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Pocahontas: “The biggest downside of the job being away from friends and family for a long period of time.” A con of being a flight attendant is, of course, not being able to be always with your loved ones – being absent on special events. Being able to speak more than one language increases your chances of getting a job as a flight attendant. There are tons of benefits, but there are some not-so-great things about it, too. And the same goes for children. It was back in 1930 that Ellen Church, the first female flight attendant, paved the way for the modern cabin crew member. Flight attendants receive relatively low pay considering their significant safety responsibilities. Flight attendant jobs are quite difficult, and the path to becoming a flight attendant is long and competitive. There are a ton of benefits to being a flight attendant. The requirements for the job have changed a lot over the years. 11 Insane Perks Of Being An Emirates Flight Attendant. I previously worked as a flight attendant and it was one of the best jobs I ever had. By Aviation Blogger Jeanne San Pascual. The primary duties of a flight attendant center on ensuring passenger safety and offering service and support during flights. The Travel Academy has been successfully training professional flight attendants since 1984, with an average of 70 to 90 percent of students hired before graduation. rank as a flight attendant supervisor and there are just : so many options for you. PRO: Flexible schedules and flights. . by Tessa Fahey. Southern Airways Flight 242 , on which the cabin crew provided safety briefings to their passengers, and on their own initiative, warned passengers of the impending crash by commanding passengers to adopt the brace position. At some airlines, a new flight may be more likely to be rostered as a reserve, or on-call. With a career as a flight attendant, you can have both! Job of a flight attendant is definitely for you if you love traveling, working with people and dream about reaching the blue sky. There are plenty of things about being a flight attendant that someone with a normal job (whatever that means) might find odd.. It i Flight attendants receive relatively low pay considering their significant safety responsibilities. Take the time to consider it with this list of pros and cons to being a flight attendant! The most important advantage of a cabin crew is the smile! | Adv. I figured out that everything I do on board, by putting a big smile I increase its value. 109-111. This means that the flight attendant may spend a lot of time waiting at home or the airport. Flight Attendant Job Benefits. Flight attendants hear it all. There are many reasons to become a Flight Attendant.Career growth for flight attendants is faster than average, and the median salary for a flight attendant is more than 50K per year. Photo: Getty Images Demand for cabin crew forecast to grow. 26) When pets are transported, do flight attendants look after them? Try to always look your best. The Flight Attendant Advantage: Surprising Work Benefits. Reasons for becoming a Flight Attendant. 90 years on, it’s hard to imagine airlines working without their cabin crew. They’re always on … The flight attendant lifestyle has its perks but it isn’t for everyone. The best thing of all from being a flight attendant is meeting so many different people and cultures in a short period of time, and flying to destinations you may have not even imagined. Attendants on long haul flights will get up to four days free time, all expenses paid, once they arrive at their destination. On this page you will find answers to mostly asked questions considering cabin crew profession and finally you will have the opportunity to browse through the vacancies for cabin attendants offered by recruiters. It can be very rewarding and on occasion, the workday can be far shorter than that of an office job. My attitude has changed completely when I was smiling and it was easy to work in team. Even though being a waitress or a flight attendant may sound the same due to some similarities in providing services to customers, and ensuring customer’s safety, certain factors make these two careers different from each other. Nope! Most people get into this job because of money your earns are of with the great value. If you're wondering how to become a flight attendant, it's first important to understand if being a flight attendant is right for you. A new flight attendant will typically always be rostered as a reserve, or on-call. Disadvantages - no regular schedule, working/on call weekends and holidays. The dream of being a flight attendant may have appeared suddenly, developed out of desperation (like it did for me), or has existed in your mind for as long as your memory can remember.But, do you actually know what type of flight attendant you want to be? It also depends on who you are working for as well. They watch you all the time: Long flights often can lead to many funny situations. Being a male FA is a fulfilling career with amazing benefits. Careers In Focus Aviation. Flight Attendants can get up to five days off between flights. The most obvious reason, being a flight attendant means you’ll travel around the world for free, as a part of your work description. ...An annotated bibliography on the ins and outs of being a flight attendant Ferguson, . Make sure that your application is polished and competitive so that you standout from the pack. Like every career though, it has good days and bad days. There are many common questions around being eligible to be a flight attendant. FREE Travel Obviously I don’t need to tell you