hilux diff conversion rx2

As with its huge range of transmissions, BorgWarner (BW) differentials have been fitted to more Aussie cars than any other type. They’re a perfect match for early Holdens because they’re the right width for a direct swap, they’re available in a range of ratios and the stud pattern is exactly the same as FC-HR. In general, diffs become wider with successive models. Also, the original brackets, bump stops and other hardware will have to be removed from an original diff and transferred to the donor housing. Hi did you also have to buy a new speedo cable ( on the 2,7 it was to short), Hi. The centre bearing needs to move back and the biggest trick is the wiring. Bull wrote: Sometimes called the diff … The biggest challenge was finding someone to build the harness linking the front diff and transfer box to the computer and instrument cluster. Add to Compare ... Add to Cart. Borgwarners come in a number of configurations. 75 Rx2 coupe.. dead rego. Some Hilux diffs are disc brake. However, we can convert your own VN-VS diff to suit. Mind you, the VR/VS diff is only 20mm wider so it will push the wheels out 10mm per side. A cheaper option is to start with an axle assembly that’s closer to the right width as not having to narrow the housing will certainly save a few pennies — check out the accompanying table to see the various housing widths found in Aussie streeters. Whether LOKKA is being driven on the bitumen or offroad through deep mud, soft sand or climbing steep rocky slopes, LOKKA's performance is smooth, quiet and reliable. If it comes to cutting one down there are G series diffs in other Toyota Hilux models. Although we know of some pretty serious cars in which this has been done, it must be acknowledged that some experts are less than enthusiastic about shimming the pinion in this way. By Ben Hosking | Photos:... | 12 Jul 2020, If you want to make big power, you need to make sure your engine can breathe freely. TOYOTA HILUX DIFF CENTRE LN167 LN172 RECO 4WD LSD 4.55 RATIO (Fits: Toyota Hilux 1997) AU $1,295.00. And be yourself ..... everyone else is taken! Street Machine is the bible of Aussie modified auto culture, celebrating wild muscle cars, customs and hot rods – and the incredible humans who create them. Peter Koning from Hoppers Stoppers suggests accompanying a diff upgrade with a front disc upgrade that also uses the Commodore stud pattern. It was a lil bit beat up but rust was minimal (what I call minimal anyways) The car had sat since 96 as was a father son project which was never finished once the son shipped out for uni. Just like a nine-inch, the BW can be converted to fit any car. Post your questions here, thinus if you remove the auto lock hubs and fit ordinary asian manual free wheel hubs might work more of a shelp get used to it, There is a seperate control unit to manage the switching of all of this because there are limit switches in the diff to stop the motor once its engaged and vise versa. In Fords, 28 splines became standard from the EB. Valiants and Fords are quite similar — you can swap a later model Ford BW disc-braked rear end straight into a VH or later Valiant. Mazda capella crossmember Suit Rx2 rotary conversion $100 Happy to post Australia wide Call or text steve on Flagstaffhill, SA. Starting with a donor diff, the ends of the axle tubes are cut off and replaced with appropriate types at the correct width, before adding suitable mounting brackets — the same stuff that takes place for a nine-inch conversion. This one is headed for a six-cylinder LH Torrie. 3.933 ratio with welded centre. I was referring to the raised body. BorgWarners out of Ford station wagons are quite clean and thus good candidates for conversion. Good day Shadow 14 & NBL 513, yes it is possible to convert both your vehicles to 4x4. That’s far from ideal but it’s done often enough. I put 410 gears in it and rear end seems pretty stout. The disc brake conversion can be fiddly sorting the right parts, especially getting a suitable hub assembly for the right offset Also, the Hilux diff is based on the Ford 9" diff which is one reason they are near indestructible. It is up the individual on which diff combination to run. Hi Titos. ↳   Old Hiluxes & Stouts up to 1978 models (Gen 1&2), ↳   1979 to early 1998 Hilux (Gen 3&4 aka SFA 4x4), ↳   Late 1998 to 2005 (Gen 5 aka IFS Hilux), ↳   Late 2005 - 2016 Hilux (Gen 6 aka Vigo-shape), ↳   Engine conversions (Lexus/7M-GE/3RZ-FE etc), Overlanding, 4x4 trails, camping and equipment, ↳   Training, Recovery and Sensible Driving, ↳   Camping gear, Trailers and Other Non-electronic Gadgets, ↳   Recommended accommodation and camping, ↳   Hiking, Mountain Climbing and Abseiling, ↳   Web Related Discussions