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Check with your local theater for showtimes. The state championship aside, “McFarland, USA” suggests my teammates became winners in life. I was reading for the role of David Diaz, and I was so connected to the script and thought it was a beautiful story. I hope that now that Latinos are the largest segment of California's population, more films such as McFarland USA will be made. Now people are actually kind of proud to say that they’re from McFarland. I’m proud to be from McFarland. An ex-detective who was on the championship 1987 track team depicted in the movie "McFarland USA" has been sentenced to five years in prison … Questions for discussion: Former McFarland cross country coach Jim White and current coach Joel Lopez check the progress of their runners as they develop as individuals and as a … McFarland, USA. Oh, you know, between Bakersfield and Visalia. Jim White moves his family after losing his last job as a football coach. Both struggling to find their way out. Check out the audience score from Rotten Tomatoes, McFarland is at a 91% rating!!! Niki Caro is the type of all-encompassing director who clearly likes to fully immerse herself in the story that she’s telling. There used to be a lot of crime back then – like gangsters and stuff – but now it’s really holding down it’s spot for the national spotlight. McFarland, USA, is a real, honest story, and represents human nature at its best. It’s a true story about the 1987 McFarland High School cross country race team’s rise to fame. The boys went off to college, and some, including Thomas Valles, the Diaz brothers, and Johnny Sameniego, went on to teach at the McFarland schools. Disney has found another such story with McFarland, USA, a true tall tale that’s so improbable you’d have to see it to believe it. With some of them actually from McFarland, it was not only important to all of them to be part of this film but to do it right. They were both striving for more than number 10, both straining against all the invisible strings that bound them to McFarland. Third thing is to be proud of who you are and where you come from! “McFarland USA,” released this year and starring Kevin Costner, is based on the McFarland High School cross-country team that won the California championship in 1987. We wanted to know how McFarland has changed: Ramiro Rodriguez: The town has changed itself for the better. Although our parents might strive to love and understand us as best as possible, sometimes they make mistakes too. The normal audition process is you go in, you read, and if they like you they bring you back in. Now people know about it. Why you have to watch McFarland, USA. When you read my review, you can see that I feel they did a great job doing just that. Of course families aren’t always perfect, and McFarland, USA shows this too. I would think for example, the exact same cast could be used to re-do an old James Cagney film "Angels with Dirty Faces", obviously, now re … If you still haven’t had the chance to go see McFarland, USA, I highly recommend you do. The rains finally let up about 30 minutes ago, and a chilly wind now blows across the tiny central California agricultural town of McFarland. Ramiro Rodriguez (from McFarland just like Sergio) says that he used to go to the set and had to keep telling himself it’s not a dream. McFarland USA is one of the most inspiring movies I’ve seen. The anchor. He sees that some of the students are worth starting a cross-country team and turns seven students with no … I was doing a show called The Bridge, and I went home one day and read the script for McFarland, USA and I loved it. Thanks to the movie, we were able to do a lot of renovations in the town. Thanks to the movie, we were able to do a lot of renovations in the town. Hopefully it'll inspire them to reach higher and to set their goals higher so they can become a very productive citizen as they grow up," Fresno PAL founder Grey Wallace said. Helping promote … [LAUGHING.] If you haven’t seen McFarland, USA yet… why not? Coach Jim White is retired now, but if you go to McFarland, chances are you will see him out there on his bike, keeping up with the kids every evening with a lot of his original team running alongside as well. McFarland was well known in running circles but now with the new movie out, it's becoming a household name throughout the country. That’s what we were known for but it’s just like people are so proud. If you have, you know exactly who Danny is. They kept getting the villain all wrong. Oh, that town that smells likes cows. I hope that now that Latinos are the largest segment of California's population, more films such as McFarland USA will be made. The ending text says that the McFarland team won nine state titles over 14 years, all of which Jim White coached. And boy did they! You know, back then it was known as, where are you from? And it’s a true American story. He is runner #7. Visit the official site for Disney's upcoming movie McFarland USA, in theaters February 20, 2015. Mr. White drew closer. People are now proud to say they’re from McFarland. I’m from McFarland. L: Yes, McFarland is at least on the map now. The Cast of McFarland USA. Craig Virgin, now 59, was a cross country monster in his day. Directed by Niki Caro. Meet the Real-Life Hero Coach Played by Kevin Costner in McFarland, USA By Johnny Dodd, 02/20/2015; People Magazine; McFarland cross-country runners’ quest touches strangers by Mark Arax, LA Times, 12/1/1997; This is about the public reaction to the first story linked in the Bridges to Reading Section. Plus this actor, Ramiro Rodriguez, is a real-life champion soccer player from the McFarland area. But you will learn that he, and the other 6 runners, are actually much more than that. The following are 25 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From the absolutely wonderful McFarland, USA: The Only Difference Between Anger And Danger Is A “D” – Leaders often lose influence when they lose control of their emotions. When you sit down with an actor or two for an interview, it gets a bit crazy. I would think for example, the exact same cast could be used to re-do an old James Cagney film "Angels with Dirty Faces", obviously, now re … And by that measure, maybe I can let go for good the sour memory of the state race. Ramiro Rodriguez plays Danny Diaz in McFarland, USA.. Ramiro actually went to high school in McFarland! We see the real coach and team running by a hill, all of them now grown men. White retired in 2002 after teaching in McFarland schools for 40 years and coaching for 25 years. There are thousands of McFarland’s spread across our country, so it has something to say to all of us. The main problem? They know that their parents work hard and sacrifice to provide them with a better life and a brighter future. Where’s that at? Disney’s “McFarland, USA” which is now in theatres is based on the 1987 true story that follows novice runners from McFarland, an economically challenged town in California’s farm-rich Central Valley, as they give their all to build a cross-country team under the direction of Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner), a newcomer to their predominantly Latino high school. With Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, Ramiro Rodriguez, Carlos Pratts. They went out there and put themselves on the line, and won. McFarland, USA is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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