that the biggest pro of being a Flight Attendant are the FREE flight benefits and travel! Top 3 Career Benefits of Being a Multilingual Flight Attendant. Flight attendants are responsible for ensuring airline passengers have a comfortable, safe flight by providing a variety of customer services. FREE DOWNLOAD to: Top 10 Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Sample Answers by Miss Kaykrizz However, you always need to be flexible and stay healthy. Being a flight attendant can be a very rewarding profession and it comes with perks. Being A Flight Attendant Is Hard — Can You Even Pass A Short Exam? Please finish your own quiz before assisting others. Before you take the leap to becoming a Flight Attendant let me share with you what I consider to be the ups and downs of this lifestyle. What I remember always is how we as flight attendants made so many times some passengers’ day. The environment of being a flight attendant is the perfect fit for me because I’m the kind of person who easily gets bored of doing things just the same. The Benefits of Being a Flight Attendant Attendants greet passengers, assist with luggage stowage and seating, and serving beverages, snacks and meals during the course of the flight… Sometimes it can be increased or decrease totally depends on the company that what are the benefits they are provided to their staff. This means that the flight attendant may spend a lot of time waiting at home or the airport. Being fluent in another language will only help. Flight attendants will often bring their own food onboard since the in-flight selection gets boring pretty quickly. Flight attendants are trained in emergency medical and evacuation procedures, Federal Aviation Regulations, airport codes, and even geography. Your passengers, the crew and the local people you meet on your layovers! Pay. 8. Flight Attendant 10 Best work Benefit or Advantages So basically, these are the benefits which provided by the Middle East airlines. Benefits of Being a Flight Attendant. Photo: Getty Images Reserve life. Flight … While much of their work takes place in the air, attendants also perform ground-based duties, such as cleaning the cabin and restocking supplies, before and after flights. And then narrate it later to have a good laugh. Being a flight attendant and also being the face of the airline, there is a need for you to make yourself look presentable. I recently covered the pros and cons of being a commercial flight attendant. Hardest part of being a Flight Attendant First, let's discuss the Pros. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a cabin crew life (Photo by Oleg V. Belyakov / CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL). . Advantage if you speak more than one language. Photo: Getty Images Reserve life. I know that people are sometimes very worried about traveling with their pets, but this is out of flight attendant’s duty. In Fergusons Careers In Focus he talks a lot about the history on flight attendants.One thing I found very interesting was although the first passenger flights were in 1911 the commercial aviation industry did not take off until the Kelly Air Mail Act of 1925. Emirates Airlines is one of the most, if not the most, luxurious airliners in the world. Any school that offers flight attendant training will not necessarily help you and if you go to a school ONLY for F/A training, its a scam. They work crazy hours. According to the Census, 3,015 flight attendants worked in New Zealand in 2018. If you plan on being a flight attendant, there are many other work benefits that come with the job than just traveling.From being able to enjoy flexible hours to meeting interesting people, here a few other benefits that will surely convince you to become a cabin crew! Being a flight attendant is perfect for those who love meeting people as you meet so many new people in this job every day! You will be the one whom the other passengers will look at of different age and walks of life. Dealing with nasty people. WHAT ARE THE DISADVANTAGES OF BEING A FLIGHT ATTENDANT? I learned to take care of myself; As a flight attendant, image means everything. Sometimes people think they don’t meet one of these requirements and don’t bother applying. They will often have very different cultures and backgrounds to you and will tell you some fascinating stories about their countries. British Airways Flight 5390, in which a flight attendant was able to prevent a pilot from being lost through a cockpit window that had failed. In the process of your work life, you will learn to handle your restlessness and keep a … This causes a lot of confusion on the part of people looking to become flight attendants. Here is a list of perks of being a flight attendant. and Disadv. Being a flight attendant is actually connected to the glamorous world : of this beautiful ladies walking down the airport : It's cliche but it's true that we take pride in it as a flight attendant. A flight attendant need to undergo training and take and exam and can only be awarded the license upon their success. Print. domestic flights from the 1.5 million international tourists who previously visited New Zealand each year. Flight attendants meet a lot of people and they make new friends almost every day. Here are some of them: Free Flights. Advantges - flight benefits. Great opportunity to make Friends. Now, I’m following up with the pros and cons … The job of flight attendant (FA) or flight steward isn’t exclusive to women–men can be great at it too! The beautiful aircrafts provide cocktail bars, humongous seats, and the world's only in-flight shower spa!

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