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The Department of Technical Education & Industrial Training was created on 10.06.1977 in its present form after detaching the Technical Education Wing from the Department of Punjab, P.W.D. �����}�X�f�C���?�$f�����k�U3��}�qcjur���&�ϼ�����f��>��Jھ5��{�#d��v�7�l������܉'?��� v�H�Z�r�r;�IXw���m��u�:�J���܉&ww~��V�e]K�u���_��Z��8�o�������2gk�L��e5�L�qɮ���R�rb� K��}P#^B$yEaD}��&�ݪ�ʨv-���I'":��+ �s_/?wE���8g��%Q�}c��^^��W� U2�,��I�W��^�b����+�ۆ��3�2)si����*Wi���4�"�(_��1�-�~�/�imѭ �̱@V�fs�m9��M��2:������$C���=�;�;Qq9�� �-l�݊���O���͕N7ofs�Є�t�X���A�Bd�N�Ȋ��;=�@#$���%���62��e�y51�R��Zd-�φ�x2��Bj�ʙ*�>؟܍�����G7����8e������m�����(OZ������y��Y[��\�0��X�06�2�f��z]��(n��k�e�=k��j�Ѡ6(�0�0)����`HP�jj���� �`ÆW�D ���|R� ؚ���# �N�58n5��qi鑗Sߺ[��7q�w����jh'�}��,�h������,��t�8�0�rDI���zK�f�&W�����ZE�����a���h�S��GK�*��s�]�;�ĜRK��.�顏ɯ��j�X.s��Z��V� ���h�],��� �Hv�A ED�������B�P�D� ��\F5��Z'%ij ]�C]�� ى�Y|�h�Q�rU��A4�D_Ǽs�F����. %�쏢 General Seniority Lists General Inspector Seniority list-1 size:( 4.59 MB) General Inspector Seniority list-2 size:( 6.37 MB) General Inspector Seniority list-3 size:( 4.42 MB) The Sanitary Inspector Seniority List size:( 1.19 MB) *Department of School Education, Punjab* *Disposal of Complaints during Lockdown* The Department is getting some complaints from some quarters during the lockdown period. Punjab ICT Education Society 4. Helpline Numbers for Transfer related queries Sh. Govt. The amended final seniority list dated 26.09.2013 of Sub-Inspectors and above upto the rank of Sub-Inspector (Operator Cadre) of Telecommunication Wing on … Funds / Expenditure Position Regarding COVID -19, Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department as of 30.05.2020 at 09:00am COVID-19 Beds & Expenditures (July 2019) Seniority No. Director Public Instructions 7. education, punjab × Punjab Kesari helo Okay × PunjabKesari.in हम ख द ह क आप opt-out कर च क ह । ल क न, अगर आपन गलत स "Block" स ल क ट क य थ … SENIORITY LIST OF LECTURER (SCHOOL CADRE) Seniority No. %PDF-1.4 $�t���+�mFI.�U!�`x^m3���?4���Y.��,}ў��9a���=���(���$�w�cxN��so��F�]\Ɠ_�x����&݊v��䊏�ȅ�2���͙�̦���%ilB���Ӧ�4T���`X��T �e��Q+�q;������ �=2�h@}�Ce��F�n�tR�LU:��M��ȏPá�:㹤D�[���k�RCa�B��oļeK�cp�[�Na ���Y� ↋��c!-�%!j�-Ω��%]��u���lΌ�H9�"E�.eM��?��x�P�K��a� Q.�m�d`��n��6G��Î�]�C��x_w@6"5�>i�Uܝ�En9���M��Z)�kv\�>tzB https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/doc02260820201221204932.pdf, https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/combinepdf_3.pdf, https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/vp.png, https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/combinepdf%20%2863%29.pdf, https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/doc01921520201106175213.pdf, https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/doc01884420201029191330.pdf, https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/doc01633420201002160030.pdf, https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/combinepdf%20%2817%29.pdf, https://sed.punjab.gov.pk/system/files/combinepdf%20%287%29_0.pdf, Tentative Seniority List of Assistants (BS-16) working under the administrative control of Special Education Department, Tentative Seniority List of Senior Special Education Teacher (Visually Impaired) working in Special Education Schools/Centres/Institutes in Punjab, Senior Teacher (BS-17 /BS-18) Devolved working under Special Education Department Punjab, Tentative Seniority List of Social Case Workers, Physiotherapists, Medical Officers, Speech Therapists or Occupational Therapists (BS-17) Devolved working under Special Education Department, Physiotherapist, Medical Officers, Speech Therapists or Occupational Therapists (BS-17) (Devolved) working under Special Education Department Punjab. x��Y[s����V�˪]�u$��%�S�N��6M]��!�Ƿ���XI����ⶐI����\aw�~��\x������������C�ϭU�����j�B���1%\_��^�r����b�H~S .�C�ɹ����ǯ��/ �&��D$��.����dN��2��H�3ner�j�����fe���b�7����r�C��حb�+w��CJۍB�XH�V�œ��w�����l�H&d�*�*WT��i��S�&��PF1��vc�5:}��!�pͱ�I�ϋo��`�ş��?�2�� Male BPS-16, Male BPS-17, Male BPS-18, Male BPS-19, Male BPS-20, Female BPS-16, Female BPS-17, Female BPS-18, Female BPS-19, Junior Clerk, … According to the list… For 2016 Seniority list of All Cadres Please Click here Tweet Share This Page ASDEO Offices The Assitant Sub Divisional Education Officers Offices in Govt. State Council of Educational Research and Training 5. Final Sen No. Chandigarh: The seniority list of the mistress/master cadre has been uploaded on the Education Department website www.ssapunjab.org as per … 65 to 1228 and 142-A to stream According to the new Punjab education department policy, the seniority list is updated every summer and this year’s final list was issued on October 31. Regarding seniority list of clerks and Junior Assistants 16-12-2020 DPI-SE Regarding seniority list of clerks and Junior Assistants 16-12-2020 DPI-SE Cancellation of … 1. you are requested to a) Download the above 02 Seniority Lists and sort out your district related entries. Education Recruitment Board, Punjab 2. The government of Punjab continuously seeks innovative solutions that can help improve school education department by developing e-Tranfer system for public school teachers across Punjab. Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan 6. of Punjab Department of Medical Education and Research (Health 3 Branch) Seniority List of Medical Faculty -2018 (Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers) Posting Date of Date of Birth Date of No. PROVIDE A DETAIL SENIORITY LIST OF SST,S IN ALL THE DISTRICTS IN PUNJAB.I WAS APPOINTED AS SSMT ON 01-09-2000 AND LATER ON REGULARIZED AS SST ON 19-10-2009.WHAT ARE THE Notified Seniority List of DSPs (General Executive Branch) Standing Order in Urdu for Preparation of Pension Cases 2020 Seniority List of Superintendents of police (BS-18) as it … The seniority list of BS-18 officers (M/F) General Cadre under the administrative control of School Education Department of the Punjab hereby circulated through email. Following are the dates of promotions according to seniority numbers in the respective grade of the employee: BS-18 TO BS-19 (Male) P.S.B-II Meeting 22-03-2018 Fresh and remaining Cases: Seniority No. Seniority list of Deputy District Education and Media Officer for the period from 01.02.13 to 31.03.19 14/06/2019 Seniority list of Nursing Superintendent Gr.II for … If any Teacher’s name is not included in this list then he or she can claim promotion by filling proforma Education Department Punjab Released this list on 18-07-2020 . Tentative seniority list of Medical Officers of Health and Family Welfare Department as on 31-01-2017 Final Seniority List of the Chief Medical Officer and equivalent borne on the establishment of Health & Family Welfare Department, as it stood on 1st January 2015 Seniority List Revised provisional Gradation List of Clerks working in the Directorate of Secondary Education stood as on 08.10.2018 (Size: 760 KB, Format: , Language: Hindi) SENIORITY LIST OF LECTURER (SCHOOL CADRE) Mrs. Razia Sultan 1 2 4 Disclosing this, a spokesman of the Education Department, Punjab, said that the serial no. Latest News and Updates Counselling for MLT(Grade-2) Dated 18-12-2020 Medical Examination for MO(Specialist & General) Dated 17-12-2020 Medical Examination for MO(General) Dated 17-12-2020 Appointment Letters MO Primary School Nominated by DEO Swat for each Circle. Department of School Education, Punjab Final Seniority List of Head Master Cadre 1 of 137 Final Seniority List of Head Master Cadre Dated 01-05-2018 Final Sen No. 5 0 obj Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan 3. <> Provisional Seniority List of Nursing Sisters working under the control of Health Department, Punjab as on 18-06-2020 11 Meena Kumari Dilbahadar Faridkot DH Faridkot 01-05-61 10-11-82 750/ 1772 180 General 02-05-13 Prominent amongst all the demands which were approved by the Punjab Government is the preparation of seniority list of the college cadre teaches which would be released within the timeframe of 2 months. The spokesman further said that in case the (April, 2017) Employee ID Name Working as Lecturer in (Subject) Date of Birth Catego ry Date of seniority) No. (B&R) and detaching the Industrial Check list of Promotion of Other Category to Master Cadre . KPK Teachers Seniority List for ESE 2020 Elementary and Secondary Education Department KPK Teachers Seniority List for ESE 2020 Elementary and Secondary Education Department SS, SST Teacher are available. Seniority List Leave Orders Regularization Orders Promotion Orders Departmental Permissions G.P Fund Advance General Instructions Suspension / Termination Orders Speaking Orders / Show Cause Orders Additional Charge Punjab Irrigation Department has a long term vision for Irrigation Sector to provide adequate, equitable and reliable irrigation supplies to the cultivable lands of Punjab aiming at enhanced agricultural productivity with focus on broad Tentative Seniority List Tentative Seniority List of Social Case Workers, Physiotherapists, Medical Officers, Speech Therapists or Occupational Therapists (BS-17) Devolved working under Special Education https://sed 1 to 33922 of the above said list contains the names of regular master/mistress till 2014. Department of School Education, Punjab Tentative Seniority List of Head Master Cadre 07-07-2020 (upto 24-01-2020) 1 of 314 Final Seniority List of Head Master Cadre Dated 07-07-2020 Povision al sen. No.

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