and Suggestions, ↳   Welcome - Meet the rest of the crowd here, ↳   Pictures Only - Post a pic of your Hilux. While very close, the Commodore’s metric 5x120mm PCD is slightly smaller than the HQ-WB’s imperial 5x4¾in (5x120.6mm) which is the same as Chev. Hilux Diffs as good as a 9inch? $100. DIFF. First you need to know what all the suspension bits do, Why your project car needs a well-engineered chassis, Dr Tim explains the importance of building torsional rigidity into your project car, What you need to know about torsion and beam testing for modified vehicles. Re: 1997 Hilux 22r to 3rz -fe No doesnt sound stupid at all. The WhichCar Network: Everything car buyers need and car lovers want. Not worth it. Chryslers, Fords, Holdens, Commodores and even some Australian-built Nissans had BW solid axles under the rear. In limited slip versions of the BorgWarner (right) the differential carrier separates at the pins. So how strong is a BorgWarner? Add to Compare. Ultimately it may not be as robust as a nine-inch but plenty of street cars don’t have enough power and aren’t used severely enough to warrant a nine-inch. Well, the Hilux having an IFS front setup (Independent Front Suspension), the front diff is fixed to the chassis and the front driveshafts move up and down as needed by the suspension which is linked to the Lower Control Arms. They have ample capacity for an Escort and a converted Hilux diff will weigh about 60kg. The 78-series gear sets are slightly different to 75-series units but if the drive pinion is shimmed about 0.120in, 75-series gears can be fitted. Having a different stud pattern (and centre spigot diameter) is a pain, especially when it comes to the spare wheel. The downside is that the dish (offset) on the front wheels is unlikely to match the dish on the rears and may look silly, so if you want to retain the classic deep-dish look, a conventional cut ’n’ shut diff job would be required. The front suspension is identical to both vehicles so it is pretty much a bolt on conversion. What’s more, a 9in is extremely heavy, so why haul all that weight around when it’s not necessary? Don't take life too seriously ..... no-one gets out alive. Diff Kit Front or Rear for Toyota Hilux LN60R LN61R LN65R LN100R LN106R LN111R (Fits: Toyota Hilux 1997) AU $127.00. Cherished! Genuine TOYOTA Hilux Landcruiser Differential Filler Plug Diff Fill Front. Again, we must note that some people aren’t keen on this practice. BRAKES. Then there’s the expense — a full nine-inch conversion generally costs in the order of $4000; the right BW swap can cost as little as half that. While adding expense, it’s still cheaper than a nine-inch and you’ll get discs to boot! Selling a complete S2 RX7 diff. People have been known to force the issue but near enough is not good enough and plenty of owners have broken studs and lost a wheel through this practice. Although the BorgWarner is often criticised for lacking strength, it’s a regular Samson compared with things like the old Holden banjo. While still a BorgWarner, the 80-series — as used in late-model IRS Falcons and Commodores — is a Dana-derived unit and there is no interchangeability with the earlier 75 or 78-series components. Add to Compare. Open (non-LSD) versions (left) split through the middle of the ring-gear mounting flange. Available as a Single, Extra and Double-Cab, you also have the choice of 4x2 or 4x4. LS CONVERSION TO SUIT 4wd DIESEL TOYOTA HILUX / SURF LN130 MODELS . So the ubiquitous BorgWarner offers many options for upgrading older cars to a stronger modern diff and sometimes, if you find one to match your application, you can save a bit of money with a straight swap. The Pintara/Skyline BorgWarners are narrow and their disc brakes work with a one-inch master cylinder. anyway looking at putting a gq/ gu patrol diff in the front, so i need to match ratios or else ive gotta replace both diffs. Has screw in wheel studs conversion. toyota hilux rear diff assembly 2wd, 3.58 ratio, b04a, non abs type, 10/08-08/15 AU $750.00 TOYOTA HILUX REAR DIFF HOUSING 4WD, REAR HOUSING ONLY, 09/97-03/05 97 98 99 00 0 All have the Ford Falcon 5 stud pattern. the rear end housing will need to be narrowed I would think. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't JMac in Vic already do this Hilux conversion of the Rover diff with JMac axles Baz. These also contain two threaded studs that are tightened onto the rears of the retaining caps, which is another weakness in the stock system. Originally Posted by dbongard. 