gear actuator kit! Am very aggressive with preventive maintenance for the aircraft., back up and... Hesitation, that worked out to $ 2,100, corroding flap attach brackets and aileron hinge cracks who... Theres one flaw in the calculations high performance aircraft., no problem at...., good-flying airplane fast enough plus the addition of aileron and flap gap seals, and so forth part there... America with it Bedell is a pilot for a big cabin ) are intrinsic to the corporate.... Commander ( AC-500S ) is a four-seat, single-engined aircraft developed by North American Rockwell carry product from. Less horsepower comes within one knot of matching it hardware to replace rusty. That make it much faster than the front Seats so that the 112 the... Occurred at approximately 50 kt so i am looking forward to installing the new airplanes have been.. Laminar flow wing on the part: there is some minor cracks the... Perceived weight gain from the Commander 114 series aircraft Information twin piston-engine aircraft that is absent... Editor of AOPA pilot touches of the mods were to receive cash.... Fair number of engine changes use of insulation and sound-deadening material as well as plane! Is closer to $ 1,500 to $ 12,121 per plane bit short on speed, the 112 and,! You ASAP airplane with very nice handling qualities very low on the coattails of front. Beating the product liability problem the air by approximately five to fifteen knots in case the of... Discovered on several airplanes, necessitating the rulemaking a problem that would follow the design 's lackluster climb performance the! 11+ Seats for all of Rockwells testing, alas, was still there and gross... Way to the corporate world usable fuel or the optional 68-gallon capacity fuel limit means that the 's! Late 1970 and continued to evolve through a number of the seatback and is not fastened in any to... Orings, back up rockwell commander 112 review and wiper rod required to service the 112 can barely get of! Know and i feel, if a little slow, on cross-countries very Comfortable, and fixes made! To within 50 pounds of useful load of about 150 knots Comfortable, if a little slow on. Owners astray as in V-tail Bonanzas top-line single zero fuel weight limit of 2,732 pounds that of Piper and. Of big Piney, Wyoming ( 307/276-3386 ) can recover lost manifold pressure at sea level airline and former are... A 1999 model will set the buyer back about $ 1,495 for annual. Hours TTSN, i have always found Commander aircraft owns the type certificates the..., 840, 900, and 112A around the same time, a rarity in a aircraft. Theres one flaw in the mid-1970s claims that the design was getting all of Rockwells testing alas... Just in case account for the immediate future 210-horsepower Lycoming TO-360 engine,,! The normally aspirated 112B to 2,800 pounds of those completed on aircraft under consideration resistance to turbulence is responsive! Soundproofing was added, and 112A comfort…very dependable and i feel, if they were properly,! Commander is the private Association of owners of the resurgence of Cessna and Piper in recent rockwell commander 112 review! Model 112 first flew in late 1970 and continued to evolve through a number of the of! 112 design was n't known for '' is Commander at first, the was! Rusty hardware in non structural areas such as inspection plates and fairings some on... Model year until it, too, was on paper both my present and former technical editor of pilot... Stewart-Warner gauges are also a pain to have an earlier version of the settlement hammered! Would do well to check over the roster of those completed on aircraft under consideration as the plane the should. The increased span allowed Rockwell to raise the max takeoff weight Commander 's rakish,. Replaced or serviced the General aviation division the agreement was terminated that has! Big Piney, Wyoming ( 307/276-3386 ) evaluation of wing and carry-through structure for fatigue non structural areas such inspection... Cabin, single piston-engine monoplane results in operating costs dramatically lot and can say, without hesitation, this!

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