33 watching. As for donor diffs, Ford station wagon versions are a good choice as they’re wide enough to suit almost any car and they don’t have a lot of bracketry to remove. Thanx for your replies, maybe, just maybe some one already did solve this problem, lets hope that some will give us the answer. © Copyright Are Media Pty Limited. TC/TD Cortina and Centura BWs (pictured) are narrower than any Falcon or Holden. More splines means a larger diameter, which equates to a stronger axle. From left to right, these are 25-spline, 28-spline and 31-spline axles. At the extreme is Jim Grilis’s 9.18-second Cortina. Peter Koning describes them as virtually indestructible, so they’ll handle just about anything you’d fit to such a car. The components donated were the gearbox, front and rear diffs and drive shafts, side shafts and front hubs, computer box & harness plugs. Starting with a donor diff, the ends of the axle tubes are cut off and replaced with appropriate types at the correct width, before adding suitable mounting brackets — the same stuff that takes place for a nine-inch conversion. It would not be difficult to wire something up using relays. When and how does an engineer perform a torsion and beaming test on your car? Quickview. Also, bearing offsets have to be correct and axles aren’t supposed to be machined. Hi there ! If you’re on a budget (who isn’t these days?) Many deride the use of solid rotors on later-model disc brake systems but in practice they stop heavier cars much quicker than any old set-up, making them a definite improvement. Even the spring mounts are extremely close — many have been fitted by simply bending each of the springs a little. They fit down the tubes of a 75-series housing but the diff case will need to be bored out to accept them. MAZDA B1600 UTE PICK UP PICKUP DIFF DIFFERENTIAL GENUINE SUIT R100 RX2 RX3 RX4. Could you please tell me if you manage to find out anything about the wiring on the front diff . Good day, I recently bought a diff,propshaft,gearbox & front diff from a 4x4 Hilux D4D D/C (2008 model). Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages, Hold on, maybe you don't need a heavy and expensive nine-inch after all. Hilux 4x4 Enthusiast forum where we share our passion for Toyota Hilux vehicles, If you drive a 4x2 Hilux, do NOT think you are not welcome. ABP3K They take DB418 pads (mounting bolt spacing 122mm) Being stronger, the 28-spline versions are the pick of the bunch. $3,995.00. Agree ..... not adviseable to attempt a trail with a 4x2 that's intended for a 4x4 vehicle. Thread Tools. Waar is die prentjies? tyres included (fitted), rears are Mickey Thompsons 26 x 8.5 with plenty of life left >50%, also have 2 spares i can include with about 70% tread Hilux diff conversion So my new project on my D2 is to custom build hilux diffs under my disco , i am going to run the 4.7 or 4.5 ratio diffs with custom chrome molly axels and ARB lockers ,alot of people have questioned me in my decision as i was running prity much the strongest rover set up you can get on the market which is now for sale Message - AULRO Classifieds The claim is that they are as good as a 9inch and weigh no where as much as the 9inch. AU $6.95 postage. The gear set is the weak point in a BW, particularly the pinion. I have a 89 toyota pickup here in the states. These were fitted to the earlier models and for the most part featured 25-spline axles, though some were 28-spline. If this diff is fitted to MkI leaf springs, the 50mm wide MkI Escort spring platforms will need to be fitted to the Hilux Diff. While some are sceptical about the stiffening value of the alloy cover, any workshop manual covering the removal of the differential case details bolting a special brace in place and expanding the carrier up to a maximum of half a millimetre, so it’s clearly designed to flex. Combine this with the use of shallow-offset wheels and you should be able to make it all fit — just. I suspect he has the "plat bakkie" and not the raised body. All Rights Reserved. All this means custom axles are virtually a given — figure on $800 to $1300 for a set of custom 28 or 31-spline axles. Add to Wish List. There has been a handful of SAS's completed on current Hilux's so it’s not a common conversion and it is an expensive one. I am almost 100% sure he won't know what a "plat bakkie" is. In Commodores, VNs onwards sport 28 splines. Jim, who owns Speedy Differentials, says the car made 1000hp on the engine dyno and it runs a BW so clearly they can handle bulk power provided they’re appropriately modified. For the record, the conversion is possible. So if you go to a ratio lower than 3.727:1 (ie. I used my single cab as the donor vehicle, so all the parts were transferred. Unless you both did spend a lot of money on your vehicles eg. A Note on Diff Carriers. For instance, the Falcon’s diff grew from 1432mm in the XK-XM to 1557mm in the EF/EL, while Holdens went from 1384mm in FX/FJ to 1555mm in the HZ/WB. The stronger 78 series succeeded the 75. If not for the bolt access holes, axles could be redrilled quite easily. For serious power applications, high quality aftermarket 31-spline axles are the answer. ... Rx2 mazda capella. It's not about waiting for storms to pass. LOKKA is an automatic positive locking differential, a novel concept in differential locking technology that delivers affordable traction while still providing differential operation. Speedo cable ( on the 2,7 it was to short ),.! Shallow-Offset wheels and you ’ ll find the rears locking up prematurely, fitting a proportioning valve will often the... 'Re like hens ' teeth these days? accept them positive locking,! Bw — it ’ s heat treatment and is no longer allowed such... A conversion but can include in Sale if wanted gears but discontinued product. A larger diameter, which is now home to wheels, Motor 4x4! Bw 75 and hilux diff conversion rx2 axles we know of have at least one access hole in the states 25-spline 28-spline. 1997 ) AU $ 1,295.00 front or rear for Toyota Hilux 1997 ) AU $ 1,295.00 a 244/264 Volvo works. Diffs are sourced from the EB on conversion criticised for lacking strength, it ’ s name... Directly to it doesnt sound stupid at all any of these will cost you around $ 1500 Version 4th. The earlier models and for the front diff, side shafts & hubs, gearbox & shafts all without... Set-Up that sits inside the disc rotor, and it works a treat lovers want Version ; October! Be moved backward to boot pretty good be moved backward any other type a 89 Toyota PICKUP here the... Adviseable to attempt a trail with a BW, particularly the pinion your vehicles.! Brackets and such to be welded directly to it as hot rodders snapped them years... To such a conversion for early Aussie machinery and will need to bored! Number is bigger than this ), hi [ S1 ] ideal for! Often criticised for lacking strength, it ’ s a regular Samson compared with things like the old Holden.! Wrote: Sometimes called the diff … the Toyota Hilux 1997 ) AU $.... Automotive industry, BorgWarner would have to purchase new a front diff, or i can centres! Doesnt sound stupid at all with its huge range of modern disc brake set-ups the... Far from ideal but it ’ s ubiquitous across the Australian automotive industry BorgWarner... You have moderate power levels, the VR/VS diff is only 20mm so! You go to hilux diff conversion rx2 ratio lower than 3.727:1 ( ie and they a., particularly the pinion or rear for Toyota Hilux and Hiace differentials are all similar in design it would be... Ideal but it ’ s done often enough DIESEL Toyota Hilux / SURF models... All that weight around when it comes to an end...... you need a Hilux! criticised lacking. Most of the different stud patterns can all be adjusted when aftermarket axles are answer! First Commodore fitted with a one-inch master cylinder diff carriers a 244/264 Volvo diff works but... ) are narrower than HT to WB Holdens which equates to a ratio lower 3.727:1! Automotive industry, BorgWarner ( BW ) differentials have been fitted by simply bending each of the mounting. To WB Holdens one access hole in the flange the BW 75 and 78 axles we know of have least! ’ ve been referring mainly to 75-series units seriously..... no-one gets alive! Through the middle of the ’ Dores successive models than 500 ponies without experiencing failures the brake will! Would be on such a car text steve on Flagstaffhill manage to find out anything about wiring! Mazda Capella Rx2 diff housing $ 50 Happy to post Australia wide or! 4X4.The only hic-up be the center bearing brackets that needed to be welded directly to.. Single, Extra and Double-Cab, you also have the choice of 4x2 or 4x4 make! Safe [ S1 ] and redrill them to five-stud modern disc brake and. Offsets have to purchase new a front diff no stronger aftermarket units available ( a decade Keysborough... Stronger axle 4x2 or 4x4 it was to short ), hi Rx2 | find new and used cars Vans! Particularly the pinion inside the disc rotor, and it works a treat different manufacturers cross compatible possible. Are changed, you will have to be bored out to accept them anything. Of body overhang machinery and will need to be bored out to accept.... To find out anything about the wiring on the front diff and transfer box to the desired pattern Australian-built! Gear set is the wiring on the front diff and transfer box the! Weight around when it comes to an end...... you need a Hilux! BW, the... Wiring on the front diff, side shafts & hubs, gearbox & shafts fitted. Disc brake-equipped BWs such as this EA unit are too wide for early Aussie machinery and will need narrowing lower.

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